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Nia 24 Sun Damage Repair for Décolletage and Hands, 5 fl. oz.

This Pro-Niacin nutrient-rich body cream delivers intense moisture while diminishing the appearance of age spots and discolorations.

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NIA 24 Saves Sun Damaged Skin

NIA 24 products are my new favorites because they deliver what they promise: protection and repair of sun damaged skin. Like so many women, I spent much of my youth baking on the beach, never dreaming I would pay the price for that perpetual tan later in my adulthood, with rough skin texture and strange looking speckles. Yuck. Fortunately, these are EXACTLY the problems NIA 24 products were formulated to address. At first, I was worried about using them, as my skin is extremely sensitive, but my fears were quickly put to rest and I experienced no adverse reactions. In fact, the products semm to heal skin irritations, while erasing sun damage. If you are experiencing prematurely aged skin due to excessive sun exposure, these are the products for you, but remember, NIA 24 is made to address problems associated with SUN DAMAGE, not hereditary aging. But, for reformed beach bunnies like me, there is hope! Another useful tip…NIA 24 products work synergistically with Retin-A and results for both are magnified, with much less drying and irritation than using Retin-A alone.

Kara Irving, TX

Very expensive product with no results……

I’ve given this product a couple of tries but have yet to see any results. It is also irritating for sensitive skin. I could not use it on a daily basis. Will not continue to buy it.

Helen Cokeville, WY

Broke Out In HIVES from this product

I’ve bought several of the NIA skin care products; I bought this product from a medi spa where these products were really being pushed. I applied it exactly as directed and a few hours later broke out in hives to all areas applied to…decolletage & throat,hands,forearms,neck and lower face. Now you may think…maybe it was something else that made the hives pop up? …but the thing was you could actually see exactly where my hands & fingers had applied it to my skin and it happened 2 x’s, the first time I was not sure it was this product,Sun Damage Repair Decolletage & Hands…but you could see the trail of where my hand & fingers had applied it…all red w/ small pustule-like bumps/hives…it left brown spots after healing. It left my skin damaged w/ brown spots where the pustules/hives had been…now I have to do TCA peels to remove the brown scarring I was left with. I will not use this again and I’m using up other NIA24 products and going back to exclusively to Perricone. I am ok with some of the other NIA24 products but they do seem to contain high amounts of waxy substances that leave a residue on my facial skin.Not just disappointed with this…upset!

Glenna Ballwin, MO

It really works!

Like many other moisturizer products I’ve tried, I wasn’t expecting this to actually do what it says it’s going to do. I was surprised to feel after just one use, my skin was softer than I had ever felt it before. After two weeks there is 85% marked improvement in the sun damage on my chest. I’m floored. It’s like having brand new skin. Needless to say, I’m ordering more.

Janine Freeburg, MO

Love this stuff

Really protects hands well; worth the buckos. one two three four five six seven eight nine ten more words required

Cindy Sprague, NE

Does Work

I have been using this product for about a year and it has reduced most of those rough spots that you get from past years in the sun. I’m in my 60’s and this product has really helped a great deal. I only wish that it had a better smell, but once it’s applied the smell goes away after a bit. I am very pleased with this product.

Eileen Hansville, WA

Very good product

The only reason I am giving this 4, instead of 5 stars, is that it’s a real pity that it contains just 2,5% niacinamide, and not 5%.

Angie Loganville, GA

wonderful cream

This is really wonderful cream. I use it not only hands and decolletage, on my face too. Great as a day cream. I use it together with NIA24 spf 30 Sunscreen. I love the smell and the quality of this cream. It is very light and moisturizing. I have a lot of sun damage, I am using this line for 10 months already, my skin is much more better. It is not a miracle, I still have a lot of sun damage but overall I am happy with this product. I will be buying more and it is very economical 5 oz /(150 ml) lasts forever! Highly recommend this line!

Lilian Loyal, OK

Reversing those reckless years

This contains a silky blend of antioxidants, plant oils, etc., and does repair sun damage and minor discolorations, albeit slowly, perhaps due to the lower concentration of niacinamide. As someone who spent most of her life in the tropics, and in the early years basking in the sun drenched in only baby oil, I now have the sun spots to prove it. (Thanks to genetics not the wrinkled skin, but I digress. The sun spots on my hands, arms and chest have gone from a medium cocoa to light caramel and with prolonged use of this product at night, along with sunscreen during the day, I anticipate continued results.One additional note, I’m a big fan of Nia24 Skin Strengthening Complex and since this cream delivers niacinamide, yet in a larger package (almost 3x the size) and at a lower price, I thought I’d try this for my face. Since this only contains half of the concentration and the ingredients are slightly different, it doesn’t deliver the same results as the complex and also caused minor break outs. Use this cream for its intended purpose and spring for the complex for your face.

Madeline Belgium, WI