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NO-AD Kids Gentle Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 50 16 oz

INDICATIONS: It is UVA/UVB. Broad Spectrum Protection. with Avobenzone. Aloe and Vitamin E. Very Water Resistant and Hypoallergenic. Helps prevent sunburn. Higher SPF gives more sunburn protection.

Key features

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  • Formula is Water and Sweat Resistant and is Hypoallergenic
  • Enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to Prevent Dryness
  • Specially Developed for Kids’ Sensitive Skin

Honest reviews


Read Ingredients…

Active Ingredients; Avobenzone 2%, Homosafate 15%, Octlsalate 5%, Oxybenzone 5% and Inactive ingredients more and more chemicals. But wait, look at your budget and look at all other sunscreens which are not organic. They all have the same formulas, chemicals with the only difference of the amount of each singular chemical. NO-ADs are Broad Spectrum, water resistant meaning protection of 80 minutes, come in 16 oz which is much, much more than the competition at 8 oz or less with the same formula for half the cost and bingo it really offered me protection. That is all favorable review except if you happen to read ingredients like I do and care about what I consume. Then ingredients like any type of BENZONE which are all carcinogens, the active ingredient in NO-AD and most sunscreens, become questionable. All other recommendations by Consumer Report, do not have any different chemicals, only percentages of chemicals since they all use chemicals, nothing organic. Now if organic not important, only protection then you may as well consider NO-AD otherwise continue on reading…Sunscreens are worse than processed foods (which I never consume) since there is no nutritional guide for sunscreens. Producers write whatever they want and it really consumes time to read up and compare facts. Unless you happen to be a marathon swimmer who is going to be soaked for hour and hours in the oceans’ salty water without any shade, which Vaseline will act as the best sealer there is, then for a surfer like me, usually higher organic ingredients are the best. What I put on my skin is the same as consuming it through my skin since it is absorbed by my skin. I don’t intend to have the sunscreen for snack but it is good to know that there are fewer chemicals in the sunscreen. Usually those SPFs will not be over 30 for any safe sunscreen ingredients and it will be for BABYs. I just happen to be a baby who tries to read ingredients. I wear a rash guard when surfing which covers my upper body so I am protected all the time. What worries me is my face. For a small investment, sunscreens may offer me the possibility of avoiding sun burn, pain, cancer, medical bills, pain killers, etc. that come with exposure to the sun. I try different brands all the time and look for the following pointers;1. I avoid water proof or water resistant. How stupid, I am going in the ocean, in salt water under the sun. Even if I put a deck coating or a roof on my skin, it will not last. Anyone looking for those wordings should avoid water,2. Natural sunscreens with FEWER chemicals. Manufacturers like to spin the facts and challenge our knowledge and intelligence by claiming it as WITHOUT any harsh chemical or chemical FREE or without chemical ABSORBERS. So stupid since a chemical is a chemical regardless,3. FRAGRANCE FREE; It must spell out on the face of the container. Majority have fragrance but baby sunscreens usually do not. After all, I am going in the ocean not on a date. Why do I need fragrance regardless, and this is from an athlete where I consume fresh garlic napping in vinegar every single day,4. EXPIRATION DATE; I never leave the sunscreen container in the sun, purchase new sunscreen all the time so I never worry about few months old, I always apply 30 minutes before the first exposure to the sun5. BROAD SPECTRUM; It must spell out on the face of the container,6. PABA free; It must spell out on the face of the container,7. I avoid OXYBENZONE which apparently disrupts human hormonal system,8. I avoid vitamin A (retinyl palmitate) which seems to boost skin cancer risk,9. I Look for ACTIVE INGREDIENTS of zinc or titanium the best-rated mineral sun blocks. Majority have many different ingredients than zinc and titanium as ACTIVE INGREDIENTS,10. Unscented, Baby Formula, and must have the blessing of the Environmental Working Group’s annual Sunscreen Guide.I tried NO-AD 45 and 50 which is called SPORT or KIDS. There is no difference in their lotions except the SPF numbering, the rest is marketing. The only stamp on the container was NL-11-363, meaning it was produced on the 363 day of 2011. The lotions are oil-free but not the sprays. It absorbs nicely without any perfumes or smell and more importantly no sunburn which is dangerous to my health. Discolored my shirt and there is a warning on NO-AD as well so I kept it away from my clothes. I noticed that after several hours of surfing, when I was rubbing my face before shower, the suntan lotion was peeling off. Meantime I noticed the same as I got in the water. Although the heavy coat dries without a white mask on my face, in the water it peels off like a dead skin. Contacted NO-AD and they had no idea. Consumer Report recommends this as well as many other brands that offer great protection but Consumer Report never pays attention to ingredients and ingredients are important to me. It offered protection but now I prefer the ones with less chemicals and more organic sunscreens which I have come across and consuming those without carcinogens. In the past I paid $10.99 for any of NO-AD sunscreens.

Luisa Clayton, NY

Perfect for a gal that is Hypoallergenic!

I have extremely sensitive skin- so I always buy kids sunblock or baby sunblock. This NO-AD goes on light with no greasy residue, and does not run into your eyes when you sweat-no more sunblock sting! I highly recommend this product for use on hypoallergenic folk. Almost every other sunblock makes me break out in small bumps- this one just works.

Rebecca Wood Ridge, NJ

Great Product

The NO AD Sunblock comes in super-size bottles and sprays that could last all year. The added vitamin E and Aloe blend to help supplement skin’s natural defenses. There were lots of things I liked about this product. First of all, its not at all greasy or sticky when its applied. You just rub in it and it dries almost instantly. It addition, its water proof, sweat resistant, and also offers SPF 45, SPF 50, or even SPF 60. So we’re good at the beach and at soccer games. And let’s not forget there are no harsh chemical smells. But of course, most importantly, it worked perfectly. There was not one speck of sunburn on me or the kids even after a full eight hours in the sun without reapplying during outdoor activities. Though I would suggest reapplying if you are enjoying any water sports.

Rosie Marathon, FL

Same No Ad problem but a little gentler

I have the same problem with every NO AD sunscreen that I’ve tried (45, 60 and this one): a minute or so after I put it on it feels like its peeling or rolling off. You can touch your skin and it’s almost a grainy feeling–the more you touch it, the more it comes off. I thought it was just me, some weird reaction, but I’ve found a couple of other comments under other NO AD sunscreen strengths. This kids one seems to do it a little less than the adult ones and I love the creamy easy to apply texture of the sunscreen (before it starts peeling). I live in a very hot place with very-easy-to-burn, super sensitive skin, so I go through a lot of sunscreen wearing it everyday. I’ve been using this on my body (use a specifically facial sunscreen on my face) and experimenting trying to find a way to stop the peeling since I like the price, quantity and ease of it so much and so far haven’t gotten burned wearing it. It seems like if I can apply the perfect amount (not too much, not too little) it doesn’t peel as much.

Olive Mount Gay, WV

Love it!!!!

I loved that I didn’t have to run to the store for sunblock. This I a great price and it comes right to your doorstep can’t get much better then that! Love it!

Michelle Willisville, AR