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Nioxin System 4 Thinning System Kit Chemical Treated Set

Nioxin System 4 Advanced Starter Kit is a combination of 3 complimentary products, all of which are formulated to benefit people with thinning hair. This combination of products will eliminate the harmful hair loss causing DHT chemical as well as condition/shampoo your hair and scalp. Your hair’s volume will increase and hair will become stronger from the root up. The Nioxin System 4 Kit is safe for all hair types and has been proven not to dilute color in color treated or regular hair types.

Key features

  • 10.1 oz Nioxin System 4 Cleanser Shampoo
  • 5.1 oz Nioxin Scalp Therapy Conditioner
  • 3.4 oz Scalp Treatment

Honest reviews


Miserable Experience

Like everyone else who orders such a product, I was really hoping for good results. Instead I wound up with extremely dry hair and an itchy, flaky scalp.I started using the product on a Wednesday. First day– hair was great. Full, shiny and the product smells minty and refreshing. Second day– some hair fall. I normally lose 15-20 hairs in the shower and this was a tiny bit more than that. Third day– a handful of hair left my head when I applied the conditioner. I was horrified. But I reminded myself that everyone tends to experience a large amount of shedding in the first two weeks.By Sunday, my hair was falling out in such large amounts in the shower that it covered the drain (something I never experienced prior to Nioxin). By Monday my scalp was itching like crazy and I had developed plaque patches around my hairline. Yuck! It also started leeching color from my treated hair; I could see color bleed on my towel after my shower three days in a row.I tried to tell myself it was just part of the introduction phase, but by the following Friday I had to quit using the product. The amount of hair fall in the shower was distressing and combined with the flaking/itching and newly dried-out hair, I decided this wasn’t for me. I considered trying another “number” in the line, but for the amount of money and the risk of being unhappy again, I think I’ll pass and talk to my stylist.I’ve given it two stars because for the cost, the amount you’re purchasing would last a rather long time. The shampoo lathers well with very little product. That is, if it works for you.

Isabella Breckenridge, MO

I’m no longer fussing over my thinning hair

I’m a 51 year old perimenopausal woman (gosh, that sounds ridiculous)…anyway, my thinning hair has been bothering me for some time. I tried Biotin for several months and it seemed to help somewhat, but my hair was still rather flat and lackluster and seemed to be coming out quite a bit when showering. I stumbled upon the Nioxin and read the reviews and thought, “What the heck”…so I gave it a try a couple of months ago and after just the first wash was impressed. My hair looked so lovely and full. And it continues to look full after each wash. I don’t think it is particularly good for colored hair (my hair color seems to be fading faster than it used to despite wearing a hat while gardening and running)…but it’s worth it not to feel self conscious anymore about my hair. I won’t say my hair isn’t still thin or flat…it is…but it looks and feels much healthier and I am only seeing a few strands in the shower after shampooing. I highly recommend.

Carolyn Cumby, TX


I changed from the system 2 to system 4 due to I colored my hair and I am as happy with the system 4 as I was system 2.

Sharon Michigan City, MS

Customer for LIFE!

I did NOT think I was shedding any hair. I DO have silky, baby-fine hair, that has been processed.I tried this kit, out of curiosity. I will never, ever, go back! My hair instantly took on a shine and condition that it never had, before.And, it gets better! After using the kit for six weeks, the women who cuts my hair asked whether I had tried to cut my hair myself, since I had seen her. I answered in the negative.She said, "Then there must be new growth." 🙂

Faye Columbus, MT

Love it

I’ve used nioxin before and was happy with the results. I plan to keep using it from now on. I’ve tried multiple kinds of hair products claiming to make your hair grow, look fuller, etc. the only one that seems to make my hair look better is this.

Ophelia Rowe, MA

Nioxin is great

Have very thin hair due to medications and age. This seems to give me the appearance of thicker hair. Although, I haven’t seen any new growth, I do not have to use any hair styling products to make my hair look thicker. This product will be on my "Must Buy" list.

Marcella Unalakleet, AK

Good product!

This was recommended by my personal hair stylist and I think it has lived up to it’s name! Very soothing on my head and I feel like my hair is not thinning as much as it was before! Yay!

Maude Courtland, CA

Great product

This was very helpful after I had surgery and my hair started falling out. I used this for a long time and it did help my hair look thicker and I believe helped it grow back in. Would recommend.

Katy Battle Ground, WA

Very good price compared to retail

I have used this system for over ten years and this is the best price Ihave found. It appears to help.

Sue Lewis, KS

Switched from Alterna!!

If you know anything about Alterna hair products, you know what I’m talking about. It rocks!!Well, my doctor told me that I need to start using Nioxin. I was less than thrilled, but after a month of using Nioxin, I love my hair and I’m hooked! 🙂

Sierra Nash, OK

I think it works

I thought my hair was falling out due to genetics but turned out to have a major iron deficiency, however I swore I noticed more new hairs coming in while using this!

Maryann Sweet, ID