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Nioxin Intensive Therapy Hair Booster

Intensive therapy hair booster by Nioxin for unisex 1 ounce treatment. Intensive therapy hair booster was launched by the design house of Nioxin. It is recommended for daily use. Please store in a cool dry place. 1 ounce treatment.

Key features

  • Intensive therapy hair booster was launched by the design house of Nioxin
  • It is recommended for daily use; Please store in a cool dry place
  • 1 ounce treatment

Honest reviews


I’d give them a -5 stars if I could!

I purchased this product and it arrived empty. The bottle appeared to have leaked out at some point. I wrote to the company and they tried to say that they did not ship it empty – which still doesn’t change the fact that it arrived empty. I sent it back to the company and haven’t heard back from them. It’s been way over a month since I shipped it back at my own expense. I am out of the original money, I am out of the actual product and I had to pay to ship it back to them!

Deidre Thornton, IA

unknown results

this product might work, but my dermatologist told me to quit using it because i was having extremely non-fling dry scalp. I definitely cause redness where applied. – as it says on the bottle.

Sally Jamestown, LA

Great add-on to Cleanser and Scalp Therapy

Great, but use twice daily like instructed. It won’t “regrow” hair but you’ll keep what you got and it will look thicker.

Roxie Fairmont, WV

Not sure about this one?????

I’ve used this product before. This time the packaging looks way different. Hopefully the formula is the same. Guess I’ll know before long.

Wilda Zortman, MT

Don’t know if it works

Have been using about a month now and really don’t see any results. I use the Nioxin 6 shampoo and conditioner then the Booster and volumizing spray after. Not sure it if is doing anything ans is a bit expensive.Also the directions stink. just say put it on without direction on HOW MUCH to apply. One pump, two pump three… A bit of direction here would be nice.

Sherrie Powderville, MT

My go-to product since 2000

I started using these products when I was 21 (I’m 32 now) and noticed a receding hairline. This stuff has basically slowed that hairline down and leaves my hair feeling thicker and healthier. I wouldn’t even consider buying anything else. There are a lot of products out there claiming to help, but take it from me, this stuff does what it says, it creates a healthy scalp environment for hair to grow and leaves you hair feeling thicker.

Verna Winslow, AZ

Can see the new hairs growing in

I had experienced hair loss after having a child about 6 months after birth and it was quite noticeable at my hair line. My ponytail got so much smaller in diameter. 2 years later, I haven’t fully recovered all the hair loss, but little by little. I bought this to see if it would help but did not try it that frequently. Recently, however, I started to apply it at my widows peak and temples where there was hardly any hair left at all and about 2 weeks later, i have a lot of 2 in long baby hairs in both locations. I know they say that the hair loss is just because your body is catching up to all the hair you did not lose during your pregnancy, but I am skeptical about that. My doctor said that I would have had a thinning hair problem irregardless of having a baby, but I really disagree with this. I had very thick hair all my life and even did Accutane and survived that crazy hair loss without any noticeable thinning on my scalp (and that was a lot of hair loss). The hair loss with pregnancy I experienced was unreal! I intend to continue using this and hope that I can get my full head of hair back soon! On a side note, I did ask my doctor about how to try to avoid the hair loss if I have another baby and she said that if I go back onto hormonal BC after 3 months of nursing, that will definitely help. It’s the lack of the pregnancy hormones that signals your body to start shedding. And most moms go off of any hormonal birth control indefinitely because they are nursing. But my doctor said that it is safe to go back on after 3 months. I intend to try this the next time around and see if this can also prevent hair loss.

Socorro Mililani, HI


to work. It may even work better with the step 3 hair foam stuff. Needs to be more affordable to be rated higher.

Tamara South Newbury, NH

Nioxin is great.

I would recommend this product for anyone who is battling hair-thinning problems. It has totally helped me and I wish I would’ve ordered this sooner!

Sonya Poplarville, MS

In my opinion

I am a big fan of nioxin products..they have helped and been very effective my experience..I use this along with their other three step process and have had incredible results..

Roslyn Mojave, CA

really result seen

I got this product ((along with other nioxin hair products)) I started it for almost 2 moths…I noticed good result on my hair…please note that I used nexion system 6+ scalp treatment + other brands so the result on my hair is the result of all my combination not specifically from this product, the results on me were:1- my hair fall less (much less) than before … I got this product because I have rich history in losing hair 2-3 times per years especially following a stressful life events and the worse part that only 50-60% of my hair will re-grow back again, thus year by year my hair get thinner and thinner… this time I approached this product immediately after I noticed my hair falls and YES IT WORKED and hair falls less, almost stopped2- Hair feels stronger… I have very fragile hair I never treated it chemically and very minimally I use thermal treatment; however, now I use iron + hair blower more often and didn’t notice any hair damage3- Thicker hair… even my sisters and husband noted this effect.. finally something to help my hair to re-grow back still using and will continue it to see the overall result cause I still have some emptiness in my scalpThe smell: very distinguishable … I didn’t like the smell, very strong and smells like treatment or medicine but doesn’t causes me nausea or something I can tolerate itrecommed using it with nexion system (shampoo and conditionor)The price: very affordableI used a mixture of different nioxin products and I’ve seen a good result hope to get even better and thickerOverall satisfaction: very satisfiedI definitely recommend this product, try it out it may work for you at least will stop the falling

Maureen Montour, IA

No results for me

My hair is so thin and falls out due to medicines I have to take. I tried Nioxin Intensive Therapy Hair Booster as well as the shampoo and conditioner upon the recommendation of a dear friend. I had no positive results with the products and could not recommend them to anyone.

Maxine Paradise, CA

It’s ok..

This doesnt do anything to help hairloss. Just a hollywood effect product. Look into rogaine or lipogaine if you’re looking for hairloss produts.

Celia South Montrose, PA

Product was produced January 2010

The Nioxin shelf life is supposed to be 36 months. This product appears ok, but was manufactured in 2010. Good price.

Arline La Grande, WA

You cannot beat the price… get it for thinning hair!

I have slowed down my hair loss with this stuff. It did not grow any back but it did thicken up my hair and prevent the rapid hair loss I was experiencing. That makes it worth it. If you are already bald, buy a razor or clippers to keep your head trimmed… don’t buy this and expect a miracle.

Charlene Truman, MN

No results yet

after 5 weeks all I see is my scalp tingles and itches. It hasn’t done anything else yet. Don’t think I’ll continue to use it.

Lucille Jefferson, WI