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Nivea Skin Firming Hydration Body Lotion with Q10 Plus, 13.5 fl oz

Skin Firming Moisturizer Q10 Plus by Nivea for Unisex – 13.5 oz Moisturizer

Key features

  • Skin Firming Moisturizer Q10 Plus by Nivea for Unisex – 13.5 oz Moisturizer
  • Skin Firming Moisturizer Q10 Plus by Nivea for Unisex
  • Softer Smoother Skin Surface
  • Healthier Younger Looking Skin
  • Pump Top

Honest reviews


Exactly what I needed.

I was hit by a car and completely disabled for two years. Normally I’m a very active person and a lifetime athlete. So when I was finally able to return to my head-cracking activities–I have a helmet of course, so I should really call them helmet-cracking activities–I realized that not only did I get fat and weak, but my hair, teeth, and skin had all changed.So at some point in this comeback, I had an odd allergic reaction to suntan lotion which caused dry, itchy, scaly bumps on my arms, shoulders, and back. Never had this problem in my life. I guess it’s the lack of sweat, because normally I do a lot of outdoor sports and sweat a lot.I saw a dermatologist about it and he prescribed moisturizer–and to stop scratching. He gave me a bag of sample size Aveeno colloidal oatmeal moisturizer bottles, but it wasn’t very effective so I started using Aveeno’s more hardcore Eczema therapy moisturizer, which was better but it still only really worked and felt good when I applied it. Then I tried Nutragena (spelling? I forget), which was better than Aveeno, but I still felt the need to wash it off after a few hours.Finally I sampled this lotion and never looked back. It does the job, smells good, feels good, I don’t feel the need to wash it off later because it doesn’t feel like I spread cake frosting on myself as I did with the others, and it’s even decent on my face.The scent is very clean. It doesn’t smell like perfume, or flowers, or potpourri. This may be the only product which has a ‘unisex’ smell. It reminds me of fresh talc, but it doesn’t feel like chalk.Good stuff. Both my wife and I are using it after showering and we both prefer it to other products we’ve tried.

Marion Fort Edward, NY


Great lotion, great price, and quality. I priced the lotion at WalMart and Target, not even close to your price and per ounces per bottle.

Pamela Pomona, KS

Eye wrinkles SOFTENED!!

I wanted to write a review for this product for women (or men) out there searching for a little help in taking care of their skin and making the signs of aging less noticeable. I am 40 and have some wrinkles I was growing uncomfortable with seeing. It seemed to me to be more pronounced because the skin under my eyes was just drier. Therefore, I ran out to the store in search of a good eye cream. I tried Burt’s Bees, Olay, you name it. Then when I ran out of those nicely priced creams, I decided to try this, the Nivea Q10 body firming lotion I had purchased awhile back for my legs. I did find it too greasy for my legs, so there it sat. I used it on my face and after a week, I noticed how much more hydrated and moisturized my face was particularly under my eyes, which I really concentrated on when applying…even applying two coats before bed. It just adds the moisture that nothing else I tried has, and it LASTS, which in turn has softened the fine lines and wrinkles under my eyes dramatically; just from the moisture it gives. Did it firm? Not really, but there is a great difference in the wrinkles appearance for sure due to the lasting hydrating effects! I am really pleased. I will continue to use this under my eyes and on my face at night, as well as under my eyes before applying makeup, which tends to make my under eye wrinkles appear worse than they are. It has really helped. I am also going to look for the Nivea under eye cream with Q10 and compare, but at least I know that this specific product, targeted as body firming lotion (Nivea Body Skin Firming Moisturizer with Advanced Q10 Complex) works for my EYES beautifully!

Madeline Buckfield, ME

Nivea thought this out well, just a slight glitch in this product which bothers me more than it may bother you.

The skin care product, Nivea Q10 Skin Firming Body Lotion, which I have been using, says on the back, ” Nivea’s exclusive Hydra IQ technology supports skin’s own hydration network to unleash deep non-stop moisture that lasts more than 24 hours.”OK, that makes sense. I believe this skin care lotion does assist one’s own skin stay moisturized, if you use it every day.However, I think any body lotion would accomplish that task without some arcane exotic “technologies” to attempt to fool the buyer into thinking cellulite will disappear. On the Amazon page for this, below the photo, in fact, there is a statement that you can read which informs you cellulite is not going to go away if you use this product.I think that the implication of the name is very misleading and intentionally so. People these days are doing a lot of self care to save money. Many of the ladies who used to go to salons and spas for massages and skin treatments cannot afford to do this any more.I am possibly imputing too much importantance to my thoughts on the phrases and words “skin firming” and “Q 10”, but I am bothered by the snake-oil aspect of this product.I read all the ingredients. I don’t like them. I would never use this on my disabled son even though he is an adult. Additionally, I don’t like the smell and on me it doesn’t fade.This is a “no go” for me, although possibly I am being too hard on it. Usually I like Nivea products. This is a rare thumbs down for me to give Nivea.

Daphne Bridgeville, DE

Not a match for gravity and old age.

I’ll admit I’m not a good test subject for this product, at just a few months shy of 67. Maybe it works better for all you younger whippersnappers but, for me, this body lotion’s Hydra IQ technology and co-enzyme Q10 complex may need the boost of a little eye of newt, toe of frog, etc., all in a bubbling cauldron.My skin is becoming a bit floppy in places (e.g., upper arms) and crepe-papery in appearance. Since the alternative to getting old and floppy/crepe-papery is not desirable either, who wouldn’t want to try out this skin-firming lotion which claims as little as two weeks to firmer, more toned skin?Turns out I could probably use this for two years and the skin wouldn’t be much firmer, but I will say it does lessen the crepe-paper look. It’s a very good moisturizer, absorbing well into the skin and leaving it feeling soft and looking smooth.I’ve seen that some reviewers have complained of breaking out in a rash after use. That has not been a problem for me, but then I don’t have sensitive skin. In addition, this lotion has a fragrance and I’m sure there are many who would prefer a fragrance-free product. I’m not one of them and this fragrance is not at all offensive to me.If I were rating this Nivea lotion just for its moisturizing abilities, it would be a 4- or 5-star product. However, I’m not sure that it lives up to its “firmer, more toned skin” claim and downgraded it because of this.

Pearl Rienzi, MS

It Does *Moisturize* The Skin!

I like the NIVEA Q10 SKIN FIRMING BODY LOTION. It has a light fresh scent, goes on smoothly and easily, without any greasy feel, and absorbs quickly.It does seem to moisturize for 24-hours, but if you perspire a little, those areas will feel clammy. I don’t know if it actually firms the skin up, I don’t think any lotion can do that if you have excessive skin and wrinkles, but it seems to help smooth out and soften lines.I haven’t experienced the rash that some reviewers are getting, but the skin on my body isn’t overly-sensitive.Anyway, I like the lotion and it makes my skin feel smooth and soft long after using it. The only thing is the clammy feeling on certain parts of my body that might perspire more than others, areas that trap heat because of clothes and location, is what I don’t like. But I’ve noticed that about other lotions that have the same “24-hour Moisture” cycle.

Esther East Ellijay, GA

My dry skin is much better….

Nivea Skin Firming Body Lotion worked very well for my super dehydrated skin on my body. Unlike other brands (like Keri, Lubriderm, etc.) it soaks in rather than laying on top of the skin, creating a “sticky” surface. I hate having to let my lotion “dry” before getting dressed….it’s annoying. I got much better results by a gentle exfoliation with a dry brush prior to application. I also use exfoliating gloves in the shower, and that helps the product penetrate better as well (I like to apply my lotion on damp skin to lock the water in). It worked especially well on rough areas like knees, ankles, and elbows.I have a mild case of eczema and this lotion kept flare ups down to a minimum.It does have a fragrance that tends to linger (less in hot weather, perspiration tones the scent down considerably). I wasn’t bothered by the fragrance, the scent is very similar to some hair products I’ve used in the past. But if you like a much less “perfume-y” lotion, I would try something else….an unscented lotion would be better. As long as I’m not attracting bugs (some no-seeums and mosquitoes adore scented lotion) I’m happy. I apply a sunscreen on top of this lotion (it worked well with my self tanner too) and I’m good to go! FYI: My skin is very dry naturally and due to living in a dry climate, and is “post menopausal”. Products very seldom make me break out since I have so little oil in my skin and I exfoliate regularly for my eczema. That may have some bearing on the result I got. Unfortunately, my skin wasn’t any firmer as the name of the product implies. If that were the case I’d purchase enough to fill up a bathtub and soak in it for a few days. The “skin firming” claim is a bit over-the-top, but it’s a good product at a very fair price in my opinion.

Laverne Harper, WV

Fav lotion

My fav lotion, I won’t ever change unless they stop selling It, hope they don’t stop selling it, great great

Cathy Senecaville, OH

Pretty Good

Thank goodness I haven’t had any rash from using this like some folks have. I’ve been using it on my arms, hands and elbows. As an older woman, my skin is fairly dry and working outside dries it out even more.I like the scent of the lotion and the fact that it’s not real thick.The pump feature dispenses enough to apply a light coat to both arms and hands with a single pump.The lotion is absorbed pretty quickly, but I feel it does leave a slightly waxy residue. It’s not oily, but feels a little waxy. It seems to be doing a decent job of moisturizing the dry skin on my arms and hands, but I’d hesitate to use it on my face for fear the waxiness might clog pores.

Judi Flowery Branch, GA

A Nice Lotion (But One Must Be Realistic) …

Well, I’ll admit it, after reading the incredibly negative reviews here about developing contact dermatitis (as a result of an apparent mineral oil allergy), I was concerned. Still, I used the product and experienced no negative side-effects whatsoever. Here is my experience:Pros:-Some people complain about the fragrance. In my opinion, it was so light that I did not even notice it. In fact, I only noticed the scent when I was doing laundry and could smell it on my clothes ever-so-lightly.-I use a fair amount of lotion … occasionally it leaves white marks on my clothes or even temporary white streaks on my skin. Perhaps as a result of the mineral oil, this comes out of the bottle white but soon becomes clear on the skin.-Left my skin super, super soft.Potential con:-It would appear that consumers are viewing this product as some sort of $8.00 miracle. Savvy buyers know that these lotions are fantastic for making skin soft (and in some cases, with better lotions containing retinoids, can improve texture), but not much else. If you need help with anti-aging or loose skin following weight loss, see your dermatologist/cosmetic surgeon (there are many options available … some swear by Thermage). And, add strength training to your daily schedule. A tone body can go far.This is a nice lotion, but as with all purely cosmetic over-the-counter products, keep your expectations realistic and you will be pleased.

Olivia Howells, NE

Leaves your hands silky soft

I give it 5 stars, because it’s smooth without being greasy, and it leaves your skin soft and silky. I can’t swear to whether it actually firms up your skin, but I can’t swear it doesn’t!It feels nice, smells nice and is at least as good as anything else I’ve used. (and over the years, I’ve used quite a few!) I don’t think you’d go wrong in using it.

Alejandra Apple Grove, WV

Good For Moisture, Not For Toning

This lotion claims to be skin-firming. Although I like the lotion for its moisturizing properties, if you are expecting this to make it look like you’ve put extra time in the gym or had some medical touch-ups, you’ll be disappointed. Granted, I knew up front that the claim probably wouldn’t hold water (no pun intended)…at least not in one bottle. It has a light scent and feel which is good because I am in Texas in the summer. However, the claim that it will make your skin firmer and “more toned” (back of the bottle) within two weeks, did not prove true for me. Perhaps my lack of toning isn’t enough for me to have been able to tell a difference but I’m almost through the bottle and it’s been several weeks and nothing remarkable.

Evangeline Bethalto, IL

No thank you!

I have never used a Nivea lotion before so I was happy to give this one a try. I normally like lotions that are kind of thick so as soon as I pumped this into my hand I wasn’t impressed. It is a pretty runny product and has a very strong floral scent (another turn off for me, I usually lean towards the fruity smelling lotions). This is something they should put on the bottle, I had assumed it was unscented. The scent lingered on my body for several hours after putting it on. The lotion does a great job of moisturizing, almost too good because it left my skin feeling damp and greasy for about an hour. In the winter time this would be a plus but with the heat and the humidity of the summer it is no good.

Denice Tallman, NY

Great Moisturizer!! Long Lasting!

I received this Nivea Q10 Skin Firming Body Lotion through amazon on the vine. I really loved this product. It isn’t greasy at all and has a light fresh scent. The scent is stronger when you first put it on but it definitely dissipates after a few minutes and is barely noticeable. The lotion is easy to put on, no streaking it absorbs in nicely. It instantly hydrates your skin and leaves it feeling so smoothe and soft. The effect it has on your skin lasts a whole day. When I wake up the next morning my skin still feels soft from the moisturizer. My skin tends to get dry and sometimes even flaky and this Nivea has really made a huge difference. No more dry skin!! As far as firming goes, my skin may seem a little firmer but don’t expect miracles. However, I will be buying more and would highly recommend this product.

Adele New Bloomfield, PA

Works well but oh the smell!

I really like how this lotion feels and makes my skin look but I cannot get past the very heavy smell. At first I kind of liked it, but as the day wore on I had to go wash it off because it did not dissipate on me. I cannot comment on long term improvements because I couldn’t keep it on longer than 3 hours.I actually really like the smell of classic Nivea, I used it in high school. I wish this had a clean smell like that used to, this smells like they took the classic base scent and added fake rose fragrance — not very good at all. The second they make this in the classic fragrance or unscented I will raise my star rating and buy it in bulk!

Vanessa Keenes, IL

Hydrating and Smoothing

Nivea’s q10 lotion is a good product that is distinguished from competitors by Nivea’s clean residue free application. Some lotions just feel greasy, but Q10 is clean. It works great on hands, feet, knees, elbows. Unfortunately “skin firming” is maybe a bit of an advertising ploy: I didn’t notice dramatic change in skin firmness. However, I did notice a decided lack of dry skin!

Kelly Glencoe, AR

Mild and soothing

Ever since my allergic hive last year on the Hawaiian Tropic silk hydration spf 30 sunscreen (first time ever had hives in my life), I’ve been super careful about spot testing products, even on lotions. I’m glad to say that this Nivea Q10 did not cause me issues at all.In fact, after using it only for 3 nights, I noticed that my skin felt softer. I applied it on my legs right after shower the night I tweezed them (I don’t shave), then continued using it every night after shower after that. My skin is visibly more supple, and healthier looking, not dry and flaky (I also have eczema that is under control through acupuncture).It has a mild scent, which I really like. It rubs on easily and feels light. This bottle is also very easy to use with a large pump. I would recommend it to anyone.

Chris Carrolls, WA

Good for my neck

I have used many lotions, usually for dry skin in the winter and this lotion feels very heavy in texture to me. After using this for many months I have noticed a pretty good improvement on my neck. I have tried other products to reduce the wrinkles/folds in my neck, some expensive and none have worked, except for this one. I did not notice any bad odor with this as some has said. It comes in a good size and should last me for awhile.

Christina Norman, AR

Outstanding Lotion. Firming? Not So Much.

This has been my daily moisturizer for going on a decade now and, though I’ve tried other products, I always return to the Nivea Skin Firming. It’s light, but works very well (better than more gloppy stuff) and sinks in quickly … No greasy feeling. Yay!I used to always have problems with dry, itchy skin from frequent leg shaving with a standard razor, but that hasn’t been an issue since I started using the Nivea. Happy to say my legs are smooth and scale free and have been ever since I started using this after seeing a recommendation in some women’s magazine many moons ago. It’s actually one of the very few “beauty” products I’ve stayed loyal to for this long.Now, in almost ten years of use, has it firmed by skin? Not one bit. And, yes, with that in mind, I’ve tried the regular Nivea, but really do think this is a far better formula … For moisturizing, not firming.So, it’s a great lotion … Just one with a lousy name/bogus premise.

Lily Cimarron, KS

Smooth skin, not necessarily firmer

This is nice lotion in that it feels good, moisturizes well, and doesn’t feel greasy. It has a light scent that happens to be one I don’t care for, but it dissipates quickly, so it’s not a big deal. I have been using this lotion for two weeks now, and my skin does feel nice, but no better than it did with my previous lotion. I don’t know how to measure the firmness of skin, but I don’t think mine feels any different than before. If I were to use this for a few months, I might notice a difference, but so far, not so much. I do like the way it feels, and I also like the fact that a little goes a long way.

Gayla Saint Cloud, WI

smooth and moisturizing

I’m always looking for new lotions to try. I liked the feel and texture of the Nivea skin firming lotion, but I did not experience the “skin firming” part. It’s a good every day type lotion that absorbs into the skin very well.

Samantha Mallory, NY

nivea firming lotion

It’s a very light lotion with almost no scent, which I like, but I don’t know how firming it is. It’s not greasy and rubs in easily and completely. I usually prefer a heavier lotion but this is perfect under make up.

Nita Storden, MN

Very slow process…

I’ve been using it for about 6 weeks only on my thighs where I have visible loose skin. It was getting worse by the year. I used to have such nice beautiful thighs up until I turned 26, and it went down the hill from there (now I’m 28). Every time I looked at the mirror, I would get horrified with what became of my skin on my thighs. It has a lot of dimples right below my butt towards the outer corners of them and also the skin on the inner thighs right above the knees became so loose, I couldn’t believe it! And I weigh only 128 pounds, while being 5’6 tall. My weight never flactuated. I don’t eat junk food, but I do sit a lot due to my work. I started exercising regularly but besides my muscles tightening up nothing was changed in terms the skin on my thighs. Enough complaining, however.As I said before, I’ve been using this Nivea lotion for about 6 weeks now. I did not notice anything in 2 weeks as it’s claimed on the bottle. I did notice a slight difference in the skin texture in about 4 weeks. Very very slight. I noticed that it’s a bit smoother and the dimples under my butt are not as deep. Again, when I say this, I mean the difference is so small that I don’t even know how to describe it. Also, now when I walk the skin is not flabbing around on my inner thighs unlike it did before, exaggerating the looose skin there. So, there is a progress with this lotion but it’s very very very slow. Since I see something, I will continue using it because I have a lot of it (I bought two 500ml bottles from BJ’s for only $6 with some sort of coupon).*** I also want to mention, however, an important detail that might have made this lotion work better. I started adding 5-6 drops of grapefruit essential oil to this lotion and spreading it all over my thighs about 3 weeks ago. So, it was 3 weeks without the oil and 3 weeks with the oil. Maybe, it has something to do with the difference I started noticing.

Jocelyn Tybee Island, GA

Long Lasting Moisture

I haven’t used Nivea products in years but decided to give this one a try. The lotion promises to provide all day moisture, tighter, more resilient skin and improved skin texture. The lotion is relatively thin but applies easily. It is not greasy. I did not care for the aroma. It is initially very strong and sweet. The first few days I used this product it was overwhelming and didn’t fade significantly. However after about a week, it seems to have weakened. It is still noticeable but is much milder. After two weeks I can say this works well as a body lotion. My skin’s softness and smoothness lasted all day. I did not notice any change in firmness, resilience or texture.While I did not experience any side effects from using this lotion, I note it contains mineral oil. While generally considered safe, it has been known to cause rashes, irritation and dryness in sensitive skin. I prefer to use lotions without mineral oil.Although I credit this product with providing all day moisture and smoothness, I really didn’t care for the scent and the mineral oil. It is no miracle in a bottle but it does function well as a body lotion.

Elise Helmville, MT

Does what it says

This lotion is really working on my dry skin. when i apply to my legs in the morning – that’s it – I’M DONE!!! i find that since using it, I no longer have to re-apply lotion every 30 minutes. this lasts the full 8 hrs. the scent could be a little better, but it’s no biggy. It works and that’s the most important thing.

Polly Salem, WV

Nivea rocks!

Tried this in our home and love the feel, the scent and the way the product works. Super love that its unisex so not too flowery for the man in my life to use on his skin. It works as described and the packaging is easy to use.

Jasmine Sangerville, ME

Smells Great and Very Moisturizing

I have been using this lotion for a few weeks and love it. It smells great and really seems to be starting to firm my skin.The best thing I like about this lotion is that it seems that it keeps moisturizing your skin all day. It does not disappear like some moisturizers. It keeps on working.

Faye Fox Lake, IL

Thick, effective moisturizer

There were several things that I liked about this body lotion. First, the packaging is superior to most pump-style lotions, as it has a larger pump mechanism that is more ergonomic and thus easier to use. Second, it has a very pleasant, classic scent (similar to a Jergens-type lotion). Third, the lotion is a thick, effective moisturizer. It left my skin feeling soft and smooth, but it never felt greasy after application. The only reason I gave this product four versus five stars is because after using it regularly for about a month, I haven’t really noticed any “firming” or “tightening” properties. I’m in my mid-40s, and AT BEST, my skin might have a slightly smoother appearance, but I think that this would be likely to occur with regular use of any moisturizer. Still if this product were priced competitively with other body lotions, I would purchase it for regular use.

Dale Blue River, KY

good moisturtzer

This is one of my favorite lotions, it doesn’t have a strong smell and it its creamy. I haven’t really seen any firming, but I do like it.

Rebekah Valley Forge, PA

OK, but not wonderful

I’ve been using this body cream for a couple of months now. It is as good as any I have used and isn’t as greasy as some. However, I haven’t seen any results from “skin firming”.

Nadia Corning, KS