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No Crease Hair Ties 20 Pack By Kenz Laurenz

No Crease Elastic Hair Ties – Assorted – Set of 20 – Each Hair Tie is made from a soft and stretchy material that has been hand-dyed, knotted, and heat sealed to prevent fraying on the ties ends. Our Hair Ties measure approx 3″ lying flat with an 1″ tail. We love these Hair Ties!!

Key features

  • No Crease Hair Ties Elastic Knotted Ribbon Accessories No Tug Ouchless Ponytail Holders
  • These fun no crease hair ties are made from a soft and stretchy material that has been hand-dyed and knotted.
  • Gentle on your hair – these no crease hair ties don’t pull and dent your hair like the traditional ponytail holders.
  • You can also wear these hair accessories as bracelets or anklets.
  • Completely Hand Washable and You can also wear them as bracelets or anklets.

Honest reviews


Not what I expected

I was under the impression that I would get an assortment of mix designs and solids and in reality I got every dull solid color and two design patterns.. Disappointing, but they do help minimize the crease effect because I sweat in my hair.

Monique Avoca, MN

Very good quality hair ties

Very good quality hair ties. I must say that I am very impressed with the quality of these hair ties of the price. I also like that they come in so many different colors. I would definitely repurchase from Kenz Laurenz in the future if I ever lose all 20 of these. 🙂

Francisca Montreal, WI

They do as they’re intended

If you want to be a part of the trend of elastic hair ties without the metal connector or crease-imprinting rubber, then these hair ties will help you do that without breaking the bank. The colors are cute, vibrant, and come in a good variety for any day. I am a natural-haired (thick, kinky-curly haired) African American woman and use these to create my puffs (ponytails) and other styles. The ties have a good amount of "give", meaning that they stretch wide for those of us with thick hair. I would recommend these to a friend and repurchase them when I need to refresh my supply of ties. Also, I would even seek out if this maker sells creaseless headbands.I do not have any children, but I imagine that these hair ties would be suitable and comfortable for a little girl to wear as well.

Adrian Mid Island, NY

Great deal, good product

I have been trying to find these locally, but its ridiculous paying 5 bucks for only 3 of them. The shipping for this item was super fast, but untrackable by the way. I didn’t get any double colors and there were more solids than prints but that didn’t bother me. Some examples of prints I got: black and white chevron, leopard print, white with black mustaches, pink with love and hears written on it. Some of these ties are looser than others and the knots are a bit bulky compared to other types of these that i have bought, but i consider that a plus. If the knots are looser to begin with its easier for you to adjust these to fit your writes tightly. Overall very happy with this, I might even order another pack!

Jannie Menno, SD

These are awesome

The shipping was super fast on these, and I was so pleased when I received them. I’ve seen these style hair pieces in retail stores and have really wanted to try them, but I’m always loosing my hair ties and didnt really want to spend much on them.These Kenz Laurenz ties are awesome though, and a great value. I got a ton of cute colors and patterns to try out, and they’re so comfortable to wear on my wrist. No painful crease mark is left on my skin.I wear them overnight in my thin, straight hair, and wake up with no crease in my hair either.

Lucile Clackamas, OR

Great Product **For Intended Use/Hair Type**

I didn’t read the product description halfway down the page before purchasing – only the descriptors at the top next to the product pictures. So that was my bad, not a reflection on the owner’s advertising. BUT in an effort to prevent someone else from making the same oversight, wanted to post a review to mention:Check the measurements in the product description before purchasing. The picture of the ties is so large that I thought these were going to be the size of the Ouchless "headbands", not the ponytail bands. I have 3c/4a hair and when my hair is loose I like to wear it in a fro with the hair pulled back to maybe the start of my crown. These bands are nowhere near large enough to pull that off.I think if my hair was pressed or I was only trying to tie up a portion of my hair, these would be good. The bands feel thick and sturdy enough to secure hair without snapping, and I had to do some serious picking to undo the knot the ends are tied into, which means they’re unlikely to unravel when under elastic stress.I’ll kkep these so that if I ever decide to press my hair or do ponytails, I have plenty of low hair stress bands.

Melanie Mount Clare, WV

they came in a sandwich baggie…

and still make small creases in my hair, and some hair still comes out with them sometimes. But they’re way better than the goodie hair ties I was using that were so tight, and the creases come out way easier. AND they’re cute in the hair and as bracelets. I think they’re worth it.

Lakisha Excelsior, MN

Cute but single use

These are cute but they stretch out almost immediately and you will need a stronger elastic to hold your hairstyles. They are great patterns and colors!

Marci Argyle, MI

cute and affordable.

so cute, won’t pull my daughters hair. she loves the designs.

Lorene Swanton, NE

good hair ties

These are inexpensive alternatives to purchasing the brand names. So far I haven’t experienced them wearing out, but all hair ties stretch with use over time, so for the price I think they’re worth it.

Desiree Freehold, NJ


Love these hair ties! Whenever I straighten my hair and need to get it out of my face for a little I use these so that when I take it out, my hair doesn’t have a crease. These things work perfect and the price isn’t bad either!

Deena West Grove, PA

Best hair ties

For me, these are the most perfect hair ties I have ever found. I like them better than any other elastic out there for everyday use. I do use a more rubber, traction like elastic to work out in. The thing about these that I like is that they don’t leave that pony tail dent in your hair, so if you wear it all day then go out to dinner, your hair won’t have that bump. They are also very soft and very pretty, colors to match anything. I keep mine on my wrist when it is not in my hair.

Rosalinda Blue Mountain, AR

I bought I five pack that seemed to be a better quality.

I loved the first ones I bought of these in a 5 back so I had to buy more. When there arrived they seemed to be a stiffer material than the original ones I purchased.

Jayne Vidalia, GA

Guess what? No dent!

I bought these in hopes of not having dents in my hair anymore and ho-ly cow these actually work! Plus, whenever I wear my hair up, I always have problems with getting headaches so I tend to not wear it up that often, but when I wear these, it’s like they’re invisible. I can’t even feel them. I really want to try to make them on my own so I don’t have to buy more but these are super cute designs and they do custom orders!

Francine Rushville, NE

Fabulous hair ties

These hair ties are great! They don’t leave ridges and yet they hold my hair. Love them and will order more!

Leanna Jamesville, VA