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Very practical one: Three-dimensional shape design more Close to the eyes,better use. Avoid raccoon eyes effectively caused by Accidentally daub eyelids Perfect for long keeping roll warped eyelash. Color:random color(other similar Beauty Tools available,pls visit our store for more) Package include: 1 x Eyelash Comb

Key features

  • Material:Plastic. Condition:100% Brand new.
  • Size:11×4.5×0.5cm. Weight:5g
  • The handle side with two different density Eyelash comb for clear and tidy eyelash.
  • The top eyelid shape design for very easy comfortable Daubing eyelash cream.

Honest reviews


A must have!

I didn’t really expect this to do much, but it was very cheap and the one review said it was great, so I thought ‘why not’. Well, they weren’t lying! This really helps you apply your mascara perfectly without getting it on your skin. The comb on the bottom is really great for separating lashes too. My friends love this and keep bugging me to use it. Highly recommended!

Maricela Jamestown, CO

In the way

It is hard if not impossible to get the mascara all the way to the lash line. This seems to be the case with most if not all of these kind of tools.

Antonia Holliday, TX


ok so for 2 bucks i cant expect more.. but i shouldve known about this store called Daiso that has asian things for 1.50$.. coolest store ever that has these things. mine just arrived semi early, but cheap as hell.. doesnt do anything for my long thick lashes. they should have made this with metal spikes along the lash line part, so it actually has a chance of being useful.. im going to just use a safety pin like i usually do (very carefully) to remove excess clump.. mine also arrived looking dirty and weird,likes someone had rubbed alcohol or nail polish remover pn it and completely see through.. odd.

Gertrude Alvarado, MN

Cannot be without this…

This crazy little plastic tool is the best little gadget I have ever owned. If you wear mascara, then you need to get this! My eyes look perfectevery single day. No smudges or clumps…I am beyond thrilled!!! It was also shipped lightning fast, and the price was great!!!

Betty Gough, GA

Not worth it to me..

For me, this was really not a good purchase. I used it but I could just as well not use it and get the same results.

Lottie Malone, FL


I thought this thing was really cool, the only use I have for it, is applying mascara for my upper lid as I have really long eyelashes and sometimes when I apply mascara, I get dots on my eyelids and it gets messy. With this, I just hold it over my eye and apply the mascara, having the lashes touch the plastic. I think I saw a youtube makeup guru use a business card for this technique, but I think this is way better and it actually contours to your eyeball instead of a hard piece of paper. I don’t use the lower lash portion and I don’t use the comb. I want to say, that you will need 2 hands to use this, one, holding the applicator and the other holding your mascara wand. Normally, you would hold the mascara tube and mascara wand but you won’t be able to, so take your mascara wand from the tube, set the tube aside and then take this applicator and put it over your eyeball and then proceed to apply your mascara. The tiny little comb thing works pretty good and it separates your lashes pretty well. When I’m done, I wash the mascara off the applicator with soap, cause I get a lot of mascara on it. Overall, pretty neat idea and its cheap too.

Isabelle Higbee, MO

Hard to use and not worth the trouble

This thing is crazy to use! Ya have to practice, make sure you have BOTH hands free and it kind of If you hold it in place to get it just right? leaves a red mark on the outside corner of your eye. I haven’t been able to use it with all it’s potential because you HAVE to have both you need a mirror that you can use close up. The one I have I enough hands. My vision isn’t the greatest to not use a magnifying mirror.And yes..the instructions are in Chinese but the you tube video helped me out aloy as far as how to use it. Not sure about it yet..will have to give it more time to get used to it. My eyelashes are very blonde and fine, so I get mascara everywhere..really hope it turns out to work!…

Tamika Palm Desert, CA

Brilliant! Girls best friend!

Amazing idea!!! Top is kinda hard to do as I feel like I’m bout to poke my eye out but my friend tried it and loved it. I personally liked how the bottom worked. It flared them out gorgeously. Awesome product

Serena Nondalton, AK

Bright elegant flawlesss lashes applicator

Seller was prompt price is great and i love this applicator eyelash comb, I couldnt beleive my lashes how long they was with using the product, and most of off it keeps the mascara off your eye lids smearing every where and you get all out of your mascara longer and fuller lashes also bottom lashes come alive without missing a lash…

Gabrielle Rio Hondo, TX


I just barely got this in the mail and it’s super neat and cute. It’s easy to use and prevents messes around the eye area when applying makeup.

Shelby Tokeland, WA

love it

just as described, works perfectly and actually does enhance mascara application-no more smudges on my eyelids. big win in my book.

Suzette Nolan, TX


After receiving this product, I went to my bathroom to try it out and lets just say it messed me up more than what it helped. If the tool would have been slightly smaller and a soft rubber piece for the top lashes I think that it would have been a better product, but it didn’t so it aggravated my eye lids because it was almost like it was trying to stab the upper lid. Very disappointed but at least the product was only $0.81.

Catalina Taft, TN

Sweet Product

Thanks to this amazing product, I now have the perfect lashes without having to worry about them falling off when I use the lash curler.

Aline Garden Plain, KS


It can be somewhat helpful, but I wish the combs were better at unsticking the lashes. Good for someone who is new at using mascara or whose hands are shaky.

Lena Nett Lake, MN

Silly little thing…works well.

Silly little thing but works great. When I’m using Latisse, my eyelashes get so long (YAY) that when I curl them and apply mascara (I have to curl them because otherwise they are stick straight) I get mascara all over my eyelid. Not a pretty look. This helps prevent it. I have had no problems getting mascara all the way down the last but ymmv.

Tracey Liberty Mills, IN

Not bad…

Pretty good, but harder to use than I imagined. When I try to use it on my bottom lashes, it pokes me in the eye. Maybe I’m doing it wrong?

Rene Angels Camp, CA

Disappointed in this product

It is difficult to use and doesn’t do the job intended. A waste of money.

Joyce Lafayette, OR

It takes getting used to.

It works as it says however I found it a bit uncomfortable in the beginning. It can also get a bit messy.

Danielle Diberville, MS

great lashes in seconds!!

this handy item really helps to separate my lashes.. its great for the perfect lash every time! the little comb is super helpful at removing any clumps too.

Ophelia San Miguel, CA

what a great invention!!

I have looked all over the internet for just the right tool to help keep mascara off of my eyeshadow. I finally found it. I had to look at you tube for instructions on how to use it because they’re in another language on the back. But the video is more than useful. It is very easy to use and has a comb on the other end too. I am so happy to have found this.

Monica La Porte City, IA

Hard to use.

This thing needs a handle.I tossed it after my first unsuccessful attempt.I can do better by just having a little bit of patience.

Isabelle Ball Ground, GA

can’t live without this weird little device

I have very fine, straight, short eyelashes. This makes it very difficult to apply mascara without getting it all over my eyelids, and then I can’t remove the mascara without ruining my eyeshadow/eyeliner. This is a strange little tool, but it does what it’s supposed to and keeps the mascara off of my eyelids.*But* there’s a hidden benefit for me to use this tool! Because my eyelashes are so soft and fine, they tend to bend away from the mascara want and the bristles don’t really catch my lashes. Using this tool, I can trap my eyelashes between the wand and the plastic of this lash guard, forcing the mascara wand bristles to comb through my lashes, which really helped separate and lengthen without clumping. It’s a little tricky but once I got the hang of it, my mascara application went a lot faster because I only needed to swipe the want a couple times and didn’t have to worry about cleaning up clumps and eyelid streaks.The little comb thing on the handle is pretty much useless– the teeth are wide and poorly molded, so don’t even bother with that. If you need a mascara comb buy a proper metal-toothed comb.

Silvia Wellington, NV

Saves me $$ in q-tips

I’m not the neatest when putting on mascara. But with this nifty invention, I just hold it beneath my lashes, mascara away and wash it off when I’m through. I don’t even need an eyelash curler when I use it. And no q-tips to wipe up the mess around my eyes!

Robert Rogers, TX

No raccoon eyes

Took a little time to figure out how best to position this device. It works as well as it says..

Ella Plaquemine, LA

Silly device… but works I guess

Not going to rate this poorly just because I didn’t care for it… I guess it does what its supposed to? But the whole thing just seemed so silly. I feel like I wasted my money. I thought an applicator would help but its too much trouble to bother with using it. So its just another contraption in my bathroom cabinet that doesn’t get used.

Molly Cambridge City, IN


this is like a gag gift kind of product. i should have know that but i love to try new stuff…

Bobbie Bevinsville, KY

Great for me.

I ordered this in hopes of it being a useful tool in my makeup box and I’m glad I did. I have trimmers in my hand and I usually end up with more mascara on my lid then on my lash but not now. Instructions are not it English but it’s self explanatory.

Eunice Fort Davis, AL

Really cheesy

THIS is a great idea but only in theory. It does not work well at all. now wonder it was so cheap.

Paula Springfield, LA

bought it to try it out

not my cup of tea lol. now i just have it to have it. but it does get the job done lol

Robert Felt, OK


Its cute. I thought it would be small. Its a great help when doing your eyelashes in the car and the car keeps moving since it helps you to not stain 🙂 wasy to use too!

Angelica Hurdsfield, ND