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Nivea Smooth Sensation Daily Lotion for Dry Skin, 13.5 Fluid Ounce

Triple action, nourishes; revitalizes; absorbs quickly. With ginkgo, shea butter & Vitamin E.

Key features

  • Triple Action that nourishes, revitalizes and absorbs quickly
  • Delivers intensive moisturization in a unique light, fast absorbing formula
  • Enriched with Gingko Extract, Shea Butter and Vitamin E
  • 24 Hour moisturization
  • Dermatologically tested

Honest reviews


It’s a Steal

I really do feel like this is a steal. I live in NYC and one bottle of this lotion normally cost me 10 bucks at the drugstore. I can’t give this price alone nothing but 5 stars for 3 bottles.

Nita Clymer, NY

Too much fragrance!

I have been a Nivea loyalist for 30 years or so and always have loved the clean fragrance as well as the moisturizing effectiveness. I was excited to try their shea butter product as I really love the way shea butter smells and moisturizes. But the fragrance of their forumula is incredibly strong and “perfumey”. Definitely not a unisex product! I will be returning mine to Target and getting the traditional formula. Too bad: shea butter is so nice.

Effie Washington, VT

Keep my skin moist

I bought this nivea lotion for dry skin because in the winter time my skin tends to get extremely dry and this lotion keeps my skin from drying out. This lotion keep my skin smooth and soft not only in winter but all year round. I think it is the shea butter and the vitimin E in the lotion , that works wonders on the skin. The lotion is fast absorbs and dont leave your skin feeling sticky and greasey. The texture is not thick and not watery, it is in the middle and feel just right on the skin. This lotion keeps my hands nice and soft, when I tell this work wonders on my skin, my skin is now baby soft and not ashy looking. I recommend this for anybody who want to have smooth and soft skin.

Isabella Wawarsing, NY

Perfect for Sensitive Skin

I have very sensitive skin and skin allergies, and my dermatologist recommended Nivea Smooth Sensation lotion. Its wonderful, thick and creamy, and really soothes dry, damaged skin. If you’ve got psoriasis or exzema, this is for you!

Lesley Hilda, SC

Smells good

Smells good but not overpowering. It’s much less greasy than the Nivea Essentially Enriched lotion, which makes this one great for everyday but probably not great if your skin is very dry or rough.

Lacy Shelby, NC

Great lotion

Does Not leave skin feeling greasy, applies quickly and even, and keeps skin moisturized throughout the day, even full day of sun on the water sailboating. I’ve been using Smooth Sensation for two years and haven’t regretted it one bit. This is good for light to medium applications. If you have rough crackly dry skin then you need something heavier on the oils like Aveeno and/or petroleum jelly for you’ve doomed your skin. Otherwise, Nivea has come out with very nice product which I’ll continue to use until something better comes out on the market.

Lashonda Jefferson, OR

Perfect year round lotion

I really like this lotion. I have used Nivea products since I was a little girl. Nivea’s Smooth Sensation is probably the best newer lotion yet. It penetrates right into ones skin and takes care of the dryness, without any oilyness. I would recommend this to anyone searching for a good quality lotion, especially for dry, sensitive skin. Leaves your skin feeling silky and smooth.

Thelma Bourbonnais, IL

Best body lotion E*V*E*R*!

Growing up in Europe, I used to see my parents using Nivea creams a lot. As an adult, it took me a while to go back to that brand, maybe because the association with my parents made me consider Nivea too old fashioned? Shame on me. This is hands down the BEST body lotion I have been able to find in both supermarkets as well as department stores:PROS:- smooth texture: comes out of the pump easily, rubbs on body easily and evenly;- fast absorption: you can almost watch it soak into your skin, leaving NO film residue behind;- non-greasy quality: makes your skin dewey, but not oily; your clothes and stockings are safe; I put it on directly after a shower/bath (when my skin is still slightly damp) and then let my body air dry while I progress with my morning routine; within minutes it is safe to put your clothes on;- superb moisturization quality: no ashy flakes in sight! leaves skin plump!- boutique scent: it is sofisticated, clean and barely there…will not overpower your perfume;- price: I found the 400 ml size for about 6 bucks; CANNOT beat that!- bottle with a pump: makes it easier to use when your hands are wet; can be locked for travel;CONS:- Though I love the pump, it is clearly too short to get all the lotion out. I HATE when manufacturers do that (I would take away half a star for that, if I could). And so, I end up cutting the bottle in half to get the last bit out…Enjoy!

Iris Independence, LA