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Nia 24 Skin Strengthening Complex, 1.7 fl. oz.

Fortified cream delivers continual moisture as well as barrier-building benefits of clinical strength Pro-Niacin. Reduces the appearance of discolorations and minimizes fine lines and wrinkles.

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Good Product!

I started using this a couple of months ago and am now on my second tube. (You really don’t have to use much at all but I liked it so much I began using it all over my body!). It really does thicken the skin, reduce the pore size, lessen the wrinkles and “cave ins”, eliminate sun, age-spots and in just a few weeks time. It’s actually pretty amazing. I also use the repair creme at night (this one I only use in the morning). Their sunscreen is excellent too . NIA24 is my new cosmetic staple. It’s worth the money.

Madeleine Wagon Mound, NM

Was a Skeptic But Now a Believer!

I ordered the NIA24 Skin Strengthening Complex twice. After the first tube, I could not understand the hype and would have only given it 1 star. It did absolutely nothing for me. However, the second tube really made a difference. I noticed immeidate results. My skin became more supple, smooth and firm. The product even started to fade and even out some of my discoloration.This lotion is definitely worth trying out despite the hefty price tag. However given my experience, this might be one of those products that require continuous use. Even if you do not see immediate results, it might be worth it to purchase a second tube for maximum results. In fact, the second tube impressed me so much that I ordered the entire NIA24 line.Tip: I started to use a slightly damp “beauty sponge” to apply the lotion to my skin with my second tube. That might explain the the dramatic difference in the efficacy of the product.

Marilyn Ionia, IA

Using to counteract effects of wax, seems to work

I can’t take threading my brows as it’s simply too painful so I started using NIA to counteract the effects of constant waxing and to thicken skin, especially since I’ve started using some Retinols.It’s worked for that purpose as there’s been no active damage to my skin but it certainly has not helped with anything else (pigmentation, fine lines, clarity). I used it twice a day with sunscreen for about two months and then cut back to once a day now. Will probably skip repurchasing as it’s too pricey for what it does.

Fannie Bolinas, CA

It’s bad news when your mom brings you new moisturizer

I had been using Clinique every single day for more than 30 years when my mom showed up with a bag filled with Nia24 products. She handed them to me and then peered at my face as closely as she could, she being so much SHORTER than I. Her eyebrows had this sort of IT’S TIME written all over them.I am always a little leery of new products so I looked at these for a while, opened the tubes and sniffed them, put tiny amounts on dry skin on my hands. Finally I went all in and started using this moisturizer daily. It is very light and unscented. It absorbs very quickly.It took about a year to use the original supplies that my mom brought me and during that time the product became much easier to find.The price? I have become so used to the relatively inexpensive Clinique, that the price of Nia24 products seemed a little excessive at first. But then I realized this tube lasted about six months. And really all I had to do was look in the mirror. My skin is healthier and stronger. It almost glows.

Georgia Piney Woods, MS

sun spots – some improvement

I hate to write it but no visible help with my sun spots. I used it twice a day for 1 month along with nia24 cleanser and scrub plus spf 30 daily..still hope..But I like the cream, the consistency, the smell, everything!Update 05/23/11: I really see improvement, highly recommend this line!!!!

Maricela Pomfret, MD

Rich, but contains Propylparaben and Retinyl Acetate (Vitamin A)

This rich cream felt great on my skin, but I’ve been trying to eliminate harsh chemicals from my skin care regime. EWG rates this a 6, see on, mostly due to Propylparaben and Retinyl Acetate (Vitamin A). I’ve seen a lot of other reviews for NIA products and most people complain about the scent, they do not like it. I like it, but do think the company uses too much fragrance.

Elise Oasis, UT

Exceptionally well-formulated moisturizer

This is one of the best moisturizers I have tried in years for my sun damaged, prone to blemishes skin. The claims are accurate and it is indeed capable of repairing and replenishing–I have seen marked improvements in my skin with continued use. The greatest difference is in lightening sun-induced discolorations. Due to the cost, I have tried less expensive formulas containing niacinamide with limited (or no) results. After just a week of going back to Nia24, I can already see the difference and I do not experience break outs as I have with other products.This is a lightweight cream that goes on silky smooth and beyond the niacinamide it contains a combination of emollients, cell communicating and skin identical ingredients and antioxidants, all of which I look for in all of my skincare products. As well, it is packaged in an opaque tube which keeps these ingredients active (exposure to air and light breaks down antioxidants, etc.) and also keeps the cream free of bacteria (from continually dipping your fingers in jar packaging). I know one of the reviewers complained about the packaging, I’d rather keep the expensive ingredients active and germ free, thank you very much. Please make all of your other products available in pump or tube packaging and I will be a total convert.

Tanya Salem, CT

Love this stuff

At first, I put it straight on my skin without any other moisturizer. I was feeling a hot sensation and some dryness. I use Retinol about 2x/week in the Winter and every day in the other months so I was surprised I felt any discomfort. After reading their website, I realized you need to build up your tolerance to it and after a few minutes soaking in, add moisturizer on top. Since doing this, it feels great.

Barbara Holland, IA

Good for an over all moisturizer

I dont think it does miracle, and evening out the skin tone depend on how much pigmentation issues you have, Over all it is a good moisturizer but I think there is too much hype over Nia 24. I use it as day cream. I may buy it next time or try another cream so I gave this a 4 star.

Lakeisha Fremont, CA

I hate it.

I wonder how people give it a good review. This product increased my wrinkles and burnt my skin. The texture is good but the quality is bad. And the price is too much for the size. Believe me please save your money I bought both the eye and face cream and had to return them. Both were bad quality.

Juliet Urbana, MO

Five Stars

Great product, does what it says for sure!

Sophia Nevada, MO

Great as Usual!

I’ve been using this for about 2 years now and it’s wonderful! I would recommend it for anyone who wishes to get the best for their skin.

Whitney Kenilworth, UT

good stuff

I have been using this product for about a month. I am 47 years old and i look good for my age. I have good skin. I can’t say that this product has created any miracles for my skin, it does feel good when i put it on. It sinks in nicely. I will buy again.

Lindsay Grover, MO