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niceEshop Cosmetic Tool Red Handle Stainless Steel Nail Art Clipper/Acrylic Uv Gel False Tips Cutter

A must have product for manicure/pedicure. Professional nail clipper for acrylic false nails, artificial nails, natural nails, gel nails Sharp edge to cut the nails into desirable length & styles, e.g. well-cut, straight-edge, round edge, etc. Durable spring which can be used for long time Color:show as pictures. Notice: Color of pictures may varies by different monitor setting. All pictures are real stock photos. Package include: 1 x nail art clipper Please note: 1> niceEshop(TM) is a worldwide registered trademark and the only authorized seller of niceEshop branded products. 2> niceEshop(TM) items,packing,bar code and accessories are exclusive,any counterfeit niceEshop brand items and sellers should be prohibited. 3> niceEshop provides various kinds of great products(Electronics,Home&Garden,Beauty&Health,Clothing,shoes& Sports outdoors…etc) at lowest prices, welcome to our store!!!

Key features

  • Material: stainless steel; Size: 13 x 7.5 x 1.5cm
  • Professional nail clipper for acrylic false nails, artificial nails, natural nails, gel nails
  • Sharp edge to cut the nails into desirable length & styles, e.g. well-cut, straight-edge, round edge, etc.
  • Perfect for professional salon, studio or home use!
  • niceEshop quality warranty and brand new items.

Honest reviews


do the job

they work good but maybe could use to be a little sharper i noticed if i dont clamp down as fast then it bends the nail a tad. but overall good for the price and got here 3 days early

Agnes Joanna, SC

not arived yet

havent goten them yet stll wateing for them it is 11/14/13 and geting frustrated a bit on the delivery and all wishing it was here

Freida Slaterville Springs, NY


Excellent came in before projected due date and excellent good quality pair of nail clippers. A product you only have to buy once in your life unless you run it over with a truck.

Emma Sugar Grove, NC

Wrong Color than what I ordered

It cuts ok I guess. I actually ordered this in pink but I received an ugly red shade clipper, NOT what I wanted. I do nails and everything I own is pink and purple so this does not match everything else I have. Very disappointed!

Loraine Shelbyville, TX


this product does not have a traditional blade. it bends the nail and then causes it to stretch and snap at the cutting point until it snaps off. leaves a nice edge though. hard to get a rounded cut with this until you have some serious practice.

Kathy Rio Rancho, NM


I used to fiddle about cutting my nails cos ordinary clippers don’t let u go down to far so u either trim a little at time or cut one side then next which makes the nail week in middle an they split. This tool is wonderful as u just put your nails through to where u whant it clipped. It’s like a hand held giulletine lol

Catalina Willisburg, KY

Wrong wrong wrong!

I ordered this nail clipper a month ago. I finally got the package today and was excited to try them out but when I opened the package I got tweezers instead. I’ve already emailed the alert but haven’t heard back from them. Very dissatisfied and disappointed.

Eve Big Flat, AR

Great product and price

Use with acrylics; also an excellent price. In order to apply tips, it’s absolutely necessary to have these. Definitely recomend.

Ann Finleyville, PA

… and it makes clipping long nails short fast and easy.

Arrived fast and it makes clipping long nails short fast and easy.

Trina Lochmere, NH


I was so glad when the clippers came!! I have been wanting this for sometime now. They stuck a little bit, but after a little (tiny tiny bit) of WD-40 they worked great!!

Terry Manset, ME


This tool is fantastic. I was using scissors or nail clippers before to cut the acrylic nails, but this really makes my life easier!

Bernadette Climax, PA

Not shown with that color

This is a very good nail clipper it’s actually all sliver metal. Cuts very well sturdy, like it very much

Kimberly Mystic, GA


I bought this in hopes of it making it easier for me to trim false nails when I do my nails. Sadly on the thumbnails it bends them before it cuts them so the false nail is then weak and prone to breaking.

Olive Apple Springs, TX

works like a pro

this item works good when trying to remove an old full set. works just as good as what they use in the nail shop

Brianna Fort Worth, TX


great product I love it. makes clipping false tips easier and faster. I recommend these clippers to any professional nail tech. cant beat the price

Augusta Cantril, IA

Just as described

I am a beginner at nail art, and this is one of my first tools to build my kit.You will see this posted many times. I will put items to use as I gather them all together, from sellers I trust!

Kitty Lewiston, NY


When i first got this product I thought it felt very cheap, but I have put mine through a lot and they are very durable and work fantastically!

Kitty Knowlesville, NY

it’s ok

I like the item the handle felt kinda cheap but it hasn’t broke n that’s wat I like about it will be buying other items from this seller

Roxanne China Spring, TX

Does the Job

This acrylic nail clipper does exactly what its supposed to do. it clipps through the products without a problem. I would recommend it to anyone.

Kimberley Berea, WV

Needs to state this is not new

This did not appear new. When I tried it the blade is dull as well. It looks worn and I will have to purchase another one.

Edna Cleveland, NY


Delivery was longer than expected item too small for it to have taken so long to get to me. I haven’t used it yet but it dose not look like the picture at all it was all pink-as I chose it simply because I thought it was like the picture and it looks cheap in person. And its small as heck looks like something for a child to use. I will be back later to rate on the functionality.

Mona Rosebud, SD

its alright!

I bought it for my extra stuff. my old one is better though than this. no complain as long as it sharp. I will recommend this.

Eileen Lexington, NE

Soo cool

This item is so cool and the best thing about it is that it came in my favorite color pink. It’s of very good quality and it arrived sooner than expected. Definitely recommend it to everyone

Audra Darling, MS

these were great for me

these worked really well for me i have had them for well over a month with no problem i would recommend these to any one looking for a good cheap nail clipper

Lessie Nahant, MA


These nail clippers work very well. I love cutting my fake nails with them now! Soo much better than regular nail clippers!!

Eunice Loughman, FL


They’re alright. A little on the cheap side but it does cut the tips great. I wouldn’t recommend using them on trimming down nails with acrylic already on them.

Ellen Aspers, PA


Works just like my dog clippers. Make sure they are sharp or cold bend the artificial nail. Thank you for the design.

Beatrice Ford City, PA

FAB Cutter!

This cutter cuts my nail tips perfectly. It’s a good quality cutter. I got it within 10 days, so I’m happy with it!

Leila Delaware, OH

works great

i got these to clip fakies…and they work great…makes it easier to shape nails and get them the perfect length.

Eleanor Troy, ME


these work ok I am not sure if I got a bad pair or not because after a couple of uses the blade slanted and wouldn’t cut any longer I am getting another pair to try same brand I will find out if mine was defected or not

Edna Points, WV