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Nia 24 Sun Damage Prevention Broad Spectrum SPF 30 UVA/UVB Sunscreen, 2.5 fl. oz.

Patented Pro-Niacin helps repair past damage and rebuilds the skin barrier. Chemical sunscreens protect against UVA/UVB rays, providing ultimate sun protection in a lightweight, hydrating formula.

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Not recommended for sensitive skin

I have sensitive, acne prone skin. I wanted to like this sunscreen but unfortunately it broke me up and so I returned it after a week of use.

Kim Blanding, UT

Best sunscreen ever

Love this sunscreen. Smells great too. Very nice to go on and not slimy or oily. I’ve been using this no problems for about 2 years.

Caroline Chicken, AK

hands downs down one of the best skin care companies out there

Nia24, hands downs down one of the best skin care companies out there!

Nona Johnson, AR

Acts like a skin treatment

I’m sorry I can only give it a 5 star rating. I have used many sunscreens, some of them good, and a lot of junk. This is the ultimate sunscreen, when I apply it to my skin, it immediately looks as if I just had a facial treatment. I have NEVER used A skin product that works so fabulously.For the reviews who said it is not for sensitive skin, I have very sensitive skin, so perhaps there may be something in the product that a person could be sensitive too. And before purchasing this product, you need to understand it contains Niacin Powder. Which is good for your skin, but it may turn it red, if you have ever taken Niacin before, you will understand it can cause flushing of the skin. This is not harmful, and it will disappear pretty quickly.I applied it to my face once, when I was going out to do some gardening, it was around 90 degrees, when I returned inside I noticed my face looked very sunburned, and thought I had not been out long enough to get a sunburn, and I had used the NIA 24 sunscreen. I checked it, and seen it contained Niacin Powder, and I know that was the reason. It went away, almost as quickly as it appear. I felt no discomfort. You have to understand what Niacin does to the skin. So research this, so that you are not alarmed.My only negative feed back with NIA 24 is that it is pricy, and recently being divorce, although my standards have not changed, my budget has. It would be great to get it for less, and Amazon is the place, if you consider S&H; as well.But it is true, from my years of experience, you get what you pay for, because when a product is this awesome the manufacturer is able to sell it at a higher price, because we want it bad enough to pay. I recently bought another off brand Niacin creme, but have only been using it about 2 weeks, which cost much less. Whether or not it is doing anything for my skin, I am not sure, it may be, but it does not feel as nice as the NIA 24, and it obviously contains cheaper ingredients.So if you are in need but absolutely cannot afford the NIA 24, then it is a good way to go, but I will say, I have never felt anything so luxurious as the NIA 24. I am going to try to squeeze it into my budget.

Manuela Terre Haute, IN

Not what I wanted…

why do they make 2 products with the same name that look almost exactly alike. probably could have returned it except my wife had opened it… she thought they had changed the formulation

Terra Artie, WV