NIVEA Men Original Deep Cleaning Face Scrub 4.4 Ounce

Nivea for Men Energy Face Scrub Unclogs pores and clears away impurities to leave skin feeling fresh and smooth NIVEA Men Energy Face Scrub, 4.4 Ounce Early starts, busy days and long nights can leave skin noticeably tired and dull. The NIVEA MEN Energy range with skin’s own coenzyme Q10 helps to refresh skin for an energized start to your day. A foaming gel containing extra fine scrub particles and vitamin E. Use before shaving for improved razor glide and a close shave, deeply cleanses to unclog pores and clear away impurities, refines and smoothes complexion by removing dead skin. Result Skin looks energized and healthy and feels fresh and smooth Use Use 2 to 3 times per week before shaving Apply a small amount to wet face and massage gently, avoiding eye area and rinse thoroughly For best results, use NIVEA MEN Energy Products

Key features

  • Formerly known as “NIVEA NIVEA MEN Energy Face Scrub Foaming Gel.” You may receive either product depending on availability
  • A foaming gel containing extra fine scrub particles and vitamin E
  • Use before shaving for improved razor glide and a close shave
  • Deeply cleanses to unclog pores and clear away impurities
  • Refines and smoothes complexion by removing dead skin

Honest reviews


You Need This If…..

….what you now use is bar soap. Both clean, this just cleans better. The scrubbing ingredients are particularly useful if your life style creates dirt or oil on your skin. The strength of agents to remove that in a regular bar of soap would damage the skin whereas the scrubbing elements present here do the same thing without causing harm to the skin. Just as easy to use in the shower as with a sink, it applies easily and rinses off just as easily. (I think it’s better used in a shower but that’s personal preference.) One thing to remember is that there is a certain amount of grit in this that can get in your eyes. It’s easily washed out but if you’re not expecting it, there may be another surprize. Also when using this, I’d take out any lenses so that the cleansing agents can’t get under them. (Another reason I prefer it in the shower, eyes can easily and quickly be cleaned.) Unlike some products whose efficacy is seen over time, this works the first time. Black heads are gone, skin smooths, pores open and all that in under a very few minutes. This isn’t a mask to be left on, it’s a replacement for soap. I use my hand to apply it and my finger tips to really get into the depressions around my nose and those cavities that develop as we age. And, by the way, using this adds flexibility that relaxes the furrows of age.This is a product specific made for men and addresses issues germane to men. What more can I say? Buy it. Try it. You won’t be disappointed.

Bethany Tony, WI

great product

this is great for my oily skin and i’m able to use it and see fast results. different things have leftme with mixed results but this one truly works and i feel it is the best product for direct cleaning and scrubbing.

Cherry Bombay, NY

Its good.

I have tried using many other companies and all causes rashes over my face. This one is good. Its small rough particles give a very fresh feeling after use. I recommend it.

Leanne Mertzon, TX

Your Face Will Thank You

I’ve been using Nivea’s face scrub for years, and I would never consider washing my face with any other product. The scrubbing elements in this product gently scrape the dirt and dead skin from your face, and leave it feeling revitalized and really clean. If your skin is oily, or if you work in a humid or otherwise grimy environment, then you will certainly appreciate this scrub. I use it after taking a shower and/or right before I shave. I feel that even when my face is not particularly grimy, this scrub helps me get a smoother-feeling face that is much easier to shave. Overall, this is a great product that has become and integral part of my personal care arsenal.

Maryann Nemours, WV

My BF LOVES this stuff..

I’ve been searching stores for months and can’t seem to find it anymore. My BF loves how exfoliating and the clean feel he gets after using this. I should probably order in stock bc with out this he uses normal body soap! ugh

Mattie Kentfield, CA

Better products are out there, but it works

Meant as a toner pre-shaving, effectively cleans the face. Smells like chemistry – which is sad. Most of the stuff in this segment has some kind of plant-based ingredient list that smells delicious (as opposed to like solvent). That said, does a great job getting the grease and dead skin off of your face. Whereas I can’t specifically complain about it – I’m going to try something else next time around.

Beatriz Arkport, NY


I’m assuming that what they tell you is true and you need to occasionally run sandpaper over your face to strip a small layer off. In that case, I’d recommend this to do it.I only use this once a week or once a fortnight. But when I feel particularly that there’s too much skin on my face and I need to strip a layer off I use this. The good thing about it is that it cleans quite well yet does not leave your skin dry. It smells nice without being overpowering. And I only use it before sleep and never after shaving because I think that shaving already strips a layer off your skin.So, cleans nicely, does not leave the skin raw, I recommend it!

Jeanne Cope, SC

Great Product

I use all of the NIVEA Men products. This is a great face scrub it leaves your face nice and refreshed. Great for the skin also.

Diann Crosslake, MN

Guys in the Family

The guys in the family say that it works well and makes their skin smoother. I guess we’ll order more.

Marquita Mode, IL


Works well. I have seen a change in my complextion. I would get ingrown hairs, and the product seems to keep them under control, as well as keeping my pores clean.

Vonda Galena, KS

I like it

This product seems to work really well. I often use it in lieu of shaving gel and it fels even better than when I use the Gel.

Alison Ursina, PA

Best facial scrub

This is the best (course) facial scrub I have used. It is course and does "kind of" feel like sand paper on your face, but this is what I want. I constantly have dried skin and this does an excellent job of removing the dead skin while cleaning my face. The smell is also very nice.

Zelma Hamilton, KS