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Nia 24 Eye Repair Complex, 0.5 fl. oz.

Ultra-rich clinical strength Pro-Niacin eye cream quickly penetrates to firm and brighten while minimizing dark circles, lines, and puffiness.

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Great product

I discovered NIA24 by accident and am now an avid user of all their products. I use this one in the morning . It has made an incredible and noticable difference in my skin. Thicker, more contoured, smoother , less blotchy. Age spots are diminishing and there is instead a clarity and luminescence. I use this line with Z.Bigatti and my skin never looked this good when I was 25!

Candace Blair, SC

I hate it

I wonder how people give it a good review. This product increased my wrinkles and burnt my skin. The texture is good but the quality is bad. And the prices it too much for the size. Believe me please save your money

Gussie Saluda, VA

Good Eye Cream…but…

I’ve purchased the Eye Repair Cream 2 times now; no problems with it but I do think it’s a little waxy and I get a residue near outer corners of my eyes. Definately see an improvement to my eyelids, especially with the upper eye area…would purchase this again. The 3/5 rating because I’ve used some really top products out there..but yes this is a good product….

Melisa Wimberley, TX

The jar was not sealed

I first bought this at a plastic surgeons office, the staff loved it. The first jar I used did not go far, you tend to use more than suggested to feel like it covers the upper and lower eyes. Thought I would try it again but I noticed immediately that the jar I purchased at my doctor’s office was sealed with a sticky tab and the one I purchased online did not have that tab on the jar lid. One other thing that concerned me was the temperature it sat in outside until I got home that evening from work. The cost savings was nice but it still bothers me that it wasn’t sealed and I wonder if the low temps that day affected the product.

Sheri Cresson, TX

Hydrates but eye-bags appeared

While I liked the product initially because it does hydrate well something started to happen that I thought might be coincidence. I started noticing eye bags. I thought at first maybe I was ingesting too much salt, not hydrated, not getting enough rest, etc. Eventually I suspected it’s the NIA complex and discontinued it. The bags started disappearing. A month later I tried it again (new jar this time just in case) to see if this was coincidence. They began reappearing. I tried reducing the amount applied, and even just using it only at night. Only when I switched to another product did the problem clear up for me.Might just be my skin, but sadly this is a no-go for me.BTW I could not wear under make-up unless applied at least 15 minutes before applying eye make-up (or it would smear off).

Edwina Big Indian, NY


Introduced to this cream after having a facial (at double the price). I find it to be a quality eye cream product….Niacin is supposed to be good for the eye area. NIA is nice.

Bernadette Green Valley, AZ

EWG rating is 7 (not great)

I’ve been working to eliminate harsh chemicals from my skin care regime. This rating of 7 from EWG is mostly due to Fragrance and Butylated hydroxytoluene. Look it up at Also, many people complain that they don’t like the way NIA 24 products smell. I like they way they smell, but most are too strong.

Melba Isonville, KY