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NIVEA MEN Energy 3-in-1 Body Wash Shower Gel, 16.9 oz Bottle

For men who want an energized, fresh feeling and the combined benefits of a body, hair and face wash, all in one. Removes dirt and sweat. Energizes and cleanses. Doesn’t dry out skin. Long-lasting, invigorating scent.

Key features

  • Especially developed for men.
  • Cleanses without drying out the skin.
  • Lathers well & rinses off easily.

Honest reviews


Not for me

The label promises not to dry your skin, and to leave you feeling “energized”, and for some values of “energized” I suppose this product succeeds in that. No “truth in advertising” laws are broken.In fact, far from drying, I just found this product terribly greasy. It left behind an oily residue that would not rinse off with hot water. Furthermore, the “energy” is provided by a heavy dose of menthol. If you can imagine the sensation of covering yourself from head to toe in Vick’s Vap-o-Rub, you can imagine the sort of energy you would feel with this body wash. Some sensitive parts of my anatomy felt downright uncomfortable. The product also smells strongly of Old Spice. Luckily, there was still a bar of soap in the shower, and I was able to wash this glop off using it; no permanent damage was done, but I won’t be using it again.Not recommended, unless that Vap-o-Rub bath idea sounds like a good plan to you.

Darcy East Dixfield, ME

Just Okay

This body could be a lot better. The “energy” part comes from Menthol being an ingredient and it smells too much like Vicks VapoRub. And That doesn’t leave a pleasant after-scent on my skin. The shower Gel also claims to be moisturizing but it did nothing to make my skin more moisturized. My Skin was the same level of dry as every other body wash I use. I think this would smell a lot better minus the Menthol. The menthol kind of overpowers the fragrance. It’s a decent body wash I’ve used better

Kristine Rayville, MO

Just better than average

A decent body wash — but nothing special.The packaging is adequate — a nice big bottle with an easy flip-top lid.The scent is refreshing, generally man-like, a bit perfume-y (similar to old fashioned green Vitabath but with an added minty-ness) — but the scent does not linger on my skin.It is a clear blue gel, without obvious moisturizing components. It seems to neither dry nor moisturize my skin. There is a distinct but mild minty cool sensation on my skin as I wash with it.I would purchase this again at a good price, but I would not seek it out over other gels.Just a brief addition — I recently saw a commercial for this product, and they basically said exactly what I did! Smells ok, gets you clean, and doesn’t dry out your skin — but don’t expect a miracle.

Jenna Kennebunk, ME

Your slightly better than average body wash

Nivea For Men Energy Body Wash was a slight disappointment for me. I was expecting sometime extraordinary but what I got was a slightly above average body wash. The soap felt nice against my skin but I didn’t receive any extra “energy” or a nice lasting fragrance. I smelled kind of mediciney afterwards. Overall, it is a different kind of wash to say the least. I wouldn’t go out of my way to purchase something like this, but it’s not that bad of a product. In other words, this kind of stuff isn’t my cup of tea.Recommended for men who purchase Nivea products.

Emily Santa Clara, CA

Nice but not frothy!

If you like very frothy body wash this may not be the product for you. The aroma, however, is wonderful and it definitely cleans. The lack of bubbles is the only draw back.

Janna North Loup, NE

My Husband Loves It.

Well, this is going to kinda be a co-review. My husband works pretty late and then is off to work, so when he has his downtime he likes to run (it’s something new, I give it a week, or about as long as it took him to stop eating Honey Nut Cheerios ). He took a shower and loved it; says it does what it’s supposed to do, didn’t dry him out, and gave a really good lather. I must add that it smells wonderful.I should be placing an order for this product right now, but with all this new found energy he has, he can do that his dang self.

Mae Laneview, VA

Fantastic Body Wash

I love this body wash!!! I know it says it’s for hair also, but I haven’t tried that yet. I just use it for a body wash in the shower and think it’s wonderful. It’s refreshing and cleansing and smells so very good!!! It isn’t too soapy either. Some of the other women’s products are too filmy and slimy for me. I know it says that it is for men, but I think the fragrance is fine for both men and women. It just smells "clean" to me. I think the price is well worth it and I will continue to buy this product from now on. I really will.

Nannie Amazonia, MO

We both loved it!!!

My husband tested out this Nivea product and loved both the smell, as well as the moisturizing effect it had on his skin. He has extremely dry skin and unlike many washes that leave him dry, this one left his skin feeling moist and lubricated long after his shower.I loved the wonderful scent.Between the two of us, we liked it so well that we will definitely put this in his shower gel rotation.

Rosalind Tenino, WA

Another Great Nivea Product

I’ve been using some of Nivea for Men’s other products for several years including their shaving cream and after shave balm, so I was happy they have decided to sell body wash in the US. Like any other personal care products, Men’s body wash has quite a lot of hype from certain brands like Axe and Old Spice to name a few that in many cases adds up to fairly expensive liquid soap in a bottle.Nivea for Men Energy Body Wash has a pleasant smell. Mint is an unusual fragrance, but it manages with other fragrances to smell masculine. It rinses fine leaving the skin feeling clean. The 16.9 oz is larger than other brands, so it will last quite a while. I have sensitive, oily, and sweaty skins so I usually prefer soap that includes glycerin, something that as far as I could tell, was not included in this body wash ingredients. So far though, I don’t think it has bothered my skin. I plan to try some of Nivea’s other body wash varieties.

Leann Ripley, OK


I have used this and Dial for Men for a few years now and it’s still a toss up between the 2 in terms of how powerful they can clean. I am a workout fanatic so I sweat like crazy so I need something strong. I’ve used other body washes but they either leave a weird "hydrating" residue which feels nasty or they just aren’t powerful enough to clean. I basically test all the body washes in terms of how powerful they are by seeing if they can clean the deodorant off from my under arms. I use a basica gel deodorant like Gillette. Some of these so called body was for men fails in even cleaning off the deodorant after a few hours at the gym. Nivea for men and Dial for men cleans them off without even struggling. I give Nivea for Men the winner for my overall personal hygienic needs over Dial for Men because it’s way cheaper but both are strong when it comes to cleaning dirty, gritty manly men like myself.

Amie Remlap, AL

Very invigorating but not very moisturizing

I love the invigorating and minty smell of this body wash. Energy is a good name for it because I feel like it awakens your senses when you use it. The smell is rather strong but I prefer it that way. It comes in a 16.9 ounce bottle which makes it a slightly better value that many other similar products that come in a 12 ounce bottle for around the same price. My only complaint about this product is that it doesn’t do enough to moisturize my skin.

Jimmie Howe, IN

Fresh and cleansing, if not invigorating

I’ve always liked Nivea products, since they seem more in tune with the performance of their product than with any flashy image (like the vomitous Axe ads and commercials). Nivea Energy Body Wash is a good, solid product with a subtle scent of mint. It lathers well (just one good glob is enough to wash your whole body), and leaves your skin feeling smooth and clean afterwards. And it has the Nivea name, which has always ensured a standard of high quality. The subtlety of the scent and lack of any gimmicky menthol means that you’re not going to feel any tingling on your skin (or in your nostrils), but you’re going to get a healthy clean out of it, and isn’t that the point?

Yvette Clinton, ME

Nivea has done it again!

I used the Nivea body wash with my Axe detailing tool (basically a scrubber marketed towards the male demographic) and found it to give a significantly better wash than anything I have tried in the past. I have used Axe’s own body wash and found that to have a pungent odor, albeit not too nasty, it just smelled too musky. The Nivea body wash had the same type of fragrance as the Nivea for Men shaving gel and the Nivea for Men shaving conditioner used with the Philips Norelco 8040X Nivea rotary shaver.Pros: The body wash has mint extracts, so you can feel a cool and refreshing tingle on your skin. The fragrance is definitely suited for men, as it resembles a light but noticeable scent typically used for after-shaves. I normally shower at night before I go to sleep and I can still smell a hint of the Nivea body wash in the morning. It moisturizes your skin and cleans it without dry out the top layer. Used in conjunction with a scrubber, like the Axe tool, it leaves your skin silky smooth. The packaging is attractive and makes it easy to dispense the liquid.Cons: Nothing other than the body wash liquid doesn’t seem to foam up as easily as other body washes.

Paige Umatilla, OR

This Stuff is Surprisingly Good!

I have never liked liquid shower soaps. Always been a bar soap man. I don’t like liquid shower soaps because they usually smell like flowers, or fruits and vegetables, they typically lather very poorly unless you use one of those little net scrubby things, and they leave your skin feeling slimey.I was genuinely intrigued when I saw this product. Nivea has a good reputation for skin products for men, so I thought I would take a chance. The result is that I actually enjoy using this soap. I may not use it every day, but I could see myself using it most of the time.I think it smells great. It leaves a very subtle masculine scent on your skin. My wife very much likes the scent. It’s not too overpowering like you’ve been marinating in it. Just enough to improve the air that you walk though. When you’re washing with it, it almost has a menthol quality about it that I guess could be invigorating for some people. The scent it leaves behind does not smell like menthol, however.I think it cleans well and leaves a not-so-slimey finish. I don’t feel like I need to rinse off for an hour after using it. I think it also lathers rather well without using anything to generate bubbles.My only concern is that I have to use a palm full to lather my whole body. The bottle is pretty big, but I have a feeling this bottle will last me 2-3 weeks.If you have never been a fan of liquid shower soap and are curious about this product, you should probably buy a smaller portion locally, and if you like it then order the multi pack from Amazon.

Sheree Churchville, NY

Good body wash

I can’t say that it actually gives you energy, but the smell is somewhat invigorating, and it does it’s job as far as body washes go.

Elaine Milton, PA

Very refreshing

This is a typical Nivea product in that it is very reviving. The mint almost tingles your skin and makes you feel refreshed.Did not dry out my skin at all.

Freida Beulaville, NC

Great Product

I love all the Nivea Men products. Especially their body wash. Most have small particles in them to help with scrubbing your skin. This ENERGY one leaves your smooth and smelling wonderful

Margaret Jameson, MO

Nivea Nice, but not minty fresh

Nivea for Men is a line of products that endeavor to sell products that would ordinarily not appeal to men, to men.Energizing Face ScrubFace Care Revitalizing Lotion Q10Revitalizing Eye CreamYou get the idea. Sure, they sell all sorts of shaving related products too, but this is a line that purports to be for men who are comfortable with their desire to not look old, and not smell like a bordello while doing it.This product, which purports to have Mint Extracts, is actually a classic men’s fragrance liquid soap. Thick. A little goes a long way. But whatever this mint extract might be, the actual thing that gets you tingling is menthol. Listed right on the label.Is it the nicest body wash I’ve ever used? Well, considering I usually get mine at a discount store, then yes. It is as nice as the stuff I had when I stayed at a high end hotel a while back.Is it traditional Nivea? Absolutely. First class all the way. Would I recommend it to anyone who works for in a restricted scent environment? No way. It’s not overpowering. But it is nearly everlasting. Which, if you’re a young fellow with a active lifestyle, would be a good thing.Manly, but I liked it too.One star off for the mint/menthol confusion.

Aileen Havre De Grace, MD

pump me up

This great body wash for men seems to pump skin up from the cellular, invigorating and softening rough areas nicely after just a few showers. Provides a great feeling of cells being awakened, early in the day and after workouts or strenuous work and exercise.

Velma Poth, TX


I liked this body wash, i.e., soap. While I didn’t especially feel that my skin was energized (how do you know? Does your skin want to paaar-ty while the rest of you just wants to sleep?) it does a wonderful job of cleaning the ol’ bod. It’s easy to use, smells nice and my gal was all over me like white on rice.I’m getting more when this bottles empties.

Eugenia Alliance, NC

Best body wash for guys

Nivea’s creamy formula was/is a nicely concentrated wash that smells good, not overpowering and isn’t something that’d trigger an allergy attack. Good stuff, feels sorta silky and makes the cut for my shower!

Monica Foxburg, PA

I feel clean afterwards …

… what more could you ask for? Nivea for Men smells good — a kind of minty cologne aroma, that is not too heavy, goes on smoothly and lingers only lightly afterwards. It doesn’t feel soapy and washes off easily — perhaps a bit too easily: so that if you rub it on in the shower it seems to wash off before it can do any work. I’ve found the best way is to put it on a sponge or a loofah or wash cloth and then it lathers up while you rub it on and that seems to do the trick. I like it, it keeps me clean and doesn’t leave a residue like soap does. Is it energizing, as the name seems to claim? Well, I feel fresh afterwards and that is about all you could expect. I’ll keep using it.

Sydney Kattskill Bay, NY

A good one to add to the mix!

In the summer I am typically an Old Spice body wash user, and in the winter I tend to move over to the Dove Men’s moisturizing. This one fits right in the middle for me. It leaves me with enough moisturization (or lack of drying) that I can transition from the agressive summer scrubbers and scents into this, before the thicker winter moisturizing kind.I have a quite discerning nose. If the bottle weren’t labeled mint, I wouldn’t have known it was mint. I call hogwash on the folks saying they can tell it was mint without being told such. For me, the smell is just a citrus-fresh smell.It lathers well, washes off well, leaves a clean feeling and a slightly slick feel, more so than the Old Spice. I don’ get dried out with this, so I’m guessing the slight slick feel is some moisturization being left, thought it doesn’t claim moisturization.Fully endorsed and recommended.

Camille Simmesport, LA

You are clean so I guess it’s good

What can I say about this body wash. It has a pleasant smell that washes away yucky body odor. The wash rinses away cleanly and without any residue. It doesn’t overdry your skin and leaves a slight cooling sensation.Overall a standard bodywash. Good cleaning and smell.

Kate Kotzebue, AK

Fresh scent and great feel

I am a big fan of body washes. This one is very good. First of all, the scent is really nice. Although, I can see that some people may not like this particular scent, because scents are all subjective. I happen to like it. It is strong and stays with you as if you used cologne. I’m sure they make an unscented one, but I like the way I smell afterwards.It goes on smooth and doesn’t leave your skin dry, or oily. The bottle is a good size as well.I will continue to use this product because it works for me.

Mable Greencastle, IN