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Various colors choice for your nail art decoration for different situation like party,activity.. Used with nail liquid and nail accessories,will create various pictures,appear Three-dimension carving pattern,makes your nail look more elegant.

Key features

  • Brand new and high quality 12 Different Colors Acrylic Powder For Nail Art
  • Box Set Package,More Secure,Not Easy To BreakDimensions:1.14×0.59 inch / 2.9×1.5 cm (DiaxH)
  • Add a fresh color to your nails without harming your nails
  • Dress up your nails with itThe finish has a high-shine look
  • Colors as pictured. (may slightly defer due to monitor settings).

Honest reviews


Just what I wanted!

I was a little hesitant to buy this product, because all the colors appear to be the same, but I bought it anyways. When I got it I was very happy to se that there are a wide selection of colors, and yes, there are a few that are light but it’s sill perfect.

Virginia Telford, TN

Not worth your money

Half of the product is in’s just not worth it, don’t do it, you’re better off buying the jumpo product!

Pamala Patch Grove, WI

Can’t give a 5, because I am learning~ but it arrived in great shape~ 🙂

Arrived on time, and in great shape. Such nice colors!I haven’t tested these yet, but I am looking forward to the results!I am a beginner at nail art, and this is one of my first tools to build my kit.You will see posts like these from me many times. I will put items to use as I gather them all together, from sellers I trust!

Billie Petaluma, CA

Good product and fast shipping!

I got this before the date that it was supposed to be in which is a plus! And I did use this colored powder. I started with the pink which is a very pretty color and it was a good solid color not see through it went on easily. I just started doing my own nails so im no professional but this was very easy to work with. But I did only get one use out of it, I don’t know if it was my liquid or just me:)

Lorie Cochranton, PA

Dark colors and dries super fast

I don’t know if it’s me or the product, but it seems to dry very fast and won’t leave you much time to work on it (I couldn’t get a good smile line with these like I do with my white powder) I’ve used 3 colors so far: baby blue, purple and red. The purple looks very light but is actually super dark almost looked blue. What I really like about it is the variety of colors and the presentation, it comes in a hard plastic box with 12 small containers. It’s a fair deal for the price you pay.

Sheryl Talking Rock, GA


I just received my order, and I must say I’m a little disappointed. Although the price was very cheap, half of the containers hardly had any product in them. Also,the main reason I ordered these was because I wanted the black and the red that it clearly shows in the photo… I didn’t receive either one. Instead I received a horrible brown color and an awful green in their place. I guess the saying is true, you get what you pay for, but at the same time, this is also false advertisement. I WILL NOT be ordering from this seller again.

Kendra Auto, WV

colored acrylic

i recieved mine a few days ago and was disappointed to find the plastic case cracked, the acrylic jars were very tiny and some of the jars were even half empty. some of the colors were pretty cute. but for 3 dollars i cant really complain!

Leanna Penfield, PA

awesome colours

Didn’t like the packaging much though but lovely colours

Marcy Broadway, OH

loved the product

great awesome product at great price…… i dont know what people use this or how because i did hesitate to order when i saw lots of negative reviews but i decided to order and ive done my nails an my daighters and ive loved the colors. i mix these with acrylic powder and use a very small amount if these color acrylics and make some awesome colors and have enought to do more than one set………..

Hilda Pocahontas, MS

Small, but great for the price

Beautiful colours, smaller than I expect (as I did not check the dimensions), shipping was fast and they are exactly as described in the description. Will definately buy the product again.

Chelsea Smithfield, UT


The colors are so adorsble! They are so cheap too! They come in a really cute container too! The colors are extremely vibrant and adorable 🙂

Consuelo Points, WV


Received these way earlier than delivery date. These are pretty small containers but they seem like they will last me awhile.I used the Pink and Black colors already, they worked fine. I’m happy with my purchase.

Tami Shelby, IN

very colorful

I just recieved my powders today. They came very quickly which was a big surprised because i was not expecting them for three to four weeks and it came in a week. The colors are very beautiful and came with a card to fill out if i had any problems with the product that they will replace it with no problems. I will buy more of these from this seller.

Kaitlyn Mansfield Depot, CT

cute colors

i love the colors so bright and fun but there rather small cases but fun for personal use, overall worth it

Courtney Peetz, CO

Nice Colors

I love the colors! To many that complained about the amount you get, you are suppose to mix it with clear acrylic. Delivery was quick, packaged well, will buy from again.

Megan Van Nuys, CA


Works well but the only problem is the containers some had more than some in them and the containers are very small. But other than that the product works well.

Ella Norwood, MA


not like my other order the other ones was biger what happened to this order all wrong not what i wanted

Alba Wagarville, AL

Pretty neat stuff!!!!

the colors were vibrant I love the fact that you only use very little mixed with clear and the color is still really bright.

Michael Alvin, IL

Great powder

These are really pretty vibrant colored power . They come out great with my regular clear acrylic powder. Strong colors.

Essie Adams, MN

great colors, very pigmented!

great colors, very pigmented! green case was cracked but not spilled and containers are small but since they are so pigmented you don’t need much! Would recommend and would buy again!

Gena Jeromesville, OH


Love the colors and how easy they are to use. I will be buying more here very soon. Cant wait.

Bobby Hulbert, OK



Juanita Blowing Rock, NC

not bad

beautiful bright colors. Easy enough to work with. Pleased and ready to use on my nails. Only wish they came in larger sizes

Anita Trout Dale, VA

Happy with purchase

they are a great size if u plan on doing your own nails or even for practice i am happy with my purchase

Leonor Kayenta, AZ


not the good acrilic

Rosalinda Thomson, IL

12 Mix Colors Acrylic Powder Builder Nail Art Set

i bought this set to use specifically for the molds for 3-d nail art. this powder is perfect for that. i wouldn’t use it on my actual nail because when it dries it dries sticky, almost gummy like…but it’s perfect for molds…maybe for doing 3-d nail art on the nail but i haven’t tried that yet. i only use it in molds and it works great.

Kim Tiverton, RI


I do NOT reccommend this. The things are tiny and its not really what I thought. The box says glitter on it. Smallest thing ever. So not worth the price.

Bridgett Shelby, IN

great colors

although there was some powder spilled inside the packaging, it didnt seem to be the powders in my case though thank goodness!

Leticia Pawnee City, NE

great colors

I love the colors that are in these. There isn’t a huge amount of each powder, however for the price it is what i would expect. I am looking forward to using them more soon, and getting a little more creative. They were delivered very quickly and was very happy and surprised. 🙂

Francis Navajo, NM


Do not like the weak texture of this product to me its runny glad i didnt buy alot! this not to mention the containers arent filled with a good amount i realize the containers are small but can they atleast fill those close to max?

Jannie Camp Crook, SD