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niceEshop Colorful Butterfly Flower Leaves Crystal Hair Clip Hair Pins

Exquisite vintage style bronze metal hair clip is a wonderful addition to your collection! Great for wedding,parties,special occasions,gifting or casual wearing. Package include: 1 x butterfly crystal hairpin Please note: 1> niceeshop(TM) is a registered trademark and the only authorized seller of niceeshop branded products. 2> niceeshop provide you various kinds of great products at the lowest possible prices, welcome to our store and get what you want !!! 3> niceeshop highly appriciate all customers’ opinions to improve the selling ,also if anything you unsatisfied, pls contact our customer service department for probable best solution.

Key features

  • Material:Alloy+crystal; Size:Approx 16×5.5cm/6.3×2.1inch
  • Antique design with multiple color gem beads
  • Beautiful shining Butterfly flower shape with Multiple colors gem beads
  • Forever fashion matching style for any color hair
  • Notice:colorful rhinestone,but we can’t ensure that the color of the rhinestone we dispatched is all the same.

Honest reviews


Pin me, baby!

In order to be fair, I want to state first that I have long, thick, auburn hair. There is a bit of curl to it (very much so when it is short) and my hair will stick out in a hundred different directions on a humid day (thanks, Mom!). So, while this hair stick is absolutely stunning, I had to use other products (and clips) to complete my look. Especially considering that my usual hair routine is to chuck it into a ponytail and braid it!Design & UseHair sticks date back many centuries, especially in the Far East, as Japanese women (especially during the Edo period) would put their hair into elaborate up-dos and use hairpins (as well as other hair accouterments) to keep their style from falling out. During that time, hairpins were also a status symbol, with the wealthiest women having them made in various fine metals with elaborate details. In terms of using the hair stick, nothing has really changed in modern times; this pin functions the same as those created centuries ago, although it is infinitely cheaper than one made of pure jade, for instance.As you can see from the picture, this hair stick is a bronze/gold color with colored rhinestones, a raised filigree, and a chain that dangles from the head of the piece. If looking at the hairpin from the front (meaning, the side with the rhinestones for decoration), the gems are set to look like leaves circling counter-clockwise on a vine. On the left side there are two large and two medium-sized gems used to create the wings of a butterfly. The tips of the antennae on the butterfly also have rhinestones. The chain actually dangles from a secondary loop in the chain, resulting in two ends. Each end has a different stone; one is a larger teardrop and the other is a small, faceted amethyst.QualityThe quality of this hair pin is what amazes me, especially considering the LOW cost! It is not easy to tell from the vendor’s photo of the piece, but the detailing on this piece is beautiful. It weighs a bit, coming in at 0.953 oz. (27.03 g.), and feels like it could withstand a lot of abuse. While it is heavier than I expected, it is still lightweight enough to hold a bun in place without pulling itself out of my hair. The only complaint that I have is that you have to be careful with the chain that dangles from the head of the hairpin; it sometimes gets tangled in my hair and I have to gently coax it out for fear of snapping the chain (or pulling out my hair).I said it before, but let me say it again, this hair stick is GORGEOUS! As a comparison, I bought some “chopsticks” for my hair that were made by Goody; they were some sort of amber-colored polymer, and they cost me MORE than this metal hairpin. The Goody brand had some grooves along the middle parts of each stick in order to keep them in place and not slide out of your hair. While this pin doesn’t have that, the raised filigree up and down the length of the stick serves the same purpose.OverallWhile some may consider this hairpin a bit ostentatious, I consider it a beautiful accessory to any outfit. Whether you want to add a touch of elegance to your hairdo or just like it for its great construction to keep your hair in place, this piece is definitely worth the wait to have in your jewelry box. Combined with other items that the vendor carries, you can have a rhinestone bracelet in the shape of a peacock, two barrettes with a beautiful swirl (with more rhinestones, of course!), and a lovely rhinestone owl necklace to finish off the ensemble. Conversely, if you want to take the more modest approach, just wearing this hair stick for the practical purpose of maintaining your messy up-do makes this piece a must-have. With the free shipping and insanely low cost, as long as you can wait for the item to arrive from China (it took about two weeks), what do you have to lose? Worst case, if it is not to your taste, it would make a beautiful gift to someone you care about.So what are you waiting for? Order a hairpin for yourself and a few for your friends for a great stocking-stuffer or as a birthday present. You will love it!***PS: I uploaded some of my own pictures of the hairpin in order to better explain the item description that I typed, above.***

Letitia Eubank, KY

Love it!

I love this thing. I have very long hair and I like to wear it different ways, this is just 1 more way that I can dress my hair up. I don’t see any cons unless you don’t know how to use it and that would be your own fault.

Jackie Fort Washington, PA


a bit heavy but it was what I expected. DIdn’t absolutely love it because of its weight and length. I wish it would be longer than it is.

Tracy Brandon, VT


I expected a piece of junk. These are lovely! Beautiful and I plan to purchase more.You will be waiting a long time for delivery though and one small piece appears to have fallen off. But you can’t tell.

Thelma Blue River, WI

hair stick pin and peacock hair pin.

These are just beautiful. I’ve ordered the whole collection and linned them in a tin box. they are beautiful. I’ve also given a few as gifts. Thank you for such beautiful hair pins. My sister also use them as pins for scarfs and shalls. Just lovely.

Joyce Grants Pass, OR


This item took a while to get here but its worth it , very nicely made and looks really fancy ,love the colors and details.

Carey Thomaston, TX


This lovely hair pen looks beautiful and is much easier on the hair than a scrunchy or band. It adds a little someting extra as well

Cecile Crawford, OK


The shipping took about a month and a half, but when I got the hair pin it was in good condition (no jewels falling off, not broken or snapped). The end with the jewels is very heavy and keeps falling out of my hair, but for such a cheap price complaining about little things like that sounds petty. Overall a good product.

Eliza Lewisville, AR

Gorgeous and well worth the long wait.

I got this in the mail today after waiting almost one month, and after seeing the quality of the item it was worth it. :)The size, quality of the stones and how the item is completely finished even on the back amazed me for the tiny price that I paid, the colors are also perfect for fall.

Tommie Lansing, MN

Very nice; lost a few stones

Very nice and a great price. The metal is pretty sturdy, but a few stones fell out very shortly after I got it so I no longer wear it. It is not high quality, but I think you would expect that from the price. Very pretty when it is intact!

Deborah Carville, LA

Very nice!

This hair clip is MUCH nicer than I expected. My daughter loved it and took this one so I have to order me another one. Buy you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Mercedes Gem, KS


Very unique very pretty. The picture online doesn’t do it justice. Its a very pretty piece to have.Many compliments when its wore.

Leslie Ronan, MT

nice and sturdy

its beautiful and of good quality i really love this product its reat for chic buns, a great piece for the collection

Deidra Jonesville, KY

It’s very pretty.

And it seems solidly made. It’s great for the price. I would definitely recommend it for someone who wanted something cute and stylish. and it holds up my very thick bra strap length hair okay.

Saundra Fennville, MI


This is a stunning hair ornament! It’s not too blingy, and the colors of the stones should look good on any hair color. I’m too chicken to depend on it to hold all my hair (there’s a lot of it), but it’s gorgeous stabbed through a chignon or a messy bun. It has enough texture that it won’t fall out. I love the dangly pieces. So elegant

Marla Neosho Falls, KS

What a steal for such a cute hair pin!

The stem has engravings all the way down it. Definitely looks worth much more than I paid. Was even better than pictured! I have gotten sooo many compliments on this. Love it!

Tonya Farmersburg, IN

So beautiful

This is such a great hair accessory for someone with long hair who enjoys adding a little bling to their look. LONG shipping time if you’re in the states, but so beautiful. Great price and worth the wait!

Karin Chelsea, VT


Very Beautiful, feels solid and it’s exactly the same as they say. No crystals missing and nothing loose, I’m very happy with my purchase. If you want something to hold your hair up and decorate it to look beautiful this is it. It matches with everything so that’s a plus as well.

Simone Waka, TX

great for buns

If you want to dress up your bun or up do this will do the trick. Finally hair jewlery for long hair!

Ollie Annabella, UT

Pretty but….

a little too much for everyday wear. This would be pretty if you were wearing a mandarin collar dress or shirt. It definitely has that oriental look to it.

Amalia Seneca, NE


This product is so unbelievable. The photo doesn’t get it the justice it deserves. This is such a beautiful piece and it is very well made. I haven’t seen this type of hair pin before, but I LOVE IT. I would recommend this product for everyone.

Lilian Bethania, NC

High quality product

this came pretty quick (considering how far it had to travel), high quality brass. My only complaint is that the little chain that dangles gets caught in your hair and pulls it. Other than that, works nicely

Roslyn Hayes Center, NE


Gave it to my grandma because she has super long hair. It looks stunning. She didn’t believe me when I told her how little it cost. Very pretty but probably for long hair only or medium hair with half up style.

Hilda Jeffersonville, VT

like it

Very cute for the price. The dangles sometimes bother me if I wear it when being very active though. But its cute.

Addie Elk Creek, NE

Cute Hair Accent

I haven’t used this yet so as far as durability I can’t say but as far as the piece itself for looks I thought it was cute as can be and would make a great hair pin. I don’t wear my hair up much until summer months so that is why I haven’t use it yet. I think for the price you can’t go wrong.

Eloise Cosby, MO

Very nice

I really like this for my hair. It’s very pretty and seems to be made well. :-)Sincerely, Mrs. Rick

Lucinda Pine Level, AL

good for a few uses

Its pretty but the stones fell out aftera few uses but I only needed it for a special occasion

Amy Dewart, PA

Beautiful hair peice!

This is very well made and substantial, but not overly heavy. It has no clip, so it can hold thick hair (which mine is not) or be worn as an ornament for your hair. Again it is very beautiful. I’m happy with this purchase.

Guadalupe Garber, OK

cheap and low quality

Its ok but low quality. Will just last u for one use.

Jesse Theodosia, MO

Love, Love

I absolutely love this. It’s cheap and pretty, so I wasn’t one hundred percent sure what I would receive. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how nice it is in person. A jewel or two is slightly off center but that’s fine with me! 🙂

Olive South Holland, IL