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Nose up Lifting Shaping & Bridge Straightening Beauty Clip

The Barrel Bolt is great for keeping window Cabinet door security. You can install the 2.8″ Stainless Steel Barrel Bolt Latch in your Windows, door or other furniture to keep them security.

Key features

  • Product Name : Barrel Bolt;Material : Stainless Steel
  • Overall Size(Approx) : 7.2 x 3 x 1cm / 2.8” x 1.1” x 0.4” (L*W*H);Mounting Hole Dia : 4mm/0.15″
  • Color : Silver Tone
  • Net Weight : 105g
  • Package Content : 5 x Barrel Bolt

Honest reviews


Amazing, It Does Work

I used the blue clip first to straighten the nose bridge. The pink hurt too much at first, but as my nose got smaller the pink got more comfortable. Now I’m using that to reshape the tip. Very surprised at the results. It works, but you have to wear it every day and be disciplined about it. I took before pictures and my nose is much smaller and straighter. I wouldn’t have believed it, I tried this just for kicks, but I am glad I bought this product. My friends can’t figure out what’s different about me, but they all say I look prettier, so it did make a difference.

Joanne Clayton, NM

I like the blue one the best!!!

I have been using this product for about a week. The blue clip fits better on my nose and is more comfortable. The pink clip really hurts, I guess i have to get used to it. I am an african american female with a wide nose. I have seen some changes within the week. I try to wear at least 30 minutes a day. I usually wear the clip for 30 minutes and then allow my nose to rest and wear it later in the day. So good!!!

Mellisa Fayette, MO

Good value for the price

I like that you get two items for such a cheap price. I didn’t think they’d work, but with time I saw a difference in the shape of my nose. I first found out about this item on YouTube and saw a lady that had great results. I ordered it immediately, it took over 2 weeks for shipping. I used the beauty clip for 30 minutes and the straightening bridge for 15, it hurts so thats what I can stand. I’ve done this everyday since August 5, noticed a change about 3 weeks later.

Emily Makaweli, HI

okay, havn’t used much…

I have not used this much, I have had it for a while, but it is very painful, and that’s why I have not used it much, my daughter likes to play with them though lol, however I could see them working if I could stand the pain and leave them on long enough for them to work. if you can handle some pain, these may work for you, however if you don’t want to sit in pain, then don’t order these!

Tina Strasburg, PA

Butterfly shaped noseclip is pretty strong

I have a pretty flat nose so I bought this product, it comes with the two different clips. I like the good price, and found both very strong clips. The butterfly shaped one doesn’t seem strong as first but after you have it on for awhile you feel the pressure on your nostrils. You can adjust the pads but I didn’t bother to. I don’t know if it works if you use it consistently to make your nose higher or narrower, but it’s a good tool to have and try if you’re determined.

Luz Huntsville, KY


Ugh! Why did I think for a second this would ever work???! Lol it was cheap so no harm done, oh well

Amie Elizabethton, TN

Its kind of painful.

The blue nose clip won’t even stay on my nose. It slides off and is useless. The pink one works but its painful and leaves marks from were it was at. I would say pass on these and try something else. I do like that I have the option to slim my nose down without surgery though.

Susie Alton, VA

great product

I like this it really does help with some straightening issues i had from having a broken nose. this is a great item.

Kimberlee Rose, OK


love it. it made my nose smaller and i can clearly see the difference. i recommend this product for people who have wide noses

Susana Emeigh, PA

Gave me a headache!

If you want a smaller nose, your only real option is rhinoplasty. I ordered this to see what the fuss was about, and I didn’t expect it to really reshape my schnozz. It’s a good thing I didn’t set my expectations too high. I had an awful headache after using these. However, the instructions on the package are hilarious, as they barely make sense.

Laurie New Washington, OH

Serves another purpose

Well I don’t believe that this will make my nose up or pointed. The reason I bought this is that to control my sneeze in the middle of the night coz I’m so sneezy that I can’t control it unless pinching my nose. It helps that’s why I gave 4 stars.

Shelley Arnold, MO

A waste of $

I hate it.. wish I could get my money back butt I can’t thru it in the trash don’t waste your time or money ppl even if its a dollar

Nanette Gouldsboro, ME


didn’t really work for me just left my nose red but its okay it was too good to be true uk plus its super cheap so what do u expect lol the shipping took a while tho but i have patience so that didn’t bother me!

Eileen Pierpont, SD

Do not use!

These are the worst things on the market! I don’t mind pain if it will benefit me but these not only hurt, they barely stay on. I’m a Caucasian woman with a very nice bridge, I don’t see how these would stay on a flat bridge if they pop right off of my nose. Biggest waste of money in my life.

Aida Rocky Mount, MO

The nose bridge clip is so effective

The nose bridge clip worked wonderfully for me. Day six I noticed a huge change. I wear the clip throughout the day and will continue to for the next two months. This beats rhinoplasty. I’m a major perfectionist and height critical and this the little clips are worth a shot

Eileen Leander, TX

Not bad at all

Mine didn’t fall apart or anything (which I’m very surprised about considering these were probably made very poorly,haha..) but it works okay on my nose I guess.. didn’t see that much of a difference, but that’s only because I haven’t been keeping up with it like every day….So if you want to see results, you should do it every day (for like 10 or 15 min max).

Deena Leicester, MA

Purple one works fine but the pink one was terrible!

I can’t even put on the pink one cause it’s just too small. I think it’s for like a 6 year-old.Purple one works fine but it doesn’t last long.

Tonia Venus, PA

well i really like the purple thing, but the pink thing…

the purple one works! and its awesome!!! but the pink thing… well… it has two settings, hurts and hurts like a donkey kick in the face. and it does nothing but leave huuuuge circle indents on my nose after 15 minutes. only gave it three stars because its the average of 5 and 1… 5 for the purple and if i could, none for the pink.

Ana Mesa, WA

I hate the pink one!

Actually, the blue one is ok, but not good as I bought it before.This pink one is worse! I hate it! Looks dirty, and when you use it, would feel hurt! Really hurt!!!

Maxine Dawsonville, GA


I used it for 30 minutes and when trying to place the pink one, it broke. Afterwords I felt like my nose was bigger, IDK if it’s because I read the other reviews and it was a placebo affect, or if it actually happened. But after a few days it went back to normal…I think…Just not worth 1 penny.

Callie North Garden, VA

It’s okay

eh it worked ok

Stacy Garrett, WY

Its an ok product that works

The biggest issue for me is the pink clip. I put it on and I couldn’t leave it on for more than 2-3 minutes because it was really hurting my nose:( but I kept using it for a week and people noticed a difference! They said my nose looked less wider and I recommend it but good luck leaving it on for half an hour. I say just try leaving it on for 2-3 minutes every day.

Benita Alleyton, TX

Can’t breathe with it

Hurts. can’t breathe. Not the seller’s fault. Strange item. Maybe works better on Asian noses? Can use to clip my mail together. I wasn’t expecting much, so not disappointed.

Tonia Orland, CA


does nothing. the purple one especially, just instantly threw it away, not even worth the plastic its made of. the pink one i tried, leaves nice lego pattern on your nose but does not help to make it smaller

Holly Graford, TX

Hard way to nose up

I bought this nose clip and the delivery was fast, but I only used once cos they are very hard and it hurts my nose too and I could not breath properly with it on

Ruthie Korbel, CA

Don’t waste your money!

Please! Please don’t waste your hard earned money on something that WILL NOT WORK. Talk about 100% guaranteed not to work, this is one. I mean it!

Britney Filer City, MI

I guess it works

The pink one is impossible to use!!! Even if I try my best to put it on, i have to take it off after 1 min because its too tight and it start to hurting my nose. The blue one is okay, Im still using it, but i guess it works, cause I can see a difference, not drastic though.

Cathy Lewis Center, OH