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NIVEA Original Daily Moisture Body Lotion, 16.9 Ounce

Nivea original moisture body lotion for normal to dry skin is a creamy formula that softens and smoothes dry skin and restores moisture.

Key features

  • Packaging May Vary
  • Original Daily Moisture body lotion is enriched with natural conditioners; its unique formula provides a protective barrier against moisture loss to help skin maintain its natural moisture balance.
  • Boosts skin’s moisture level
  • Maximizes moisture retention
  • Leaves skin soft and supple

Honest reviews



Finally, a great product with a nice simple scent in a plain bottle & a great price! I’m in love with Nivea & I love the Original scent. Amazon has this as a Add On item AND a Subscribe & Save! I signed up & bought some now! Score! I highly recommend Nivea especially for people with sensitive skin, those who hate lotion residue (this has none) & for those who hate all those annoying scents. This has a nice pleasant scent. Nothing overwhelming. Keep it simple. If it’s not broke don’t fix it & Nivea is perfect just the way it is

Sybil Oakwood, GA


this stuff is okay buy kinda watery. the smell can sometimes be overpowering if you want to put it all over after bathing. It smells a little clinical rather than nicely scented. I will use it up though and then buy something more richer/thicker for my dry skin.

Leona Elgin, OK

Nivea has my skin looking amazing

So I have a Nivea bathing ritual. I use the touch of renewal scrub and I vary from touch of harmony or original creme moisture body wash. The second one being my favorite. The original scent is amazing I personally enjoy and blends well with my perfume. The original moisture lotion absorbs quickly and is not greasy. The greasy nivea lotion is the enriched one I back away from that one. My skin is always glowing and looking healthy. No complaints at all. There are more advanced Lotions out there now but nivea and jergens classic remain on the market because they are still favorites

Ophelia Jersey, GA


Quality product that has been around for years. It provides great moisture that lasts all day and I love the smell.

Sydney Hugheston, WV

Bought for my hubby.

Winter dries your skin in upstate NY and my Hubby is no exception.I used to make him use mine and he would complain that he went to work smelling like a girl and felt greasy.He likes this as it does not leave a greasy film and it does not smell girly.Good price from Amazon

Claudine Raynesford, MT

Great for Daily Use

This product is excellent for counteracting a lot of the drying handsoaps can cause. I love method soap, but it can really dry out my skin, I looked for a product that I could use after washing my hands and I ended up going with what works: keeping it simple and using a relaible product that is Nivea. This has worked perfectly and with a neutral scent that won’t over power a guy’s senses.

Joanna Gordon, GA