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No-Rinse Body Bath, 16 oz

Feel Clean and Refreshed in Minutes. Leaves skin clean, refreshed and odor-free. Concentrated, makes 16 complete baths. Absolutely no rinsing necessary. Excellent perineal cleanser. Contains no alcohol – Means no dryness. Gentle on sensitive skin. Use full strength as a liquid soap. Fast, Easy and Convenient Alternative to Traditional Bathing. Provides a warm, comfortable patient friendly bathing alternative. Easier on the care giver. Eliminates slip & fall incidents. Less bathing time required. Reduces laundry & linen cost. Whenever lack of facilities, physical limitation, discomfort or merely fear of bathing occur, No Rinse Body Bath is the solution. It is a companion product of the original No Rinse Shampoo, approved by thousands of hospitals. Used by NASA astronauts on all space shuttle flights. 100% Satisfaction guaranteed. Made in USA.

Key features

  • Absolutely no rinsing necessary.
  • Concentrated, makes 16 complete baths.
  • Contains no alcohol
  • 16 fl oz Bottle

Honest reviews


Makes you feel so much better in the hospital/rehab

A couple of years ago I had a serious back surgery and was not allowed to take showers for a number of weeks. Taking showers is a problem because the water can get on the scar and increase a risk of infection. I was miserable not being able to take showers until someone told me about No-rinse Shampoo and No Rinse Body Bath. You put a bit of Body Rinse on the sponge and wipe the body. Sponge baths with it work much better than a damp cloth (plain or soaped up). With the shampooNo Rinse Shampooyou put it on your head, rub into the scalp and hair, and then dry off with a towel. It is not as a good as washing your hair in the shower, but there was huge visible difference and it made me feel cleaner.Small things make a big difference when you are hospitalized/recovering from surgery. No-rinse body bath and shampoo removed one of the things that was making me feel bad and I am so pleased someone told me about them.Ali Julia review

Claudia Blacksburg, SC

This may change my life

Confession time. I don’t know why, but I’ve gotten where I put off taking a bath for way too long. I’m retired, and I tend not to leave the house unless I have to, so I know lack of a schedule is part of it; but my grandmother hated to bathe, so maybe it’s a genetic thing. Anyway, I finally faced up to the fact that I just do not want to get in the bathtub or shower and sought an alternative.I mixed up some of this no-rinse concentrate and put it into a spray bottle, which I use to spray on my hair until it is wet. Then I scrub my scalp really well with it, towel dry, and style. It works fine as a no-rinse shampoo. The little bit of residue is almost like a light styling lotion and helps keep my fine, short, curly hair looking good for longer.But the real pleasure comes from mixing up some in the bathroom sink and scrubbing myself all over with a Salux cloth, which works wonderfully to exfoliate the skin and is large enough to use as a backscrubber (like you would a towel). This No Rinse Body Bath works very well to get me clean and fresh-smelling with little effort. I can take a whole bath quickly standing at the sink or seated on a bathroom chair, and then it’s just a matter of toweling dry…or, as I do sometimes, just air-drying. The cloth rinses clean and can be hung to dry (quickly!), and I’ve hardly used any water at all. I plan to keep a small spray bottle by the toilet for a quick spritz when needed. I’m pleased with this product.

Agnes Martin, SC

Good for the hospital

I used this to help bathe my mom who was sick in the hospital. She was in the final stages of lung cancer. She could barely walk, talk, or move. Just standing was difficult, so going to the bathroom to shower was out of the question. She stayed in the hospital for around 3 weeks. I just put this solution into a tub of water and gently wiped her body every other day. The smell was calming and not intense. It did not leave a residue or stickiness. I also bought the no rinse shampoo.

Rocio Linwood, NJ

No Rinse Bath Solution 16 fl oz

This is a very nice product. It works great and smells like baby lotion. If you or anyone you know has problems with taking a bath or shower this product is the next best thing.

Sondra Henderson, MN

Works great for heat rash in hot, humid weathet!

Also works the best for heat rash in hot, humid weather! Works for me!I wish I had known about No-Rinse Body Bath when my Father was confined to his bed in a nursing home.My Father was in a wonderful, caring nursing home, so I called the Registered Nurse and recommended this wonderful product.!

Kristen Nashoba, OK


I am in a nursing home and the No Rinse products are fantastic for bathing in bed. I am going to use it at home for those “I need a quick bath and or hair wash” moments. Good for anybody that’s sick, laid up or disabled and showering and bath tubs are just too difficult and dangerous.

Rhonda Chowchilla, CA

No Rinse body bath

Simple to use, not to heavily scented and did not appear to dry the patient’s skin. Might be good for kids and parents on camping trips when water is scarce.

Victoria Brunswick, GA