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Nioxin Scalp Therapy, System 2

A daily volumizing scalp and hair conditioner that moisturizes and improves resilience, while promoting a healthy scalp environment with soothing essential oils, special anti-oxidants and enzymatic complexes. Rinse-out conditioner.

Key features

  • Moisturizes and improves resilience
  • Promotes a healthy scalp environment with soothing essential oils
  • Contains special anti-oxidants and enzymatic complexes
  • Adds thickness and strength
  • Gives a more youthful-looking scalp and fuller, healthier looking hair

Honest reviews


What’s Your Hair Worth?

Find me one guy who wouldn’t like a healthy head of hair. I always used cheap shampoos and a basic showerhead. Then when I got into my fifties, my already thin hair started to thin more and more quickly. I could see recession on top and in the front. Yikes. The lady who cuts my hair is a cute little Philippian woman who noticed this and HAD to bring it to everyone’s attention. She also managed to tell everyone in the shop that my neck was all broken out. This she said was from bad conditioner (Pantene). Thanks for telling the world.About the same time, Dr. Oz was on Oprah telling everyone to get shower filters in their showerheads to eliminate the toxins, including chlorine. This made sense. So I dutifully went to Home Depot and bought a showerhead with a filter that changes every six months and the Nioxin Therapy, which my hair-cutter recommended. I read the ingredients and its Greek to me, but the hair therapy is amazing. Leave it on for three minutes and your scalp feels tingly. Rinse it out and the tingly sensation stays for another five minutes or so. After one year, I noticed my hair did not seem to be thinning anymore and it was soft and I could comb it anyway I wanted. It’s just healthier.So why not five stars? Well, Nioxin is expensive, so although I highly recommend it, I also recommend that you buy the 1,000ml bottles. They are a better deal. I’ve also tried the Nioxin Shampoo and the Nioxin Scalp Treatment. These are nice, but also expensive. I’ll settle just for a gentle cheap shampoo and the Nioxin Therapy.Yes, guys want this information too.

Jeanie Greendell, NJ

Best conditioner for scalp & hair.

Been using this for years to regrow hair lost due to health problems. Works great and keeps scalp healthy. Big fan!

Carey Marathon, IA


It definitely works well on my hair. I use the shampoo as well but use the Number 1 scalp treatment. My hair was thinning due to a thyroid condition but this has really brought it back.

Aida Aurora, NC

If they

made this conditioner like they used to it might actually work still. This new thinner style of conditioner seems terrible to me. Maybe they use different ingredients or formula but it no longer helps with my hair loss issue

Susana Crab Orchard, TN

This works for me

My hair stylist recommended this to me when I started noticing my hair really thinning after I had a hysterectomy and went into early menopause overnight. So depressing to keep waking up to less hair on my head and more hair on the shower floor! I use this every day and my hair seems to have stopped falling out-It has not made my hair any thicker (I don’t think it is meant to) and the smell is something you have to get used to-very medicinal-I recommend it-You do have to use it every day. I have not had any of the issues people have commented on about it being made in Mexico and being of poor quality. This is the third time I have ordered the large size and it’s been fine for me.

Esperanza Mesquite, NV

Not bad!

I have been using this for about 6 weeks. I first purchased this at the salon I get my hair done. I paid the same price for an 8 oz. tube. Amazon had the best price. It does tingle on my scalp and sometimes feels a bit itchy. It is not too bad or I would have stopped using it. I am also taking 5000 mg of biotin and also use the nioxin scalp treatment. I use the nexxus Vitatress biotin shampoo, which I love. I think the combination of everything is helping my hair. I am in my mid 40’s and pre menapausal. My blonde hair was always very fine, but I noticed it thinning alot more this past year. I see a little receding around my hairline and its very scary. This will last you a long time. The price is good and you have nothing to lose by trying it. My hair texture feels slightly thicker and I can see some small hairs growing. I will continue to use this and hope for the best. You have to give this some time to see results. It will not happen instantly so keep with it.

Briana Edgar Springs, MO

The real deal!

I have been using Nioxin for more than 15 years and LOVE it! It makes my scalp feel clean and healthier! I lost hair several times over the years due to illness, surgery and stress and always found that it helps "heal" both my hair and scalp. Last year I noticed that the nioxin I purchased from a salon didn’t seem to smell, feel or work the same. I bought another bottle online and found after looking closer at the bottle, that it was not the same Nioxin made in the USA by Nioxin. It looks just like the original except on the back, the ingredients are different and it says it’s made by Wella in Mexico. I was thrilled when I was able to fine the original Nioxin made in the USA. Make sure when you purchase your Nioxin, that it is made in the USA by Nioxin. That explains the one stars that some customers gave their nioxin. It probably wasn’t the real thing!

Delia Allenspark, CO

Great product from a company I have trusted for years.

Good conditioner and scalp therapy. I have been using Nioxin for years and it really slowed my hair loss down a LOT! I do not think it will ever grow hair back but it has helped me retain my hair and keep me from having to shave it all off. This tingles and works well in keeping it fully.

Jeri Navarre, MN

Too early to tell-

I have hair loss due to a medical condition. Nioxin may not be the cure but I find it to be a very clean and natural product whether it helps with a hair loss condition due to illness or not, I would recommend this product…

Greta Lometa, TX