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Nicole by OPI Nail Lacquer, Love Your Life, 0.5 Fluid Ounce

Nicole is the ultimate trendsetter’s nail lacquer. For the girl who wants the hottest colors and style, Nicole’s long-wearing formula makes sure you’re perfectly polished from head to toe! Nicole is all about color and offers unique finishes and textures to nails. An of course, it’s from OPI, the world leader in nail care.

Key features

  • Multi-colored glitter with light pink hearts
  • Long wearing, fast drying nail lacquer from OPI
  • Contains no DBP, Toluene or Formaldehyde

Honest reviews



You really have to DIG the hearts out of this, to get them to go on nails. I Had nail tech do mine, and it was hard for her and she’s a professional. There is glitter, and small hearts. Then taking it off is like impossible without going to a proffessional and having her sand them off! I would not use again. I thought would look cute over a french nail.. but hearts are so light they did not show up very well. Best used against a dark color. But even then, they are very tiny. it is NOT PINK nail color it is clear, with pink hearts and glitter in the bottle. Hard to use, hard to remove. No good.

Marie Buchanan Dam, TX

Light My Candle (Silver-Lavender)–It’s SILVER

The picture is a purple color, and it’s called ‘silver-lavender’, but Light My Candle is just silver. There’s not even a hint of purple in it. Very disappointed, as I already have silver & liked this pale purple in the picture.

Maggie Deer Creek, MN

Love Your Life (pink hearts)

so i bought this nail polish at a pharmacy (duane reade) after seeing it here. i tried it out as soon as i got home, and i was so disappointed. i was hoping this would leave at least 3 hearts on your nails but it only leaves one (if you’re lucky) other than that it was ok. it had fast dry time, long wear, and the slightest pink tint (almost nothing)i bought this to wear on valentines day and my anniversary so no big loss i guess

Lynette Lytle, TX

Not good

This nail polish is not a good product. It was purchased thinking that it would be sparkly however when it was put on by my fiance she had a hard time actually getting the glitter specks on her nails.

Myrna Winston Salem, NC

Have a Heart….looks better in the bottle

I love the Nicole line of products. They are typically quality products and I LOVE the applicator/brush. This particular one is a real let down. It’s basically a clear, mildly glitter gloss with suspended hearts inside. Great in theory, but getting the hearts to actually stick on the brush and then stick on the nails where you want them to is a real trick. I can honestly say the final product was absolutely terrible. I even tried slowly painting, and painstakingly fishing several hearts out at a time hoping some would stick to my nails. If you end up with one heart per nail without going through great pains to do so, you are extremely lucky. I’ve given this polish a lot of tries in the year that I’ve had it, and now I just use it as an emergency topcoat because that’s all it really is. Don’t waste your money on “Have a Heart”. It does not work the way it should.

Janette Edinburg, ND

So Cute!

Yes, you have to fish out the hearts, but it’s so cute it’s worth it to me. I love the glitter too. It’s so delicate and pretty. I get lots of compliments when I use this polish. Only problem is it’s hard to get the glitter hearts off. I don’t soak off my nail polish though.

Sierra Noti, OR

Doesn’t go on how it looks in the bottle

So looking at the picture on Amazon, I thought I was going to have red nails with hearts. It goes on clear and it’s very hard to get the hearts on. So I painted my toes, and got a few hearts on both big toes and couldn’t get any on the rest of my toes.

Donna Kamay, TX