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NIVEA Renewal Lathering Body Scrub, 12 Ounce

Nivea touch of renewal lathering body scrub featuring hydra IQ technology delivers an unmatched balance of exfolication. Body scrub with hydra iq. Provides exfoliation of a scrub combined with rich luxurious lather. Leaves your skin feeling healthy and beautiful with no greasy feel.

Key features

  • Body scrub with hydra IQ
  • Provides exfoliation of a scrub combined with rich luxurious lather
  • Leaves your skin feeling healthy and beautiful with no greasy feel

Honest reviews



I LOVE THIS STUFF!! It has made such a difference in my skin since I started using it. I am a man and I work outside. I use to have dry ruff skin all over. I FOUND A CURE FOR THAT. It takes a little while but it is fun if you have someone close that can help you.First I would suggest you get a "AXE Detailer Shower Tool" you can get them from Amazon or in the stores.You DO need a partner or someone VERY CLOSE to you. You can do this in the shower but it is much better on a bed or massage table. Cover the bed so it will not get wet. Have the person lie on the bed nude. You need a small bucket, very warm water, a towel,and hopefully the AXE Detailer Shower Tool . Get the towel wet but not too wet Start on the back of the neck and continue down the back getting it wet apply the Nivea body scrub not to much a little goes a long way. Start scrubbing the neck and back and arms in a circular motion with the shower tool, take your time, don’t rush. Continue down the gluts and the back of the legs. Don’t miss any area. When the back side is finished. Take another wet towel and wipe as much of the scrub off the body as you can. Now is a good time to scrub the bottom of the feet. Have the person turn over Now is the time to do the face DON’T use the scrub on the face. Instead use the "NIVEA MEN ENERGY FACE SCRUB IT is easer on the face. Scrub the face good. Leave the scrub on the face while you continue down the front of the body. Do a good job on the front. When finished wipe the front off as you did the back. On the face if you can leave the scrub on the face until the shower.NOW turn about is fair play get your partner down on the bed and start scrubbing. When BOTH of you are done if you have a shower that is big enough for two, both of you step in . Here I use "NIVEA MEN ACTIVE 3 SPORT BODY WASH" all over the body including the face. Wash each other really good and get all the body scrub off the body. Now dry off really good. Here is the last step. change the towels on the bed and replace with dry ones. The second person lie down on the bed face down. At this point I use’"NIVEA MEN EXPRESS ABSORPITION REVITALIZING SKIN LOTION"This lotion absorbs into the skin quickly and dries quickly.When you are done on him and if he has enough strength have him do you.I have completed 3 of these sessions and I can say without question my skin looks and feels 20 years younger. I have a masseuseand she can’t believe the difference in my skin.

Rita Colton, OH

Nivea Body Touch of Renewal Lathering Body Scrub, 12 Ounce

I bought this body scrub to try. I love Nivea products, I have used them for years. This body scrub works well. Just after the shower I noticed my skin was very soft. The only problem I have with it is the scent. It is very strong. I have super sensitive skin and senses and most perfumes give me an instant headache. The scent of this body scrub isn’t too bad but it is too strong for me. I would love to see this product in a sensitive skin version.

Charlotte Rockton, PA

Love At First Lather

This body scrub is wonderful! I have little bumps on my arms caused by dry skin. I started using this fantastic product and have noticed the bumps aren’t as prevalent as they used to be. Coupled with the facts that it lathers well and washes off nicely, this, indeed, is what makes this a five star product in my eyes. Highly recommended!

Kristine Foothill Ranch, CA

Pleasant Unisex Body Scrub

This body wash is extremely pleasant to use….in a restrained but effective way. If you are looking for a good quality body scrub that would appeal to the whole family, this would be a good choice. Lightly fragranced (powdery, generic floral), the scrub is the consistency of heavy cream. Light blue “microbeads” gently but effectively exfoliate dead skin while Vitamin E “pearls” moisturize without leaving a filmy residue. The skin is left clean, smooth, and soft. Although it claims to create luxurious lathering, I found this wash to provide low to moderate lathering even in soft water. All in all, a fine product.

Sylvia Hardy, IA

Nice but I don’t use it every day

I wanted to find something to scrub my skin as my arms have several dry spots from the wintertime. This scrub did the job but I personally would only use it once or twice a week. This is a good scrub for both men and women as the scent is mild and not overly floral. I did not get very good lather but that is not an issue for me. I will be using this for the foreseeable future.

Camille Port Deposit, MD

Nivea Body Touch of Renewal Lathering Body Scrub

I am giving this 2 stars based on the fact that I like the product but I cannot stand the smell. It has a very potent perfume smell. Other than that, the product does a good job at exfoliating gently. It has micro peeling particles and vitamin E pearls that work together according to the information I read. You can use it daily. It states it provides long lasting moisturization but I couldn’t tell a difference in my skin as I always have to have lotion. It may provide the moisturization, I just didn’t notice anything. If you don’t mind strong scented products, you’ll probably be fine with this.

Tracey New Concord, KY

Nivea Body Touch of Renewal Lathering Scrub

Nivea Body Touch of Renewal Lathering Scrub — I LOVE it!!!!! It is so clean and rereshing! After lathering this on, there are no words to describe how good it is. It feels so good – so clean & so invigorating & so refreshing.Nivea is a trusted name brand.This body scrub also has exfoliating microbeads & vitamin E pearls. It is not only a body scrub, but a very good moisturizer. When this is finished, (not a drop will be wasted), I will need to buy more.Highly recommended. Especially if you love to be pampered.

Kristie Colgate, WI

Good enough

Not the nicest but good enough for everyday use. leaves skin clean, soft and supple and rinses cleanly. Pretty good deal considering the price.

Chasity Estherwood, LA

A pleasant product!

I always love trying out new skin and bath products. There are an insane amount out on the market today and more being developed every day. I have always been a fan of using exfoliating scrubs daily, just for the simple fact that I love the deep clean feel that it leaves behind. Nivea has also always been a trusted product brand for me, so I was anxious to give this lathering body scrub a try. After the very first use, I was incredibly pleased. It only takes a small amount of the product – I use a body poof – to create an excellent lather and to cleanse the entire body. The scent is light and pleasant, therefor extends its use to both males and females. The scrub is gentle, yet effective and leaves behind a wonderfully smooth and soft, moisturized feel to you skin. Many soaps that I have tried often leave behind a sticky residue and this does not do that at all. Only a clean and smooth feeling – as well as a feeling that your skin’s pores are open, breathing and clean, rather than clogged or still dirty. I also feel that the price of this product is excellent and will be purchasing more of this in the future. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a great skin cleanser for all skin/body types!

Pat Holyoke, MA

Nivea creates a winner!

Nivea creates a huge winner here with this wonderful easy to use and store product. Its a great balanced shape that fits on your shower shelf easily and is easy to grab when your ready to lather up. The product itself is soft yet exfoliates, just as described, without leaving scratch marks on delicate skin. It also rinses clean easily, leaves no sticky residue, and yet your skin is softer after use. I love this and feel super fresh with soft cared for skin after using it.

Marlene Petersburg, WV

A nice exfoliating scrub that doesn’t bother my sensitive skin

My skin is SUPER sensitive. Most soaps or lotions either make me break out in rash, or leave me incredibly itchy. That bein said, I do like a good exfoliating scrub. Finally I have found a product that does both for me.

Darcy Clifford, MI

Love the smell

I loved the smell of this body wash. It is light and sweet! I didn’t need too much on my scrubber to lather me up well. I love that a little goes a long way. There are rough little granular in the soap that I liked, there were not too harsh and dissolved and washed away easily. I live in the desert and purposely didn’t put lotion on after using this product. My skin started looking dry halfway threw the day, this is a good thing as my skin usually looks dry shortly after a shower. I love how big it is and that it will last me a long time:}

Lourdes Kennett Square, PA

I. Love. This. Stuff.

I got this because I was looking for a body scrub with vitamin E to help with old acne scarring I have on my chest and shoulders. Within two months, it’s like I have completely new skin. The scars on my chest have completely faded and my shoulders aren’t completely gone but they are definitely much improved. Also, the breakouts have stopped. Love love love this scrub.

Rochelle Ossian, IN

Nice light body scrub

I pretty much like everything from Nivea, so seeing this come up as something to review made me happy. And this product did not disappoint. It has a light, soap-like scent; it scrubs without being too scratchy; and my skin feels hydrated. I live in hard water central, and even though we have a whole house filter, taking a shower can dry my skin out. This makes my skin feel nice.

Rosanne Hahnville, LA

Great prize, big bottle

This is way nicer than I thought it would be, even for Nivea. The bottle is generous in size, the bits in it are noticeable without being too big or too small. there is a slight pleasant scent, but not much of one — so probably wouldn’t offend the scent-sensitive! The price was great and haven’t seen this available in stores.

Rosetta Rochford, SD

Excellent Body Scrub, Especially for the Price.

Nivea has recently been bringing out more products, but so have other companies. As a male with sensitive and oily skin, I especially am on the look out for a body scrub that works, but doesn’t smell like a bouquet of flowers or cost too much. In the past I’ve used Axe’s Snake Peel, but find the Axe markup unacceptable. I’ve used the Nivea Body touch of Renewal several times and impressed. It is not as abrasive as some body scrubs, but is certainly a contender when I need to a body scrub.

Elsa Palo Alto, CA


Its got a nice scent to it..pretty decent size as well. it works better as an exfoliate if u use with a loofah.

Lessie Ridgely, TN

Serious Clean!

Wow! I love this stuff! It smells so clean! I left it in the shower and now it’s half gone becuase my entire family has been using it. The scrubbing beads really help you get a seriously clean feeling! The smell is fresh and clean not fruity or super sweet. My skin is soft and smooth and I smell great!

Lara Cuthbert, GA

very pleasant experience in the shower

This scrub is wonderful. Some scrubs just wash right off your body without being able to really scrub with them, but this one penetrates and lets you have time to scrub off all that dead skin. The smell is pleasant and it is a really big bottle of product. My skin already looks ready for summer time and this is a great product if you are getting ready to use self tanner. Gets rid of all those rough areas and makes skin smooth.

Lelia Martinsville, IL

Nice but no lather

The first thing I must put in this review is that despite having the word “lathering” in the name, this product doesn’t actually make lather. The instructions say to use it in your hands or on a washcloth, and having done so I got no lather at all. However, the scrub is creamy and pleasant-feeling with the grains/beads in the product not feeling rough or scratchy. The product also has a nice though very light scent which would make it something men or women might like to use as there isn’t a fragrance to compete with other scented products. After using the scrub in the shower, my skin feels fresh and clean without feeling dried out or scratched up. So someone desiring a moisturizing, gentle scrub for the shower might enjoy this product.

Lorie Carney, MI

Not for Daily Use

I enjoyed using this product – a nice scent, not too strong; nice exfoliation beads, not too big or too teeny; bottle is a good hefty size as well. But the description says that it’s okay for daily use. Well, if you have sensitive skin like mine, there is no way you will want to use this daily. Maybe once a week to slough off dead skin. But daily will shred your skin. Otherwise, a good item.

Deloris Cotton Valley, LA

Works Pretty Well

As part of my participation in the Amazon Vines program, I received this product for review. The lathering scrub is reasonably priced and works well. I have been alternating back and forth with the regular body wash. The gritty feeling texture opens up the pores. I recommend this product and would purchase it.

Cynthia San Francisco, CA

I like it!

This is a nice exfoliating product that is perfect for trying to get your skin back into shape after a harsh winter. For some reason, 12 oz turned out to be a much bigger tube than I was expecting. The smell is rather strong and I have a feeling that will be a turn off for some users. I found it pleasant however. It is much too strong and “grainy” for everyday use. I used it two mornings in a row and then returned to my regular body wash because my skin was starting to feel a little tender. It does it’s job however in helping to remove dead skin particles and making your skin look and feel much fresher. I will continue to use this occasionally as needed.The price is incredibly reasonable too. A winner!

Penny Big Cove Tannery, PA

Makes You Feel Clean!

I love trying out new body washes but sometimes they don’t keep you feeling completely clean and you have to wash a second time. When I tried out the Nivea Body Touch, I wasn’t sure what to except because I don’t use scrubs often. But when I put in on my loofah ans started to use it, it felt very nice. The little beads in the wash made me feel very clean even before I was done rinsing.

Brigitte Goodman, MS

Finally, a scrub that actually scrubs!

Age: 56Skin type: can be sensitiveI can’t tell you the body scrubs I’ve purchased that when applied, didn’t feel as if they had much “scrub” to them. This one has just enough of a rough scrub to it to make me feel as if it is gently but effectively exfoliating. As well it has a creamy texture that feels wonderful on my skin. Unlike some have said in their reviews, I did notice a lathering – enough for me, as some body scrubs don’t lather at all, or others there is so much lather I’m worried it won’t completely wash off of my skin.I like the light fresh scent – it’s soft with an almost “medicinal” scent, but not in an unpleasant way, more in a “this stuff means business, good business for your skin” kind of way – I like the scent.As I’m rinsing it off, my skin feels noticeably silky soft. I’ll be curious to see how it makes my skin feel/look as I use it.This is a pretty good sized tube for the price – another plus!Another great product I’ll be purchasing again.

Lana Bailey Island, ME


Just what the doctor ordered for my dry skin! I am a fan of Nivea since living in Europe for many years. The brand is the best for problem skin care. I have excessive dry skin and have been trying different body lotions with not complete success. I tried this product and VOILA! It lathers well in the shower or bath and easily applied just like a shower gel. One difference . . it exfoliates really well and then rinses off cleanly leaving your skin soft and moisturized. It can be used daily and not just weekly as some exfoliating products. After my shower I feel renewed!

Roberta Pilgrims Knob, VA


Nivea Body Touch of Renewal Lathering Body Scrub is a superb way to refresh yourself. It has little beads that are excellent exfoliates and the product’s use leaves one felling reinvigorated. Best of all it does it without the abrasiveness of some similar products and a rich lather that makes you feel pampered. Sometimes the little things in life can make a big difference in how you feel and this is one example.

Keisha Jay, OK

Love love love

Perfect Amount of scrub. Love it. Exfoliates and smooths. I used it on my Tzone as well…keeps my face smooth. Keeps my legs polished and glowing. Fresh unisex scent as well

Ma Lewistown, OH

Pamper Your Skin

Most people probably think all body scrubs are pretty much the same. Not true. As a skin care professional, I can tell you there are certain qualities that are important in anything you put on your skin.Nivea Touch of renewal Lathering Body Scrub is a great scrub that has a rich lather and tiny microbeads that slough away dead skin cells, leaving your skin super soft and it’s gentle enough to use everyday.I noticed a difference in the texture and smoothness of my skin right away. I absolutely love that it has the right amount of scrub to soften, leaving my skin feeling healthy and revitalized.The reason for only 4 stars is because of the ingredients. It does contain parabens (preservatives, which I prefer to not have in my skin care products) and it also contains a high amount of sulfates, which is what gives it that fabulous foaming effect, but will not harm your skin, really.Overall, since you don’t leave it on your skin, the parabens are not enough for me to stop using it, and the great size (12oz) means it will last a long time.Definitely made my skin softer, smoother and healthier looking. I would use it again.

Minerva Barneston, NE

Exactly what I needed

I live in a cold winter climate (with hot, humid summers) so my skin is feeling especially dry right now, even more so considering that our winter is dragging out forever. I’ve tried every kind of lotion I could find this winter to help, but still found myself applying it several times a day. I am fair skinned and sensitive skinned, so my options are limited.I use an exfoliant for my face but have never used one on my body. And body washes usually have either an overpowering scent or tend to dry out the skin, or both. I like Nivea products and this was no exception. It has a clean, fresh scent, lathers up really well (even in hard water) and rinses without leaving a rubbery or filmy feeling and also without making your skin feel dried out. I’ve noticed in the past couple of days since I started using this, my lotion seems to absorb better and last longer.I’ve also used it on my face since I ran out of my normal scrub and I can honestly say, I like the way it makes my face feel too. I haven’t had any breakouts or reactions from it. My husband says he likes it too, so I guess it’s a keeper in our house!

Sheree Roanoke, VA