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Nivea Extended Moisture Daily Lotion for Dry to Very Dry Skin, 13.5 Fluid Ounce

Nivea extended moisture body lotion is a luxurious, non-greasy lotion, infused with Provitamin B5, that can provide up to 48 hours of relief for very dry, tight skin. Use it daily for soft, supple skin.

Key features

  • Dry to very dry skin
  • Non-stop hydra IQ 48 hrs
  • Nourishes dry, tight skin

Honest reviews


not very moisturizing

In general, I have liked Nivea products and found them to do what they claim. This has not held true for the Nivea Body Extended Moisture Lotion. The label trumpets “Non-stop -Hydra IQ- 48 hrs”. Not even close.It goes on nicely and feels good enough, but it’s not long before my skin feels like it did before I applied it. Yes, it’s non-greasy, but it’s sort of non-anything.I’ve used it a few days now, thinking perhaps the effects would be cumulative, but no, it just doesn’t last. I’ve been slathering my hands each night before bed, and waking up to still dry hands. It’s done nothing to stop or minimize tiny white dryness lines, nor create greater smoothness.Back to slightly greasier stuff that lasts longer and makes my skin look and feel better.

Therese Avon, NC

Chemical Smell

When did American produced Nivea become so obnoxious smelling? I’ve used this cream a few times on my arms and legs. Whatever is in this stuff is chemical smelling and waifs up to my eyes making them water and burn. For me, this went right into the trash. I’m going back to the blue tin Nivea produced in Germany.

Tricia Morenci, MI

Love this lotion

This lotion has a clean, fresh smell and goes on smoothly without any greasy feeling. I use it several times a day. My hands are soft and smooth.

Grace Sturkie, AR

Classic moisturizer for dry skin, GREAT for my chlorine-dried skin!

Classic moisturizer…no frills, but fantastic.Nope, this doesn’t have sparkles, self-tanner, heavy fragrance in it. It’s a basic well-made moisturizer that does it’s job. I love the thick cream and the fact that the pump puts out a decent amount without banging it forty times. This type of moisturizer is hard to find: at Target I went up and down the aisle trying to find just a good basic lotion that didn’t have other stuff added.I swim and the pool strips the moisturizer out of my skin regularly. This puts it back on. I don’t notice an odor at all, it seems fragrance free. Really love this product!

Raquel Tenakee Springs, AK

Good stuff

I got this in a Target beauty bag… I tried it in my legs before bed and immediately loved it. I have eczema, and often it becomes exacerbated by lotions, particularly Nivea… Not so from this product.My skin is soft and comfortable and not greasy!I do often mix in my perfume when I use it, and it is a great way to layer scent. Although the scent is a bit strong, it doesn’t seem to clash with perfume (most perfumed moisturizer doesn’t agree with me, so this is a great solution)Although its not my holy grail for hands, I love it as a body lotion.

Sybil Ralls, TX

Moisturizing Dream

I use a lot of body lotion, especially in the winter, so I’m always looking for a long-lasting, budget-friendly solution. This lotion is amazing! This goes on smoothly with no greasy after-feel, and a little bit goes a long way – something else my budget appreciates! The lotion lasted all day long, even through a rainstorm. My skin felt hydrated and happy all day long. I even like the scent – it’s fresh, clean and not over-powering at all.This is a new beauty cabinet staple. And I love that I can save even more with Subscribe & Save!

Carolina Shellman, GA

Could have been 5

This stuff works great but WOW the perfumey smell is overwhelming…..yuk. It does dissipate after awhile, but it is too strong. Won’t be buying it again.

Fanny Union City, OK

Heals my hands overnight

First off, I hate that lotion can be oily & greasy & sticky. The fact that I like this lotion says a LOT. I also have to wash my hands a lot due to my type of work and my hands get dry a lot. This is the first lotion that can heal my hands overnight.The second best I’ve used was Vaseline Hand & Nail (I don’t care about the nail part, but it healed my hands the best). This is definitely useful along the lines of that, and works well. It’s rated as half way between light and rich, and I’d agree with that. It doesn’t have that sticky grippy feel after you rub it in. It’s a smooth slick feel, but more toward waxy and less toward greasy.

Lacey Winsted, CT