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Nivea Soft Refreshingly Soft Moisturizing Creme with Jojoba Oil & Vitamin E, 6.8 Ounces

For incredibly soft skin.

Key features

  • Refreshingly Soft with Jojoba Oil & Vitamin E
  • The light, fresh scent adds to the invigorating effect
  • Unique formulation is quickly absorbed to leave your skin feeling invigorated, soft and supple
  • PH neutral and dermatologically approved
  • A superior all purpose moisturiser

Honest reviews


A Must-Buy

This is the best cream I have used – ever. My skin is very dry, even in the summertime. I use this right after my shower, and my skin has never been softer. The cream is a little thick and I have to use two hands to spread it evenly, but once it soaks in, it feels really light. It feels light enough to use even in very hot temperatures. I will definitely continue to buy this product, I can’t imagine using anything else from now on.

Jo Palm Springs, CA

Very nice, but lack of seal is troublesome

Based on the reviews, I was looking forward to tucking this in my purse to use on hands AND face when out and about.On twisting off the cap on the tube, product surrounded the opening. While this is not necessarily an indication that it has been opened, it’s enough of a worry that I won’t be using it on my sensitive face. Usually, there is a foil seal on the opening of products like this.It is a very nice cream, with a light, pleasant scent that dissipates quickly, and leaves skin feeling soft.Unfortunately, I wanted a multi-use cream, and would have used it as such had it been tamper resistant.

Kenya Se Ree, KY

Love this as a face cream

I bought this cream about a month ago to use on my face and it has worked so well without causing breakouts or irritating my skin. it isn’t heavy or oily and goes well under makeup. My skin is now softer, no dryness and a little goes a long way.

Enid Sedan, NM

I like it!

Last week I noticed this in my local drugstore and bought it. I’m so far very impressed and recommended my husband to try it.I’ve always had oily skin up until this year (thanks to menopause coming on) – now it’s what they call "normal" but my cheeks are pink and on the verge of turning dry. So, up until now, I’ve stayed away from moisturizers because of my oily skin and breaking out but now I’m changing my whole skin care routine.I really like the big tub (sealed), the scent and the way my face absorbs it – making it very soft to the touch. So far, no breakouts. I also put it on my eye lids and under eyes as well. With winter coming, it’s one less thing to worry about. With the added Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E, I think this will be a keeper.It’s a good value for the money. A little goes a long way and this jar will last me probably a year.

Lupe Huntington, WV

Nivea Mosturizing Creme for your face

I use this cream strictly on my face.. it is really good..and around the eye area it works beautifully! It does what it says moisturizers!

Ada Cedaredge, CO


I have KP on my upper arms and this product actually makes my arms smooth! Its a great price and actually smells good too. I love that my arms are smooth now and that I dont have to spend a fortune to achieve that. I love that its not greesy too. Great lotion for ruff skin!

Andrea Castle Hayne, NC

Just got it, and my face feels like a baby’s butt!

I was going to buy this on Amazon, when I had a sudden urge to see if my nearby Walgreens carried it, and it did so I snatched up a tub of it and eagerly tried it after my shower. Opening it, there’s this thin barrier of tin foil that you just peel up. I was preparing to be disappointed in the amount of product because usually when I see items like that, they’re vacuumed sealed and pulling on the tin results in a “puff” noise and the reveal of less product than expected. My goodness, I was quite surprised to see that there was cream packed to the brim under that foil! I only needed a small amount for my face and neck so this stuff will last FOREVER. Hahaa! Almost instantly, my face felt supple and smooth, and just when I thought I couldn’t be more impressed, it lasted through the night. This morning I had to get ready for a family member’s graduation, and after putting it on, I had an almost dewy complexion. I’m totally gonna keep using this stuff, so I highly recommend it.

Esperanza Talbot, IN

1# Creme on my list!

this must be the best cream for the face and body in the world! I’m 41 and have I tried so many face creams and body creams in my life..nothing compares to this. I have the most dry flaky skin on my legs. Nothing quite does it other than this,without the grease! My face too,has never felt so hydrated since I was a child. If Nivea could add in some DMAE,HA, and Ester C.. I will jump for joy.that way I don’t have to use seperate serums! Thank you Nivea!

Mallory Grand Forks, ND