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No7 Day Cream SPF 15

Product Description A rich moisturizer that helps fight the signs of aging, smoothes & softens fine dehydration lines. It delivers prolonged moisturization and helps to improve the texture of the skin for a radiant complexion. Contains some of the same key ingredients found in Protect & Perfect (Restore & Renew) Beauty Serum, coupled with fantastic moisturizers to leave skin softer, smoother & younger looking.

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Perfect Day!

This is a wonderful day cream with spf, (which I can’t live without!!) It’s rich and soft, yet soaks into my skin effortlessly. The smell is a soft ‘orange’ scent, which is just lovely.Finally, skin care that looks good, smells good and works!

Myra North Branch, NY

Great Day Cream for Cold and Dry Weather

This cream goes on smooth, smells pleasant and absorbs quickly. It is a thicker cream, better used for cold temperatures and dry environments, but is not good for a hot day and humidity. I recommend blotting after a few minutes, as there is a slightly oily sheen to the product once absorbed, but blotting and applying a matte foundation immediately remedies the issue. A little goes a very long way, use sparingly. For a lighter option, try Boots No. 7 Moisture Quench Day Fluid. Works like a charm.

Barbara Liscomb, IA

Works as promised.

Use this at night before bed and if you give it a few weeks, you’ll start to notice a difference in the texture of your skin. Makes your skin feel more comfortable. A little goes a long way, use sparingly.

Juliet Davenport, ND

Oil Slick in the City..

I was really excited to try a new moisturizing cream at this price point. The reviews all over the internet of this product really sold me. I’ve used this product for about 2 1/2 months now but only because it’s not breaking me out terribly and I need to get my money’s worth so I will use it until it’s finished. However.. I dab a pea-sized amount on in the morning everyday and BAM! Looks like I slathered corn oil all over my face, I have to dab it off because it looks downright unappealing, to the point where if I’m not conscious to dab enough off, a coworker (male) of mine makes it a point to laugh incessantly at my “greasy forehead.” NOT GOOD! I do like the subtle smell and the fact that it’s a good amount of product for the price, but the greasiness on top of the fact that my face feels overall not calmed by this product makes it the last time I purchase it. Wish I could find a trusty cream for $20 but I can’t keep spending the money and being disappointed.

Nichole Humphrey, NE

Great product; too pricey on amazon

I love this product, I started using it five days ago and can really tell the difference. I would recommend that you get this product at target. Its too pricey on amazon, then when you add the shipping and handling, youll be paying at least $12.00 more than you would at target. I’m trying to find the intense beauty serum, since I couldn’t find it at my regular target. You can’t go wrong with this product. Usually my skin breaks out when I switch products, but not with this one. Great Buy!

Leann Mount Pleasant, TN

break out

congradulations. It is the only product I hava tried so far that makes me break out evenly over the whole face.I have combination skin with dry cheeks in the winter. The night cream version was perfect, especially with the beauty serum. It made my skin smooth, hydrated, and feeling supple even in the morning. This day cream is slightly greasier than the night version. I did not immediately break out, but my skin refuse to absorb the day cream and, slowly but surely, tiny red and white bumps appeared on my face. it could be due to the SPF, or to the fact that is is greasier than acceptable for most combination skin.I would not recommend this for oily/normal skin. Try it if you have dry skin. However, the night cream is definitely worth it.

Haley Fontana, KS