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Nioxin Diamax 3.38 Fl.oz

NIOXIN Diamax, with a fusion of Niacinamide, Panthenol and Caffeine, is proven to:rnrn 1. Increase the diameter of each existing hair strand.rn 2. Penetrate hair and make it fuller and more manageable.rn 3. Strenghten hair resilience against breakage.rnrnPRODUCT GUIDErnrnDiamax is a leave-on treatment that can be used with the Nioxin 3-part systems for thicker, denser-looking hair.

Key features

  • Increases the thickness of each strand of hair
  • Fuller looking head of hair
  • Lightweight

Honest reviews


Fantastic Product

I would purchase this item in bulk since I have baby fine hair. It makes such a difference in the look of my hair. The group that sold the product was wonderful and sent the product immediately. They were great.

Dominique Rockford, WA


I don’t use this on a regular basis, perhaps if I did I might see some improvement. You do have to use a lot each time and there really isn’t that much in the bottle. I am afraid it would cost a fortune to use this product as directed. I will try using it as directed but I am not hopeful. There are no miracles out there for those of us with thinning, fragile hair. Nioxin does understand the condition and many of their products do actually give the appearance of working.

Melba North Branch, MN

It does help

I purchased this from another vendor on Amazon which was supposed to come with shampoo and conditioner, I only received this bottle with no instructions.So, I am using it just on the roots. I think it is helping me however I started with Pantene Age Defy for my thinning hair and could tell a huge difference with that product which half the price of Diamax..Not sure I will buy this again. I will update after I use it a bit more.If anyone has instructions on how to use I would really appreciate it.UPDATE 6/22/13. This works really well, you have to apply to the roots and it will make any bare spots, less noticeable.I really like it. I have to say that the vendor did not do anything wrong.The wrong picture was shown so I thought I would be getting a shampoo and conditioner. I just got the bottle of Diamax, no box or instructions so was not happy.I also use Pantene Age Defy thickener, it is amazing. I alternate with the Nioxin

Nadia Jefferson, WI

In my opinion

I use the three step nioxin products and have found them very effective. This product by nioxin took it to the next level. My hair has grown from the three step process but this product has given my hair noticeable fulness and my hair feels stronger and thicker. I LOVE this product and don’t want to ever go without it!

Wendy Foley, MN

An honest, unbiased review

I don’t have fine hair, I don’t have thick hair. I guess I have what you’d call flat, straight, boring hair. I don’t style it outside of maybe adding a little mousse or hairspray, or using the blowdryer to add volume. I was delighted to try this product out through a full sized sample from a beauty product subscription service. The cost for my subscription service is $21 a month for several products, so I was very pumped to get this as it made the cost about $5. Pros: Smells great! Does not leave hair greasy or bogged down. Easily spritzes. Quick to use. Cons: Small bottle for price, high alcohol content, questionable results. I would go as far as to say that if there weren’t so many positive reviews, that this product as little better than any other worthless snake oil product. After using 3/4 of the bottle, I see no results at all in the thickness of my hair or any change, really. For those that do experience results, I have to wonder how much of that may be the hair shaft drying out and expanding a bit due to the high alcohol content in this product. I do use conditioner on my hair, and am curious if that affects the result, or if this product is truly ONLY for people with fine, thinning hair. I tried all my normal beauty routines as pertains to my hair with it, and nothing out of the ordinary. Overall, I cannot say I would purchase this product. Even if the cost were $5, it’s $5 too much because I experienced no results. I did like the smell and that it didn’t weigh down my hair, but no results at all? It’s one thing for others not to notice a change, quite another when I do when my hopes were so high. Super bummed because I wanted to LOVE it.

Cornelia Sigurd, UT

Super Stuff!

I love this Nioxin. My daughter who is a hair stylist in Beverly Hills told me to buy this for my thinning, breaking hair. It works so well I have told all my friends who are now using it too. My hair looks fab! Thank you so much.

Henrietta Wheeler, IL

So surprised…

I was upset because my hairline was receding and overall thinning, but since I started using this product, I have very fine hair growing at the hairline. I don’t use after every shampoo because it does have a bit of a stiffening quality and sometimes I just want my hair to feel flowing.Bottom line, it’s working!

Jeanette Williams, SC

Great Product

I never really believed in hair products that supposedly helped your hair issues but when I had health issues that made my hair thin I found Nioxin and it does do what it promises. I order even when I still have some so I always have a back up!

Eugenia Winfield, PA

Have not seen much change

Not all products are for everyone and maybe this is’t for me. I saw no significant change in my hair after using this product!

Janine Fort Lyon, CO

not for me

This product is suppose to make you hair appear fuller and thicker….Just don’t see it. Makes me feel like it makes my hair look dirty

Deirdre Star Lake, WI


Love this product. Leaves my hair feeling fuller and not like I have product on it. Hair is still shiny and very managable.

Consuelo Tilton, IL

Didn’t work

This didn’t work at all for me. I got along with the Nioxin System 2 Start Kit and it only seemed to make it work. I gave it my all – used it for 3 months – and still did nothing.

Julie Ridgeley, WV

Nioxin Diamax

I really like this product. It adds fullness to the area in the front of my hair – enough that I don’t feel self conscious.

Trisha Cedarvale, NM

I liked it

It works!! I use it every day the only thing I don’t like is the price since is something you are supposed to use daily

Lynda Lewiston, ID