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Nivea Care and Happiness Moisturizing Body Wash 16.9 oz

Nivea Touch Of Happiness Moisturizing Body Wash, Orange Blossom Experience this happy shower sensation that awakens your senses! Overview Its formula is enriched with the energizing scent of orange blossom to awaken your senses. The silky Bamboo Essence will leave your skin smooth & beautiful. Gently clenses with a pampering lather to leave your skin moisturized long after the shower. How It Works Developed with NIVEA’s exclusive Hydra IQ Skin Technology to give your skin with intense long-lasting moisturization with no greasy feel. How To Apply Pour onto wet hands, wash cloth or pouf Massage over body Rinse off

Key features

  • Packaging May Vary
  • This silky cream-gel with nourishing bamboo essence gives you incredibly soft skin while cleansing very mildly.
  • Its indulging intense lathering formula is enriched with energizing orange blossom scent to awaken your senses
  • Developed with NIVEA’s breakthrough Hydra IQ Technology to provide your skin with intense long-lasting moisturization throughout the day even beyond the shower
  • For a film-free skin feel and smooth, touchably beautiful skin!

Honest reviews


smells great and moisturizing

I bought this because of previous reviews and I was not disappointed. It is very nourishing and moisturizing for your skin and has this light, citrusy smell. It’s very pleasant and not overwhelming like other soaps can be. This soap is cheap, works well, and smells lovely. Highly recommended.

Jeanie Madill, OK

Smells awesome and cleans well.

I love Nivea soaps because they always have really good smelling scents that are not too overpowering. This particular scent is dainty, feminine, and fresh. The soap moisturizer my skin very well and worked into a thick lather easily. I only had to use a small dab of it on my loofa and the results were great.

Eula Wilsonville, IL


Great buy I got three for one price and I will be buying these again. Looking for different smells .love

Christie York, ND

It does what it says it will and smells great!

I really like this body wash. It keeps my very dry skin very soft and the smell is wonderful. It actually does make me happier 🙂 Amazon has for the same price as Walmart $11.91 for 3. I purchase the 3 pack via Subscribe/Save and pay $10.12

Luisa Peck, ID

Leaves skin soft, not greasy

With some moisturizing body washes I come out of the shower feeling grosser than when I went in, the body was will leave me so greasy. With the Nivea touch of happiness my very dry skin feels super soft, not like I’m leaving trails of grease on my towel or clothes. This smells great too, not overpowering or gagging, just right, a soft gentle citrus smell that is so fresh and clean in the morning. The soap is very creamy and the suds are great. This is probably one of my favorite body washes I’ve tried in my never ending search for something to help my dry skin but not leave me feeling greasy, just smooth and refreshed.

Casey Iuka, MS


I’ve gone through so many of these. I’d be sad if they stopped producing this body wash. I love the scent. It makes my skin nice and smooth and I wash my hair with it too sometimes. Great all-around body wash! I mainly got it for the orange scent (I love oranges) but it cleans well and feels good too!

Lacey Knox City, TX

Not loving the scent

Our senses of smell are all so different, but I was drawn to the “amazing”, “heavenly” reviews and expected something extraordinary I guess. This is a good product, good ingredients, and it lathers beautifully, but the scent, not so much. To me, it’s more like the scent I smell when I walk into a clean public restroom…..not what I had in mind. Good marketing, though, I’ll have to give them that. I’ll buy Nivea again but not this scent.

Paulette Gray Mountain, AZ

Unbelievable price!

This came in a three-pack and was very inexpensive compared to other body washes. It has a great smell and lathers well. Even though I’m a long way from needing any more, I’ll probably buy again while it’s at this price.BTW, it has no exfoliating beads/crystals in it. Just nice smooth liquid.

Jana Newport, OH

I like it!

Great smell, texture. Cleases and moisturizes in one easy step. Even makes an ok shampoo! Gentle and pleasant to use.

Alta Hawley, TX

Nivea Body Wash. Neat and Clean!

I have extremely dry and sensitive skin, so the day I just about "fell" onto this product was my lucky day. My skin isn’t flaking anymore, and I’m not itchy all the time. It’s all due to this product. I found that purchasing several bottles at once was so much more cost-effective than buying it one bottle at a time. Another thing I like is the scent–yes–a scent that doesn’t bother sensitive skin. My co-workers always remark that I always smell as if I just got out of the "orange blossom shower" when I come in to work every day. It’s a lovely scent and it clings for awhile. The body wash leaves you feeling very clean without the drying that normally occurs with soaps and other body washes. This product is a winner all the way around, and economical too! One needn’t buy expensive body washes to get good skin care – Nivea takes care just fine.

Bessie Tangent, OR

will buy again

the scent is heavenly and the bottles are large and last awhile..i will definitely buy again. lathers up nicely too. my hubby loves it!

Muriel Abbot, ME

lovely smell

smell is so lovely.Texture and effectiveness is fine. It did not make our skin dry and we are using it for a year now

Wendi Aguanga, CA

Nice moisturizing body wash

I used a regular, non moisturizing body wash before this and it left my skin very dry. This one leaves it more moisturized and I love its scent. What I love more is that just a little goes a long way. I apply a small amount to my loofah and it lathers enough to wash my whole body.

Mellisa Youngsville, NY

Smells Delicious

I purchased the pack of 3. Smells great. Would buy again. Very relaxing. Kind of flowery though. Does it work? It has a lotion/slick feel that I assume comes from the moisturizing portion. My skin gets very dry in the winter. It seems to have a positive effect though I still use lotion.

Elma Round Rock, TX

good smell and moisturizing

I love Nivea’s “Touch of…” line of body washes. Tried quite a few (apricot, vanilla with shea butter), and loved all of them. This one seemed to be the best price when I bought it: interestingly, at the grocery store all of these washes go at the same price, while at amazon the prices vary, even if they are shipped by the same seller…

Liz Napoleon, IN

Lasting Scent

This is one of the only scents that lasts after your shower. I find myself smelling my skin for hours after my shower. I didn’t think orange scented body wash would be my thing but it’s wonderfully refreshing.

Florine Kitty Hawk, NC

Nice Lather

This stuff works great. Smells nice, but the scent doesn’t stay on your body after the shower, and what a great price on Amazon for a three pack.

Bonnie Waldo, WI

A little goes a long way-lots of lather.

I have this body wash in one of the other scents that I bought at a drug store and paid a lot more for. Nivea isn’t cheap. It is the best body wash I’ve ever had. A little really does go a long way, makes a lot of lather. Leaves the skin soft and doesn’t make the bath water greasy. I’m really looking forward to getting the Orange Blossom scent as citrus is my favorite. Thanks Amazon for the great deal.

Sherrie Morrilton, AR

Smells great but is NOT moisturizing

This body wash has a great smell and good consistency but is just as drying as any other soap, shower gel, body wash, etc on the market. If you truly need a moisturizing body wash, you might want to look at Dove, Olay, Aveeno or the higher end stuff like Bigelow or Weleda.

Jacklyn Towson, MD


After showering with this body wash your skin feels like silk. Truly has the moisturizing effect as mentioned. Love it, plan on continuing using this body wash.

Leigh Tomball, TX

So Drying

I really love the smell of this product. It reminds me of playing outside in the summer; the scent is really enjoyable and pleasing. But oh my gosh, it dries my skin out so badly! I’m usually the type that can get through at least 2 showers without having to apply a bunch of lotion at night. I prefer the really thick body washes that feel moisturizing as you wash with them. I really thought I would love this because it’s Nivea, but sadly, I wasn’t all that happy with a Touch of Happiness.Still smells great though~!

Adrienne Harrisburg, SD


My ultimate goal is soft glowing skin. For a long while I used Aveeno Body Wash, because it did make my skin feel soft. Alas, it’s just too expensive and I figured there was a another body wash for a more decent price that could do the same thing. I recently tried Touch of Happiness. My skin is very well moisturized and the body wash does lather without a pouf (though I still use a pouf). It is probably the most moisturizing body wash I’ve tried. My skin retains moisture long into the day and it still remains soft. I definitely recommend it.

Vickie Spangler, PA

my favorite body wash

This is my favorite body wash, smells great and makes my skin soft. Love that I can order it in a three pack.

Ada Cave Junction, OR

Smells terrific!

This body wash has a very fresh, citrus scent that makes it easier to wake up in the morning. It is also very moisturizing.

Florence Lydia, SC

I love this body wash.

The scent is totally tropical and refreshing. It lathers nicely and makes showering a real joy. Definitely a real favorite.

Noemi Scottown, OH

ok smell, good soap

I was looking for a French brand that has a wonderful and natural orange blossom smell that also stays with you after the shower (douche creme Fleur d’oranger, Le petit Marseillais. Besides it is very reasonably priced and sold in grocery stores like Carrefour or Leclerc in France. The only website I found it in the US charged huge shipping costs.So, instead I ordered this Nivea liquid soap. It is ok, but the smell of orange blossom has something synthetic about it. The French brand has a smell that is very close to orange flowers in orange orchards. Overall the Nivea body wash does its job and smells good, but the smell is gone right after the shower. I will look for the brand Petit Marseillais and try to find that one.

Irene Pompton Lakes, NJ

Right it make your skin happy

I had this type Nivea once, it is very gentle, it does make skin look younger fast, you feel tightness and coolness beside it long nice calm Francesca in it, I like it.

Corine Osgood, OH