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Brand New Perfect choice for professional or personal use. Help to create your own designs on finger or toe nails. YOU CAN REFULL WITH NAIL POLISH REMOVER Very Easy to use and remove nail polish.

Key features

  • YOU CAN REFULL WITH NAIL POLISH REMOVER Very Easy to use and remove nail polish
  • liquid
  • correct
  • nail pen
  • corrector pen

Honest reviews


Too Soon To Tell

The varnish arrived quicker then expected and I was pleased with the packaging it was in. However I have not been able to try it out and see if it was a five star rating or not. Quality speaks for it’s self and you usually get what you pay for.

Charmaine Gervais, OR

Love and Easy to Clean up your Nails

I like using these pens because clean up of your nail polish is so much easier and exact that your nails look very professional. You get a lot of pens and extra tips to change out but one tip will last a long time even though color is on it it wont bleed into the next polih change. I love these.

Dana Chester, GA

Works great when dealing with regular polish. Not so well with Acrylic Paint.

Usually I do lengthy reviews but this will be a simple one. These pens do what they are suppose to. I was tired of using Q-tips to clean up my cuticles and around the edges of my nails when I got polish on them.1. YES there isn’t much nail polish remover in them when you first get them. They feel almost like a oily dry but you can take the tip off and refill it with your nail polish remover of your choice. Also you can DIP the tip in the nail polish remover and use it that way as well.2. If the tip has too much polish on them, you will need to change to a new tip. Trying to continue to use a dirty tip will result in you smearing the polish back on your nails and wherever your using it. Trust me.. I’ve done this.3. Does this clean up acrylic paint? Uhh… maybe for one side of the nail.. on the skin but thats it. It’s true paint so it will cover the tip more and make it harder to use resulting in you having to switch tips more than you like to. I have regular nail polish remover, protein enriched nail polish remover, and I have 100% Acetone Nail polish remover. Since this is a review on the pens, I would suggest filling them with 100% Acetone remover because it works WAY better than the regular removers and quicker. Just remember to use cuticle oil or some type of moisturizer on your hands and nails after you use it because the downside is that it does dry out any area it touches.4. When using Acrylic paint I’ve had to go back to using Q-Tips to clean up most of it first and then use the pen to clean up the area closer to the nail bed because Q-Tips are too big to get that close.These pens are great for clean up of regular nail polish but if your using acrylic, not so much unless your using 100% Acetone in your pen. But then again Acrylic paint is just that, PAINT.

Elaine Gracemont, OK

Love my purchase!

I got my pens and was pleasantly surprised to see that they work just fine and ahead of the expected delivery date. I also like the fact that I can refill them with my own polish remover when they dry up and the price is so awesome!! Like that they have a lil’ weight to them and that they are so big is a plus also. Will recommend and buy again from this seller in the future.

Esperanza Dale, IN

make my job easier

can wait to use this item it will help me a lot… thanks very much hope it does what i need to be done… didn’t have that much liquid in it but that is fine… it still does the job.

Bernice Covington, VA

good corrections

I gave this product three stars as it was a little hard to get started but after pushing on the tip to get ltarted it finally took off the edges I had over painted . The extra tips came in handy. Good thing there were three extra tips.

Aurelia Mountain Home, NC

Great price

These work perfectly, I just wipe them on a towel after erasing to keep product from building up. Each has 3 replacement tips so they last forever.

Bianca New Albany, IN

Not the greatest

I am not impressed with these. The nail polish remover dries up very quickly. I found it easier to dip the tips directly into polish remover to clean up my nails. The only reason they are not getting one star is because I have been able to use these using this method. Better than trying to use a Q-tip to clean up I guess.

Lee Denison, TX

Great product.

I like them a lot. They definitely work, except for the things that everyone else is saying. You just have to dip the tips into nail polish remover and they work great. I don’t mind doing this since they’re definitely cheap. They also come with tip replacements which is useful since it seems like you have to replace it every time you paint your nails and use it.

Lucy Hopatcong, NJ


I’ve purchased something like this before, but these are useless. You’re supposed to be able to refill them with fingernail polish and have the the polish moisten the tip, but I couldn’t see how. So, all they really are is a hard tip to use in place of a Q-tip when you’re cleaning nail polish from your cuticles. You dip your pen in nail polish remover and use it that way.

Sabrina New Wilmington, PA


They work but I had to add more nail polish to them they seemed extremely dry at first to me

Estela Davenport, ND

Really cute colors.

They are really cute colors the only thing is that when you fill them up with nail polish remover they dry so fast. And I finish using nail polish remover in a cup and dipping the tip of it and that’s how it works for me. I really like it. I gave to my friends they are five that came. Great for a gift.

Audra Montegut, LA


Eh, it was okay. Doesn’t work as well as I thought it was going to.

Cecile Holtwood, PA


These pens r cool they work rather well a couple r dry I have to figure out how to fill them and u can bc another review said she refilled hers.. easy to handle picks up unwanted polish in a snap I like them and it was a good purchase…

Crystal Middleton, ID

Really Good Idea

10 Minutes after our 10 yr. old got her "Salon" for Christmas, 3/4 of a bottle of nail polish was gone and the house smelled horrible. Once I showed her how to touch up with these pens we can breathe again. They can be refilled easy so it is a great solution for the mistakes.

Carla Norris, SC



Lora Eastville, VA

Remover corrector pen

I would have given 5 stars but I have one minor problem with the tip of the pen. The tip of the pen is a bit bulky, so when I’m correcting my nails, it takes too much nail polish off the nail. I’m trying to figure this out. For the most part, I’m satisfied with the product. I received the product well before the expected arrival dates. Thank you!

Celia Barnum, MN

Love it

I bought these to try and they work great we really like this product and would recommend this to friends.

Wilda Owenton, KY

to be expected

some were dry some were not. since they can be refilled its not a problem. love how many tips they give. helps out to make fast corrections

Lila Coleman, GA

very simple, clever design

These tubes were nearly dry when they came, but I think that was the intention of the vendor. I’m just not sure why. At any rate, I soaked all the tips from one pen in a bowl of 100% acetone remover.Meanwhile, I filled the tube itself with the same remover.If you look, you can see inside the tube a long ‘wick’ of the same material as the tips. I took an eyedropper and filled the tube, waited half an hour and then filled it some more. By that time the wick had soaked in all of what I had put in the tube, so there was room for more. Then I replaced the tips, and was good to go.This lasted me several weeks before I needed to refill. If your tip gets clogged with polish, just soak it in remover for a few hours, and you can then re-use that tip. Meanwhile, just use one of your pre-soaked tips. I have had this for a few months now, I use it at least twice a week, and the tips are still like new on the first pen. The other pens are still in the original bag, waiting to be used!EDITED TO ADD:Another use I have found is that these work great to fix smudges! If you smudge a nail, just take the flat part of the tip and GENTLY smooth over the smudge. If you very lightly brush it over the smudge, you can smooth out your polish. Then, wait until the polish is completely dry, then add a thin coat of polish to that nail. It may not be perfect, you can make it look almost new this way. 1/8/2014

Noemi Michigantown, IN


These are ok, I was hoping for a better tool to clean up the edges of my nails but but this isn’t a perfect solution.

Wilda Earleton, FL

Love these!!!

These pens work great! I have tremors in my hands, so I tend to paint my nails messy. These polish remover pens come in real handy for me. There is no odor and they come with replacement tips. Good bang for your buck! I would recommend these to anyone…I love them!

Maryellen Mount Victory, OH

Not enough Acetone!

I just received this a few days ago, took like 21/2 weeks to get to me, but I have not used it yet. Based n what noticed they seen like they dont have enough acetone in them, so they dont really clean well.

Mina Waretown, NJ

A good concept but………..

I really can’t say too much about this but it was a very great idea and concept but I guess something don’t work out all the time I’m not saying it didn’t work but just not for me sorry I’m sure ur a ok seller but didn’t turn out for me that’s all

Francesca Saint Albans, WV

Very handy!

This is an awesome tool to use with at home mani/pedi’s! Fixes mistakes much better than a Qtips. I’m wondering if the people who commented on these being dry are aware that you’re supposed to dip these in nail polish remover before use! It’s up to the user how wet or dry they want to make the cotton tip. You will not find a better price anywhere! Cheaper than a pack of Qtips, too!

Rosie Warrington, PA

easy to use and comes at an amazing price

its so easy to use and so cheap and thats what i like about this product.if the tip gets dry dip it in aceton for 2mins and voila it start to work just fine. you can refill the tues later on and go on and on with it.

Marie Munday, TX

Great even with RED

Got here earlier than predicted, still a few weeks, but at the cheap cheap price, I’m not complaining! IDK why I forgot they came filled, so that was a pleasant surprise. I’m storing mine upright in my nail kit, and plan to put them in a ziploc bag or canning jar to keep them fresh longer. I had recently painted my nails with OPI in a dark red color and was having a little trouble removing it from the sidewalls, so I decided to pop out one of these pens, fill it with acetone, and give it a try. When I realized they came filled, I just used the product in them, and it worked great! Even using the "hold then swipe" method to take off reds, it’s difficult to remove all traces. These little pens are great for working into those edges and corners that like to trap color, leaving my nails spotless 🙂

Amie Williamsville, VA

This product works like a charm

This product works like a charm. I love that it came with extra tips. I would order this product again..

Patrica Ethan, SD


My teens love these nail polish eraser sticks. A great addition to any nail station or nail guru in the house.

Jodi Harborside, ME

nail art

price was great they were easy to use and convenient to keep in purse a quick and easy item to use

Meagan Dammeron Valley, UT