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Nioxin Scalp Therapy,Conditioner, System 3

Formulated with European botanicals and rich humectants, the Bionutrient Protectives Cleanser is a hydrating and energizing conditioner for scalp and fine hair. Made with vitamins, proteins and amino acids to nourish scalp for stronger hair, it relieves tightness and tension from dryness. With Eco-Correctives to remove pollutants and toxins from scalp and hair, this Nioxin cleanser leaves skin looking fuller and healthier.

Key features

  • One 33.8-Ounce bottle of conditioner for scalp and hair
  • Made with BioAmp for thickness and strength
  • Formulated with European botanicals and rich humectants
  • Easy-to-pour 1-liter bottle
  • Developed in Lithia Springs, Georgia

Honest reviews




Marci Atoka, OK

Scalp Therapy

I’ve used Nioxin in the past and had pretty good results. I found that using it for a couple of months then changing to another product for awhile did best for my hair. The one thing about the Scalp Therapy they put out now is that the ingredients and even the name of the product is different and along with that is the results I get…not as good as the original product was. I do like the minty least they left it in the ingredients even if it is not as noticable as it used to be. My question is why change something that already works???

Arline Shippingport, PA

I don’t see any results, don’t like the medicine smell

Following a surgery I had a lot of hair loss due to stress to the system and harsh medicines in the hospital and after care. My hair dresser noticed the problem with my hair and recommended this product. I’ve always trusted her opinion and decided to give it a try.I just finished my first bottle of daily use. I don’t see any difference in the amount of hair I see in the drain after I wash my hair, nor do I notice any additional fullness in. In addition to lack of perceptible results I don’t like the smell (medicine-like somewhat minty smell, reminded me of mouthwash). And it is expensive!I just finished the first bottle and it will be my last.Ali Julia review

Marguerite Sanborn, IA

Has keep my hair looking better than any other shampoo and conditioner that I’ve used

Has keep my hair looking better than any other shampoo and conditioner that I’ve used. A bit pricey but well worth the money if you have fine hair. Seems to work best in the winter months for me.

Raquel Kersey, PA

Great Product – as always

I have used Nioxin products for many years. This is great if you use hair color. It does NOT make your hair limp, helps with hair health, and gives it body.

Celia Kenyon, MN

Nioxin System 3 is Expensive, but Works!

This is part of the 3-part basic Nioxin system. There are versions for normal to thin, non-treated hair (#1), thinning non-treated hair (#2), normal to thin colored or otherwise chemically-treated hair (#3) and thinning colored or otherwise chemically-treated hair (#4). The basic system consists of shampoo (which they call cleanser), conditioner (this product), and a leave-in liquid that you apply to your scalp. The stuff works – my hair is less dry, much thicker, softer, less frizzy, and more wavy. Amazon’s prices are much less than I was paying to my salon or the beauty supply store at the mall. This is clearly a luxury, since you can get your hair clean and reasonably conditioned for a lot less money, but it’s nice not to have hardly any bad-hair days!

Rena Gulf, NC

This works great!!!

I have been using the Nioxin system of 3 products for about 6 years. It was recommended by the woman who cuts my hair. It works great in that it has really lowered the number of hairs I lose every day.

Angelita Pocahontas, IA