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No Crease Hair Ties 10 Pack Black

No Crease Elastic Hair Ties – All Black – Set of 10 – By Kenz Laurenz . Each No Crease Hair Tie is made from a soft and stretchy material that has been hand-dyed, knotted, and heat sealed to prevent fraying on the ties ends. Our Hair Ties measure approx 3″ lying flat with an 1″ tail. We love these Hair Ties!!

Key features

  • No Crease Hair Ties Elastic Knotted Ribbon No Tug Ouchless Ponytail Holders
  • These fun no crease hair ties are made from a soft and stretchy material that has been hand-dyed and knotted.
  • Gentle on your hair – these no crease hair ties don’t pull and dent your hair like the traditional ponytail holders.
  • You can also wear them as bracelets or anklets.
  • These No Crease Hair Ties are Completely Hand Washable

Honest reviews


I really think these will last a long time

I’ve been searching for good long lasting ponytails. I got these other ones I have reviewed them as well but they seem to stretch out and can fall off my wrist now, but I can still use them. But they are still better then the goody ouch-less brand that always seemed to stretch after a few uses and when use them that stretched out it doesn’t hold well or they break. I use the other ones in low ponytails and high ponytails. I have only used these in low ponytails and they do look nice like a bracelet. I hope these are very long lasting. I would buy these again!

Elba Isabella, OK

They even look HOMEMADE…Nea!

I don’t get these things? What’s all the fuss? They don’t even look cool. Mine have already stretched out and don’t hold a good form at all. I think I’ll stick with scrunchies:)

Neva Temecula, CA

Super for hair!

These ties are so great for hair. You don’t have to hurt anymore when you put these ties in your hair.

Bessie Grover Beach, CA

the name says it all

They really don’t leave dents or creases in my hair. I have wavy, thin, somewhat fine but processed hair. And I love them. They also don’t hurt when wearing on my wrist like some hair ties do.

Phyllis Van Vleck, TX

So much nicer to my hair than regular elastics!

I much prefer these ties to regular elastics when I am doing any sort of updo that begins with a ponytail holder, but ESPECIALLY flip-through (topsy turvy) styles, like the Gibson Tuck, or its variations. When I use a regular fabric-covered elastic band, I lose about 20 hairs taking the elastic out. When I use these, I usually don’t lose any hairs, but if I do, it’s only one or two.

Concetta Willard, UT

These are fantastic & they really don’t make a dent in your …

These are fantastic & they really don’t make a dent in your hair. I have kind of largish wrists and they fit so comfortably around my wrist. I would recommend these kind of hair ties to all of my friends.

Mollie Killduff, IA