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Nioxin System 4 Cleanser & Scalp Therapy for Fine Treated Hair Duo Set, 33.8 oz for each bottle

System 4 -BioAmpTM adds thickness and strength. Glyco-Color ShieldTM Dual protection technology designed to safeguard the scalp skin and preserve hair color. Scalp Protection: Formulated with herbs and botanicals to moisturize and help guard the scalp skin from chemical service residues. Hair Color Protection: Custom-built molecular technology designed to provide Clinically Proven* Color protection and vibrancy. Scalp AccessTM Delivery SystemTM helps protect nutrients at they moisturize and energize the scalp and hair combined with SPF 15 scalp protection against UV rays.

Key features

  • For fine, chemically enhanced, noticeably thinning hair
  • Scalp protection
  • Adds thickness and strength

Honest reviews


helps this female 40-something’s inherited thinning hair

I’ve been using this duo for little over a month now and can say I really like it so far. While I can’t say my hair is thicker, I can -without a doubt- tell you my bath drain isn’t full of hair after I shower anymore. That’s something major, in my book. I should say that I am also taking the supplement daily, but I am not using the folicle booster/whatever it’s called. ‘Just the shampoo and conditioner, hairsprays and supplement.The 2 major things I have noticed over the course of the past month is considerably less hair in the bath drain, and, not having to wash my hair as often. The conditioner is light enough to allow several days between washings, yet it still leaves my hair soft even after blow drying. Prior to Nioxin, I had to wash my hair every single day because it would get oily. Oily + dark thinning hair on a light complexion = nothing good.I’m impressed:)

Aimee Castleberry, AL

keeps depression at bay

I’ve been using Nioxin since my hair started falling out in 2005. Probably the only reason I still have hair.

Desiree Paskenta, CA

It really works!

I had to say it because I was a non believer I had researched everything and found out that if I used Monoxidil I would grow a beard! I went to a new stylist at ULTA salon to see what she could do for what was left of my hair (stress, aging, heredity, pool chemicals), I got a cute pixie and she told me her mother had cancer treatment and actually had BALD PATCHES and she recommended Nioxin. So I told her I didn’t believe there was anything that could work to help my fine frail thinning hair! She said her mom has no more bald patches.I used it 3-4 times a week for 2 months; shampoo, conditioner and mousse and I noticed clearly that my head was literally sprouting everywhere with new strong hair and growing fast! I had to go in for a cut and all my new best friend said was “I told you” :)There are several choices to fit your hair type and amount of thinning. I HAD TO CUT BACK TO ONCE A WEEK USE OR MY HAIR GROWS OUT OF THE PIXIE TOO FAST! I used #4You are crazy to not try it!!

Marisol West Barnstable, MA

Love It

I use the shampoo, conditioner, and the pray foam. It has stopped my hair from falling out to a minimum and it is also thicker.

Dayna Mesa, ID

Best deal I’ve found

I haven’t been able to find anyone locally who can beat the price that Amazon has on this shampoo/conditioner combination.As for the product itself, I have tried several other shampoo and conditioners that claim to help me retain and grow stronger hair, but I haven’t found any of them to be worthwhile. I’ve used Nioxin for the better part of 15 years and I don’t see anything changing anytime soon!

Lenore Fort Mc Kavett, TX

Not what I expected

This was advertised as a "treatment to encourage hair growth." It’s merely a deep cleansing shampoo that stripped my hair of natural oils, and the conditioner is so heavy, (to coat the strands to make it LOOK fuller)it weighed my hair down, making it look flatter.

Cornelia Port Orange, FL

OMG!!! Something that actually works!!!!

I bought this just to see if it would work. Since I have tried any and everything trying to get my hair to thicken up and grow. My hair was noticeably thin from the damage of micro’s, relaxers, coloring, ponytails, weaves and everything else you could probably think of over the years and now it isn’t, and the crazy thing is I have only washed my hair with this once before seeing results. I wear lace wigs all the time as a protective style so that I can transition from my relaxed state to natural. I used this product for the first time last month I took it with me to my stylist so that she could use the products on my hair at the salon. She then cornrowed my hair so that it would lie flat under my lace wigs. I also do not glue or sew my wigs down because that is not good for your hair line especially for someone like me with noticeably thinning edges so on my full lace wigs I stitch in an elastic band so that they will lay flat and snug on my head. My stylist also commented on the nioxin products stating that they are very good products for thinning hair but they are just so expensive. Well I just took my cornrows out this morning and was amazed at how much thicker and fuller my hair is. Even my husband and daughter were amazed and commented on how thick my hair was and that they have never seen my hair so thick. So today I used the cleanser and currently have the scalp therapy conditioner sitting in my hair as I type this review. The conditioner is very tingly and smells of peppermint. I am so shocked at the difference in my hair after one treatment. So I can’t wait to see how much growth I have by the time I finish my bottles. I also purchased the scalp treatment from amazon when I bought this. If you aren’t sure which system to get I suggest you visit the nioxin website which is because they have an online consultation tool which will help you select the right system for your hair type.

Ashlee Buckner, AR

Nioxin is Awesome!

This is one of the better products on the market for thinning hair! It totally helped my hair and I feel like it has a massaging effect when I shampoo and condition as instructed.

Bobbie Colfax, NC

It works!

I have little sprouts of hair all over my head growing, so I know this shampoo and scalp therapy is working, now if I could just keep my hair from falling out.

Alice Pardeesville, PA

Works Great!

The price is great and the system4 is hard to find in stores. I bought this because my hair is super thin and I was balding. This has done wonders on my head!

Randi Inman, NE

Miracle. Period.

This stuff is fantastic. ALL of their products are amazing and have SAVED my hair. If you have thin, unhealthy hair or are having a lot of fallout, PLEASE try Nioxin products. I can’t say enough good things about them and now my hair is just amazing.

Chrystal Kyburz, CA

Good product!

I can see fine hair along my forehead line growing in…I’m really pleased that I went beyond just the Nioxin shampoo and started using some of the other products for hair loss.Good stuff, pleasant minty scent…

Geri Berlin, GA


LOVE LOVE this! My hair is super soft and I love the tingle of the conditioner. My hair is long and color treated and my hair looks amazing after I use this. I’m hooked 🙂

Alisha Kennebunk, ME

Nioxin System cleanser and scalp therapy

I really like both of these items. They clean my scalp gently and the conditioner leaves my hair shiny and full. The size of the bottles will last at least 6 months – even washing daily.

Pam Whitefield, NH

My problem was not severe but I felt like I could see my scalp a lot because my …

I have been using both shampoo and conditioner since 6/2/14 when I received my shipment. I have already noticed a difference. My problem was not severe but I felt like I could see my scalp a lot because my hair was thinning around the crown. I have noticed new growth and little baby hairs popping up on the crown of my head. Annoying to tame but any growth is awesome. I also feel like my hair is softer and fuller which is a great plus for my thin hair.My hair care routine consist of this shampoo and conditioner and I alternate with Mane and Tail shampoo which I bought from Sally’s.

Terra Sangerville, ME

Just great!

My hair appears thicker and fuller. Although, there is no new hair growth with this product, it still gives the look of more hair. I have an extra system so I will never be without it. Gives me more confidence and I feel better about myself.

Kasey Paynesville, WV

Product Works

This stuff really works. I have baby fine hair and it makes me look like I actually have hair. It also has slowed down my hair loss.

Katelyn Eland, WI

Need to use

I have thin hair and this is the only system that I trust to help my hair stay healthy. This product actually makes it look like I have thicker hair.

Leeann San Ardo, CA

No improve at all!

I ve been using it for 2 months ,and I ve been loosing more hair since I started using the nioxin 4 system especially after conditioning ,I m not sure if I continue using it 🙁

Briana New Ross, IN

Feels much thicker

I’ve lost about 1/2 my hair in the last year due to several health conditions – fortunately I had very thick hair to start with. My boss bought me this shampoo in an effort to maybe help the regrowth process. I can’t say that I notice any new hair growing but what I do have seems noticeably thicker/fuller to the touch. I’ll keep using it in hopes that eventually my body will right itself and start the regrowth process.

Antionette Jasper, MN