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No Lift Nail Primer .75oz

The all time favorite. Works with any acrylic nail product to prevent lifting.

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Still Holding Strong

I waited to review this product in an effort to really test how well it bonds. I do my own acrylic nails at home, so my skills are not up to par, however I’ve really been trying to stay away from the nail salons, which were costing me a bundle. It’s a little pricey, but suffice it to say that this primer is worth every penny. I have had absolutely NO LIFTING and I’ve had my acrylic nails on for four weeks! I am really tough on my nails, banging on my computer keys, washing the dog, not to mention the numerous polish changes, so I’ve really put this primer through the ringer.The primer smells really strong, so be prepared. I was not confident about putting this product on my nails, but I did my homework, and found that this was the best primer for me. It really works!

Kristin Big Rapids, MI

Excellent primer

G-Damn! This is good stuff. it’ll burn your eyes off if you get too close to it – don’t inhale unless you’re into that sort of thing. Excellent product, #1 if non-lifting nail applications is your game.

Libby Art, TX

Should be call Lift nail primer

this nail primer didn’t do its job. the formula seems to be different because this once was some good stuff. however my nail began to lift around the edges and It was not a pretty sight. Also this is lifting that I experienced immediately not due to needing a fill in.

Lupe Oswegatchie, NY

Does not work.

Does not actually prevent, or even seem to inhibit, lifting. I used this product with gel polish applied to natural nails and acrylic nails applied to natural nails, and it did have any discernible affect. I think it actually performed worse than the standard primers available at drug stores.

Brooke Hoagland, IN

Didn’t Like

Didn’t Like.. I watched videos on this product and the reviews seemed to be okay so I ordered. I followed all directions and still got lifting within 3 days. I sent it back and went to Sally and bought another brand.

Viola North Haven, ME

not happy

i am a nail tech and this didnt have luck with this product at all. i was disappointed at how quickly there was lifting on my clients nails…less than a week!

Stacy Fair Haven, MI