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Nizoral Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, 4 oz.

Controls flaking, scaling and itching associated with dandruff.

Key features

  • Non-prescription strength.
  • Controls flaking, scaling and itching.
  • The freedom will go to your head.
  • For adults and children over 12 years of age.

Honest reviews


Does not work for me

I couldn’t find any difference in the amount of dandruff at all. I went through the entire bottle used as directed and there was 0 change. Every person is different but this was a waste of money for me. Luckily, Selsun Blue (the medicated one) worked in ONE treatment.

Agnes Wolford, ND

Used this for my dog and it worked great!

My dog had suffered itching for two years he is only 3, my vet insists that he is allergic.We tried all kinds of allergy solutions to no avail. My poor dog suffers terribly.Someone just mentioned yeast infection to me and I ran out and bought this product.I gave him a good long shampoo and he actually liked it. He smells so good too. I was amazed at the outcome.Normally he would me scratching himself to distraction and I would be sitting here getting all upset for him. Instead he is laying next to my leg snoozing and very happy, he has scratched only about three times since the shampooing.I was not expecting a miracle but this is close enough for me. I know I will have to shampoo him regularly but that is fine with me as long as he is happy.BTW, I bought this OTC from a local drugstore chain, for $11.49 for 4 oz.

Beatrice Highland Park, IL

Nizoral (ketoconazole) is back on the OTC shelves – August 2013, DHT blocking documented

As of August 2013, Nizoral is once again available through mainstream outlets. The main ingredient, ketoconazole, has been shown to block DHT and, hence, reduce male pattern hair loss. I wrote to the company to get their opinion and they generically refuse to comment saying the product is not FDA approved for hair loss.If you have access to a journal database via a medical library, you can locate many research studies demonstrating the DHT blocking capabilities of ketoconazole. This effect is very different from suggestions that other dandruff shampoos reduce hair loss by removing dead skin cells or improving blood flow to the scalp.

Britney North Richland Hills, TX


I hate scented products since I’m sensitive, but I really like the non-medicated smell. The product is creamy and I do not feel the need to scratch my heat after shampooing with Nizoral. Great travel size!

Thelma Lucan, MN

Tinea Versicolor gone!

I have used this product several times through the last 15 years to treat my tinea versicolor. While in the shower, I simply “shampoo” my skin in the affected areas. Use more than you think you need to create a rich, thick lather, then let it sit on your skin for 5 minutes while you shave your legs or just soak in the shower. Then simply rinse it off. Two to three such applications is enough to completely eradicate my TV and keep it gone for 3-4 years. No kidding! When it eventually comes back, I perform this routine again and am TV free for another 3-4 years. This is the only product I’ve found that works this quickly and effectively. It’s wonderful!

Diann Douglas, MI

Good For Getting Rid of Dandruff

I have been using this product since 10 years ago whenever I havd dandruff issue.It is fairly reliable. Smell is fine too. Recommended for people with dandruff.

Edith Equality, AL

HANDS DOWN, the best for dandruff

I have tired everything out there and Nizoral is the only product that’s ever worked for me. It’s a bit expensive and it’s only a 4 oz bottle, but I just add it to my shampoo, and it works great.

Megan Idaho Falls, ID

really effective for dandruff

this thing is really effective. not the usual nizoral (look and smell) that i was using in my country (philippines) but it actually works so fast. since it’s meant to address dandruff, it doesn’t do anything with dry hair so make sure to have a nice conditioner after using this haha.

Renae Sandborn, IN


I bought this to try because the American (blue bottle) version was not available for a time. It smells like the anti-itch animal shampoo we used for our dog and was very very watery.Stick with the blue bottle US version of Nizoral. It is a thicker consistency and while it doesn’t smell wonderful, it smells much better than this stuff.

Milagros Ariel, WA