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NO-AD SPF 15 Sunscreen Lotion – 16 Ounce

NO-AD (not advertised) is a brand of suncare products that prides itself on bringing consumers the finest quality products for the lowest possible price. We have an extensive line of sun protection products including tanning lotions and sprays, high SPF sun protection, sunless products, specialized sun block sticks for extra protection, and skin care products for before and after tanning. Why spend more on brands that have big advertising budgets? Look to NO-AD for innovative, effective suncare products that will maximize your dollar! For more info on all our NO-AD products, go to

Key features

  • NO-AD SPF 15 Sun Block Lotion is PABA-free, non-greasy, waterproof and sweatproof
  • Provides 15 times your natural degree of sunburn protection
  • Contains aloe vera, cocoa butter and vitamin E to soften the sun’s drying effect on your skin
  • Provides UVA and UVB protection to help prevent premature aging and skin cancer from the sun.
  • The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends this product as an effective UV sunscreen

Honest reviews


Great product but not taken care of

I’ve used No-Ad since I was a little girl. It’s the only sunblock/sunscreen that I can use without breaking out in a rash. Sadly the stores in my area don’t carry it anymore so I had to buy it online. The reason I chose to buy this one was because there was not an outrageous shipping fee. The others charged like 5-6 bucks to ship this 16 oz bottle. The product itself is fine but the bottle does not look taken care of. It’s dinged and the labels are pealing off so that is why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5. So over all product is excellent but I wish the seller would make sure his products are being taken better care of.

Veronica Cobbs Creek, VA

A great product.

NO-AD products sell themselves on not bothering to advertise a good product, they sell on the word of mouth that the products are as good as any other sun/skin care, which smell good, soak into skin well, don’t stain clothing and work well doing exactly what they claim to do on the bottle.Incidently the bottle’s are basic with simple pump action dispensers and are made from easily recylable hard plastics.The fact that there is no hype, no nonsense and no false claim along with no attempt to waste money on hype, seem to have served this company well and has worked better than any glossy ads of perfect bronzed bodies from piz buin or ambre solaire, fair play to them! They are far more honest than any other skin care company I can think of!

Gina Clarksburg, WV

minimal SPF

A large size for family use with very little SPF protection..still, it worked on my already tanned arms and legs.

Dayna Fairmont, OK


My go-to sunscreen. I have very sensitive skin and this is all I can use. Doesn’t cake up either and is easy to wash off in the shower. Love!

Katrina Rodessa, LA

Does what it should!

SPF 15, does exactly what it should, absorbs easily, giant bottle, and, best of all (for me), I’m not allergic to it! No brainer 🙂

Imelda Philpot, KY