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NIVEA Skin Firming and Toning Gel-Cream, 6.7 Ounce

NIVEA Skin Firming and Smoothing Concentrated Serum works to improve skin’s firmness in as little as 10 days. Additionally, it tones and smooths the appearance of skin. The product is enriched with Coenzyme Q10, Natural Lotus extract, and concentrated* L-Carnitine and works with the skin to improve its appearance while providing a soft & supple feeling. The product is dermatologically tested. *10X more concentrated L-Carnitine content than NIVEA Skin Firming and Toning Gel-Cream.  **This is not a weight or fat loss product. No topical product has been shown to eliminate cellulite

Key features

  • Works to improve the skin’s firmness in as little as 2 weeks with regular use
  • Firms and tones the appearance of skin
  • Enriched with Coenzyme Q10, Natural Lotus extract, and L-Carnitine
  • Improves the appearance of skin and provides a soft and supple feeling
  • Dermatologically tested

Honest reviews


For those of us lacking super model genes

Use it everyday, once a day and you will definitely see results. It’s not going to completely disappear – don’t be ridiculous. But it does improve the texture and what once looked like mountains will looks like hills 🙂 A definite improvement

Nola Mead, CO

Absolutely nothing

I used this and the patches for about 3 months. All I got from it was softer skin. There was not even the slightest improvement.I am 5’4 135 lbs. Workout and eat right. I hate cellulite but not as much as I hate wasting money!I also think the reviews are planted. I know several friends that have used both products and not one saw any improvement. What are the odds that it did not work for any of us?

Sally Alston, GA

Works for me!

People please there is nothing in the world that you can use & you automatically lose weight or hide cellulite. YOU HAVE TO WORK OUT & EAT RIGHT! You cant just slap some cellulite lotion on & sit around eating your fast foods wating for results! its not that easy! i put mines on right before i go take my daily walk everyday. and I saw the results in about a month you have to be consistent w your exercise when using this. I will buy this again

Tiffany Sadler, TX

Not what I expected

It’s been about a month since I started using this gel. I didn’t want to purchase it because of the price. I bought two of them, I used it twice daily because I started seeing cellulite on my left thigh. I don’t understand how one thigh is bigger than the other. I noticed after two weeks my thigh looked worse. There are more pothole sized dimples on the side and back of my left thigh. I now have to do uneven amounts of repetitions of thigh exercises when I workout now to correct it.

Marisa Winchester, AR

Wow! Really works.

I did NOT expect this to work, but OMG it does! I’m not overweight, but have thin Irish skin and have always had cellulite. Ater using this product for 10 days 2x per day, I have much less cellulite and my thighs are much firmer. I really can’t believe it! Will definitely repurchase!!! The only negative is that it doesn’t smell great. But, who cares, it works!

Lynn Mediapolis, IA

excellent product for mild cellulite

I love this product! I didn’t expect a miracle, but within the first 48 hours I found my thighs to be smooth and silky. It works really well for mild cellulite, and the scent is extremely pleasant– plus it’s not greasy. I love the fact that it seems to tone your skin too, and I use it on my lower legs just for the hydration and slight tone it creates. I will be using this product for a long time to come.

Loretta Gumberry, NC

great product

Absorbs quickly, smells good and feels terrific on my skin. have been using it for about 2 weeks and i am seeing a difference in the appearance of my skin.

Corinne Connellsville, PA

Performance and Smell: Not Okay

This product reminds me of seeing product lines from “way back in the day,” notions and potions to which one would likely respond, Well, of course this (or that) wouldn’t work, How silly. This applies to this product. Aside from the fact that this is just plainly and simply does not work, the smell is overpowering. The chemistry does not mix or blend well with any other products I use, and it leaves my clothes smelling to the point where I can’t wait to (1) take a shower to wash it off, and (2) wash everything it came in contact with.

Gwendolyn Light, AR

So Far So Good!

I just purchased this 2 days ago and the only reason I did was because I watched reviews on YouTube and everyone raved about it! I’ve applied this 3x’s on my stomach, hips, thighs, and butt. The smell is great and refreshing and the consistency is smooth. The product is not too oily, not too thick, and rubbed right in. As far as stating whether it works or not, I can’t say yet, but I am going to come back on here to update you all on the results. Stay tuned.

Magdalena Lyndonville, VT

Its ok…

You can get just a good of result using Nive Skin Firming with Q-10. I bought this and the lotion and just used this on problem areas after using the lotion but on top of the lotion. Without using it you get the same results…

Muriel Parksville, KY

Too soon to decide

I have been using the product 2 weeks. I read good reviews about it, this is why I decided to make the purchase. So far, I can’t see any difference, I was using another product before and used it for 2 months with zero results. I do like the ease in which Nivea Q10, spreads, feels and smells. I will keep using it, I bought 4 tubes and will submit another review after having used all of those tubes, by then we should know if it’s on target.

Rebecca Sandy Hook, MS

Don’t think it works

I don’t have a lot of cellulite, just a little on my thighs and butt, which is only visible from certain angles. I do everything right, work out with weights, run intervals, eat healthy, and am very happy with my weight, cellulite doesn’t run in my family either, though no matter how healthy, skinny or strong I am, I can’t seem to get rid of these few dimples. I figured since I was doing everything else I could to help improve the cellulite, I might as well try a cream. I used this in combination with a brush after I get out of the shower, but really haven’t noticed any difference. I will continue to use the gel until it’s gone, but won’t be reordering. I’ll continue to use the brush afterwards, since it doesn’t require a constant reordering of product, but don’t feel this is worth it. It’s a big commitment to keep using a gel, since studies show the effects of a cream or gel go away unless you continually use them. I already have enough products in my routine and don’t have a large amount of cellulite, so for me, it’s not worth the money or time applying this every day.For those who have tried everything else, diet, exercise, etc., I think the only solution is self tanner, especially if you have pale skin, like me.

Frieda Wishek, ND


I really like this cream. It does minimize appearance of cellulite. It works well on thighs. Have used product for several years

Juliette Hamilton, GA

Did nothing…

I saw Tyra Bnaks show and bought it together with patches and pills. I do not have that much cellulite to begin with but this system didn’t help me get rid of even my minimal cellulite. It’s a sham.

Jennifer Sparta, TN

Nivea skin firming

After my shower I use this every night. It does help smooth out the little lumps but don’t expect miracles.

Cecilia Danboro, PA

Doesn’t work

This stuff never works as advertised. The smell is annoying as well. Not worth the price. Will not purchase again.

Edythe Racine, MN

works if you wait

You gotta use this for at least a couple weeks diligently to see effects but it works once you get through the initial "I used it twice and didnt see a change" stage. I use this with a cellulite massager.

Irene Galien, MI

Highly Recommend

This product is one of my all-time favs. I tried it a few years back and have been using it ever since. It really works! So many similar products will advertise themselves in a way that make it sound like they are miracle creams, but this one actually is! If used regularly, you will definitely notice a difference in the firmness of your skin. I noticed a different within a week. And a little goes a long way, which is great. If you want firmer-looking and feeling skin, I think this can really help!

Juanita Cornish, NH

good deal on double pack

this was a gift but comparing the pricing to local stores, this seemed like a good deal on a good product. bought the little massager to work on the cellulite. if for some odd reason the product isn’t up to snuff, i’ll update my review.

Tammi Naguabo, PR

It works.

If you use this product religiously at least once a day, every day, it actually does work. It works best after a hot shower or bath, when your skin is most susceptible to absorbing the cream. Also, if you put the cream on at a different time as you shower, the cream will roll and cake up, like little balls of dirt. But the skin looks tighter, and more even within a few weeks. The longer you use it, the better the skin looks. If you use it for a while and then stop, skin doesn’t revert back completely, and not right away. Also depends on your eating habits. Generally, I eat well most of the week, and when I use this product I see a difference. I start to notice less tone if I don’t use it for several months. But then I start again, and it quickly shows results.It requires dedication though. To apply properly to get the most results, you need to take your time to work the product in, massaging the skin well. If you do the usual problem areas (butt, thighs, stomach and arms), the process would take about 15-20 minutes. If you have this time to dedicate every day, its definitely worth trying. If not done on almost daily bases, don’t expect much results.

Zelda Archer, FL

Nivea Skin firming & toning gel-cream

I like this product. It does what it states–firms & tones. It doesn’t promise to rid cellulite–no cream can do that. I just neededa little toning. I’ll continue to use it.Kendall Malloy

Juliet Moatsville, WV

Useless product

I didn’t really notice any toning or firming. And it is not moisturizing either so I found this product to be useless :/

Margret Darfur, MN

I gave this a chance for several months, but saw no effect

I remember an experiment with an anti-cellulite cream from a few years ago. That wasn’t successful, but this is a different product from a different manufacturer, and I hadn’t tried any lotions, creams, serums, etc., with CoQ10 before, so I figured I would give it a shot. I am well into my second tube, though, and I am just not noticing a difference. I will not be purchasing a third tube.Every night, I apply this to my outer thighs (really the only place where I think I have an issue). I figured that because my cellulite issue was minor, I might actually have some luck with this. Well, I’ve been using it since October (if not longer) and am most of the way through my second tube and my thighs look the same.For what it’s worth, it’s a nice-smelling lotion and it leaves my skin soft. Here are the ingredients since I can’t find a complete list of them on the product page:Water, Alcohol Denat., Cyclomethicone, Glycerin, Carnitine, Nelumbo Nucifera Leaf Extract, Ubiquinone, Glyceryl Glucoside, Chondrus Crispus Extract, Butylene Glycol, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Sodium Polyacrylate, Carbomer, Sodium Hydroxide, Dimethiconol, Fragrance, Phenoxyethanol, Blue 1.I am not thrilled about the dye (which makes the lotion an odd cyan color) and fragrance. While the smell is all right, the color seems unnecessary to me. I prefer my lotions to be free of dyes due to skin sensitivity issues (although I have not experienced any reactions to this, to be fair). For the record, ubiquinone is the form of CoQ10 in this product.I think I am going to have better luck by continuing with P90X3, which has a lot of cardio and lower body work! Losing a little weight and building muscle mass will probably be the most effective way to minimize the appearance of cellulite. In the end, getting rid of cellulite isn’t easy and it’s doubtful that any cosmetic or skincare product is going to be very effective. For me, exercise and eating right are the ways to go.

Dona West Millgrove, OH

Received wrong cream then what I ordered !

I m giving one star because I ordered good-bye cellulite smoothing gel cream but I unf.i received Nivea firming cream and unf.i don’t have time to run to the post office to return it !other than that it s a good buy for a price it doesn’t do miracles but with daily use and massage it smoothes the problem areas!

Angelina Mount Carmel, TN