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Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Eau de Parfum Spray for Women, 3.4 Ounce

You’ll feel like a rock goddess when you wear this sultry, sweet scent from the design house of Nicki Minaj. Designed to embody the energy and alluring appeal of rap star Nicki Minaj, Pink Friday was launched in 2012 and features an intoxicating blend of florals and woods. With opening top notes of Italian mandarin, blackberry, and star fruit, followed by darker base notes of musk, vanilla, and carmelized pear, it’s easy to get lost in this dreamy, casual scent for her.

Key features

  • An intoxicating new fragrance
  • Sassy. Fearless. Feminine
  • Sparkling with mouth-watering fruits, the fragrance imparts a playful cloud of pink floral petals that whisper the sultry warmth of vanilla, skin musks and woods

Honest reviews


A Twist On Celeb Stuff

Okay, the bottle is shaped like a bust of Nicki Minaj.Did you read that?A BUST OF NICKI MINAJ!Skeptical might not be the right word. But I gave it a shot. Even after realizing my finger was between the bust’s, well, busts, I sprayed it and….Fruit and vanilla.YUM.It’s not super strong, it is definitely one of the girliest scents I’ve ever smelled, but that is actually a good thing in this case. I really do like it. I tend to prefer stronger perfumes for nights out, so either this is just daytime or I tend to mix it with something with a little more spice for night time- either way, it does the job nicely.Again, the bottle may be awkward to hold, but it ends up being worth it.

Shirley Harman, WV

A Playfully Sweet Fragrance

I really love the way this fragrance smells on my skin, when it is first sprayed…it smells a bit fruity but still pretty sweet. There isn’t much of a floral scent and does not smell powdery at all which is amazing, especially during the way. It doesn’t smell spicy or strong…After the fragrance settles, the fruitiness wears off a bit and a light vanilla scent begins to take over. I think this mixture of vanilla and fruit makes it so unique. It does last for a while and begins to wear off after about 4 hours but around this time, the scent will linger on your skin and makes a great personal scent.If needed, you can reapply the fragrance so that the smell will be more prominent but I don’t find that necessary if I’m just going about my day-to-day activities like when I’m in my college class or going out to grab a quick bite.

Eve Dearing, KS

Soooo nice

I actually bought this for my granddaughter for her birthday which she requested. I actually used one light spray while I was at her home after she opened it and I’ve go to tell you, this stuff is really nice. It has a nice scent that isn’t overpowering and that one squish lasted for hours. My granddaughter has good taste.

Herminia Belmont, LA

Five Stars

smell so so good

Meredith Eek, AK

Lasting scent.

It smells fruity, but in a fun and non-cheap way.I think the target demographic for this scent is about teenage to mid 20s, I am in my 30s and I cannot resist it. I love the smell. At first it is a bit too strong, but the scent stays even if I washed my hand with water.I used a tester so I am not sure if the tester perfume was a lot stronger than the regular perfume. Still, the price is super unbeatable. I can daresay this is one of the BEST celebrity fragrances. I bought lady gaga’s fame as well but I got bored of it quick.

Rochelle Girard, TX

Pink Friday

For her first fragrance line, I think Nicki did very good. This has a very young, sexy, vibrant kind of appeal to it. I loved it soon as I tried it. It has pretty good lasting power as well. Not bad Roman 😉

Melody Ganado, AZ

Smell great and its a big bottle too

You can’t go wrong buying the perfume its worth every penny smell is wow Great and it last for a while too

Mae Bear Lake, MI

Sorry but no

it wasn’t my style so i gave it to my sister for her bday, she says it’s ok but not something she would buy. My mom however said it smelled good, so maybe older ladies would like it better, defiantly not what I expected from Nicki,come on now, you have that sexy appearance but not sexy smell????

Robert Nolensville, TN



Bianca Log Lane Village, CO


I don’t dislike Nicki but I’m also not a fan of hers however I am a fan of her fragrance.

Regina Alvin, IL