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NIVEA MEN Cool 3-in-1 Body Wash Shower Gel, 16.9 oz Bottle

For men who want cooling refreshment and the 3-in-1 benefit of a body, hair and face wash, all in one. Cool, Hair and Body Wash helps you to freshen up and stay cool with your new shower experience. Let the pleasantly fresh scent stimulate your senses, while the icy blue gel cools mildly and activates your skin with enduring freshness. For body and hair.

Key features

  • Especially developed for men.
  • Cleanses without drying out the skin.
  • Lathers well & rinses off easily.

Honest reviews



Still looking for the best of the bunch. This one is nothing special, per say. It does clean the body and if needed, also the hair but I still believe that hair needs a little better treatment than a do it all. Average 3 Stars.

Barbara Hampstead, NC

Good value

Ordered this for my guy friend. He uses the product regularly and is pleased with the results. The price is much better than even the local big box stores. He’ll probably keep the Subscribe and Save option on this item. Recommended.

Hazel Hoffman, MN

Outstanding with a designer scent

I have used the Nivea for Men Sensitive body wash for quite some time but recently decided to try the Cool version. My verdict: This is absolutely perfect for a men’s body wash — and when I say “men,” I mean first and foremost this is not for guys who are looking for those canned Axe or Old Spice scents. The smell of this body wash is very close in my opinion to Calvin Klein’s Eternity for Him cologne, which is to say that it has a mature and very unique scent to it.It’s very moisturizing and washes off clean for me. I cannot detect the “cooling” effect of this body wash at all, but it’s still worthy of five stars from me for being one of the best on the shelf right now.

Alfreda La Fayette, KY

Not for men with sensitive skin

I had read from some other reviews that this body wash is “great for men with sensitive skin” and even the bottle says it “cleans without drying.” This is simply not true for men like me with very sensitive skin. After washing with this stuff I was itchy for the rest of the day and immediately returned the product to the store. This was disappointing as, personally, I absolutely love Nivea’s men’s products.The scent wasn’t bad, but nothing that really stood out or smelled incredible. I am sure that for men who do not have sensitive skin this body wash works really well, which is why I award it 3 stars. I mainly want to caution men such as myself that this body wash does dry out your skin, which then causes itch, which then causes irritation and everything except comfort.I purchased a bottle of the Sensitive Nivea For Men body wash and will be giving that a try next time.

Della Mount Holly, VA

Son Loves this

We get this from subscribe and save items, and my son loves it. The smell is strong at first, but after about 20mins out of the shower it wears down to nice smelling. he dosent need a lot so it lasts long, and its a body/hair wash which he loves too. Less to deal with in the shower!!

Sherry Sargent, NE

body wash

this body wash gets the job done I really can’t say much more then other reviews have already said I would buy again.

Nanette Wickliffe, OH

Nivea Keeps Guys “Cool”

For guys who want to smell clean and feel invigorated, Nivea For Men “Cool” is exactly what they need. It has a light scent that isn’t overbearing and stays with you all day long. There’s also a light blast of menthol in “Cool” that wakes up the senses. It’s relatively easy on the skin as well. To top it all off, “Cool” doubles as a body wash and shampoo, so all you need in the shower is one body to clean up with.While there are plenty of other menthol-based body washes on the market, I find that Nivea’s “Cool” has just the right amount. I’ve used other brands that literally had my eyes watering from the strength of the menthol. “Cool” wakes me up, but doesn’t leave me feeling like a Marlborol Menthol like some of the other brands do.My skin feels clean and I feel refreshed after using “Cool” as well.As far as the shampoo aspects of “Cool,” I don’t have much hair on my head to contend with, so I’ll just say that it gets my hair clean.Overall, a very good body wash that any man will appreciate.Recommended.

Alexandria Lynn, AR

A Bracing Wash

Nivea seems to be dialed in to what men want in a product. Candidly, I got this thinking I was getting the Nivea 3 product with which you can also shave but, having discovered my error, I was glad to have found this. The “cool” that they mention on their bottle is a pleasant, crisp, almost tingly sort but without the usual side problem of leaving a menthol smell even after you’ve toweled down. This leaves one with a sense of feeling better, a cooling tinge but not a heavy slap of mint. It’s also a very good washing liquid. A little goes a long way and, as opposed to many liquid soaps made for men, this is closer to a liquid than a heavy creme and, therefore, rinses fully without the necessity of having to check for “slick spots” on the body. As mentioned, it’s bracing, leaves you with a good feeling about your newly cleaned self and altogether pleased you had the good sense to select this product. Even when using Nivea 3 to shave, I still indulge myself in a quick wash with Nivea For Men Cool wash. It’s worth the few moments it takes and the pleasure it brings.

Dona Long Pond, PA