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Nexxus Youth Renewal Rebalancing Shampoo 13.5 oz

Nexxus Youth Renewal Rejuvenating Shampoo has a silicone-free formula that gently rebalances your hair by rebuilding broken bonds and replenishing nutrients within, leaving hair responsive and primed for conditioning. Infused with Liquid Pearl, minerals and antioxidants, Nexxus Youth Renewal Rejuvenating Hair Shampoo gently cleanses your hair to help rebuild volume, vibrancy and vitality.

Key features

  • Nexxus Youth Renewal Rebalancing Shampoo helps cleanse and reinvigorate fine and aging hair
  • Weightless formula rejuvenates hair
  • Releases vibrancy, body, and movement
  • Silicone-free formula, primes hair for a rich conditioning next step
  • Cleanses, replenishes nutrients, and provides detangling benefits weightlessly without excess residue

Honest reviews


“Good” Product …

Having tried the Youth Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner set, here are some notes to help you (the potential buyer) in your decision-making process:Packaging:-Pretty. Looks nice in my shower.-Handy “lip” at the top of the bottle to prevent it from slipping out of one’s hand in the shower.-Easy to open (and fully opens with very little pressure).-Tops unscrews easily (in case you live in an area which requires you to remove caps before recycling). (I find those “snaps-on caps” super frustrating when trying to remove that component for recycling).Product:-Pleasant candy/sugary fragrance. Not overwhelming … just sugary and inviting.-Though the shampoo is a thin consistency, do not be discouraged. It has a very rich lather.-Rinses clean.-Contains Omega 3, Argan Oil, CoQ10, and Vitamin E.Results:-This product combined with the conditioner made my hair smell sweet and look shiny. However, I have attained the same results with products likePantene Pro-V NatureFusion Moisture Balance Shampoofor much cheaper. And, I have had considerably better results withWEN Pomegranate Cleansing Conditioner(which looks expensive, but it is both a shampoo/conditioner and, therefore, is entirely comparable to this set in price). It may also need to be noted that I am only in my 30s and that this product may have a greater impact on a more mature person’s hair.Bottomline: This is a “nice” product with results that one might see in many other products (without the hefty price-tag). So, while this is not a miracle in a bottle, it is a “good” shampoo and conditioner combo.

Madelyn Ozark, AL

Not worth the price

This shampoo is $14+ per bottle. It makes the claim of restoring a youthful appearance and strength to your hair. I saw no change in my hair whatsoever using both the shampoo and conditioner. Paying nearly $30 for shampoo/conditioner every month simply because it smells good seems crazy to me. I realize Nexxus is a popular brand and I’ve never had complaints about it, but this shampoo and conditioner don’t deliver on their promise. It cleans your hair, it conditions your hair and it smells nice, but I did not notice any difference in shine, texture or otherwise after a month of usage. While I’m at it, I don’t care for the bottle design and color. Maybe that seems irrelevant, but sometimes consumers buy with their eyes before anything else.

Joanne Dickson City, PA


Nexxus products are generally excellent, and this Rejuvenating Shampoo is no exception. I love its aroma, and the rich lather that it produces. It leaves hair soft and clean, and I do believe that it’s helped with the dry appearance that my hair sometimes takes on. At 12-15 dollars a bottle, it isn’t cheap, but this price is not out of line considering the quality and results that this shampoo delivers.

Angelia Warrenton, GA

Never received product

I actually never received this product. I checked on its status and it had been returned as damaged, however it was never removed from my Vine product review list. So just had to pop in and write something quick to get it off, lol. If I ever do receive the product, I will come back and do an update. It sounds like a great shampoo and I was greatly looking forward to trying it out!

Savannah Augusta, ME

Just Average

I don’t really have anything bad to say about the Nexxus Youth Renewal shampoo but I thought that it was just an average product and was expecting a whole lot more given the price and reputation of Nexxus. The reputation is that it is salon quality and the price to go with it but I found it just to be an average performing shampoo.The scent was pleasant but very light. The lather was nice. After using it, my hair was just so-so. It was full but a little frizzy and not very bouncy.I’m not terribly impressed. It’s not bad but for the price, I expected more.

Denise North Miami Beach, FL

Smoother and Fuller

My hair is prone to damage at the tips and rather thin. After using this product, I do notice that my hair is smoother, silkier, and fuller. It is not an easy combination to master. These types of products usually weigh my hair down and leave it looking limp. Good job Nexxus!

Eliza Bear Mountain, NY

Makes My Hair Look Greasy

This review may be more about the lack of compatibility between my hair & the product, as all other reviewers are raving about it. I will say when i was young & had thick hair I loved Nexus products.Now I am in my 50’s & balding/thinning on top. Still have long hair in the back & a reasonable amount on the sides. Since this is called “Youth Renewal Rejuvenating” I thought it would be a cool product to try. Truth is, after several days of use so far it just makes my hair look older, greasy & like I have less hair than I appeared to have with cheaper shampoos.As my appearance isn’t that important to me at my age, I’ll try it for at least a few more days & if something changes I’ll change this review, but at this point I can not recommend this product.

Lynne Jekyll Island, GA

Nexxus Youth Renewal Shampoo – beware!

Update December 2013:I found a shampoo/conditioner combination that really works for me. I’ve become very happy withMatrix Biolage Strengthening ShampooandBiolage Fortetherapie Strengthening Conditioner by Matrix. With very little scent and very nice results. Happy from start to finish.Update August 2013:I’ve said several times I don’t care for the scent. Apparently some unwelcome guests don’t agree!I brought home fruit flies hidden in the groceries. Not usually a problem worth mentioning in a shampoo review… The fruit flies LOVE Nexus Youth Renewal’s scent and eat any bit of it that might be left behind in the tub or on towels or washcloths. This was all very confusing – to have a growing infestation in the bathroom rather than the kitchen. When I washed my hair I had a cloud of fruit flies following me around the house. Yuk!I like how the shampoo leaves my hair. I don’t like the scent but fruit flies do. I think that is the breaking point for me. Time for a new shampoo. I hope this helps someone avoid a similar experience.Update July 2013:I’ve ordered my 2nd bottle and received it from Amazon. I was less than thrilled to see the inside of the box wet with spilled shampoo from a combination of rough handling and poor packing. It was a relatively small amount so I didn’t send it back.I still like what Nexxus Youth Renewal does for my hair, but I don’t care for the scent.Update June 2013:I’ve been using Nexxus Youth Renewal shampoo for a couple months. I’m very pleased. My hair seems more managable and feels clean. I got used to the scent of the shampoo and I’m OK with it. I would prefer there were no scent, but that’s how I feel about most products. I’m very pleased with the Nexxus Youth Renewal shampoo and my hair feel more full and just nice to touch.Original Review:I used the Nexxus Youth Renewal shampoo for the first time this morning. I also used Nexxus Humectress conditioner, which I’ve used for years with various shampoos.My hair was very thick when I was younger. It has thinned a bit with age as happens too often and is more brittle. I’m hopeful that Nexxus Youth Renewal will help maintain or recover some of what’s been lost.In the shower it usually take two to three passes of my other recent shampoo choices for my hair to really feel clean. With two passes of the Nexxus Youth renewal my hair was very clean feeling. The light scent was not objectionable, though it felt a little too teen for my taste.

Nina Port Trevorton, PA

Not My Favorite Nexxus Product

I adore Nexxus and normally stock up on it after Christmas when you can get Nexxus sets cheap. I generally useNexxus ProMend Shampoo, Split End Treatment, 13.5 Ounce. I wanted to try out this new version of Nexxus Shampoo to see if I liked it better. My hair is straight, soft, smooth and oily.I love the scent of this shampoo (although it may be too strong for some). It has a very sweet candy type smell. The Shampoo feels great when you initially put it on. Unfortunately, the shampoo made my hair feel dry after I washed it out. I usedNexxus ProMend Conditioner, Split end Binding, 13.5 Ouncewith this Shampoo (which normally leaves my hair feeling soft) and my hair still felt dry afterwards. It was also more tangled and difficult to brush. While my hair does feel dry with this shampoo, it also makes my hair feel clean, soft and smell good all day long.This shampoo may work better for someone with damaged hair, but it was not a favorite for me. I will continue to use it until it is gone, but I will be sticking with Nexxus Pro Mend when I purchase Nexxus.

Kellie Onalaska, TX

Nice but smells strongly of Vanilla

My wife and I (mostly) like the Nexxus Youth Renewal shampoo, but it has one rather significant drawback, it has a powerful vanilla scent. I guess it is a bit ironic but the scent of the “Youth Renewal” shampoo makes your hair smell like an old lady. I know that sounds mean… but it really does ring true. Other than that we find it to a very high quality salon grade shampoo.Notes on the Shampoo– Creates a ton of lather – you really do not need to use much in order to get your hair clean. Washes out easily and does not seem to leave any residue.- My hair is *regular* by every account. After using “Youth Renewal” my hair feels very soft and (very slightly) oily…. I guess the proper term would be to say that it feels very healthy.- Again it does have a strong vanilla scent …very fragrant…so much so that we can still smell the vanilla scent after we use a different brand of conditioner.Final Verdict – The Nexxus Youth Renewal Shampoo is a fine product, but it is a little too fragrant for our tastes. It is certainly a high quality product and I would recommend it very highly to anyone who wants their hair to smell of vanilla.3 1/2 Stars

Tricia Rosario, PR

Rinses cleaner than Therappe but still has that pleasant coconut aroma & tames my wife’s savage hair

For most of my adult life, I sported a very Rock N Roll look for a guy. You know, long hair, beard, ripped jeans. I could get away with it when I was doing stunt work and action sequences. Now I’m past 40 and working on the office side of the film industry where that look only plays if you’re insanely wealthy and calling all the shots. Back then with the curly pony tail, I needed all the rejuvenation, repair, deep conditioning and split end mending I could find in a shampoo and conditioner. I used to rely onNexxus Therappe Shampoo – 44 oz. (1.3 lt.) [Health and Beauty] and all the realted products in that line. Several years ago I cut my hair short and all the damage went with it. I find that I can get by with a lot less. My wife on the other hand has very thick and brittle hair. She wears it long but in order to keep it looking nice she has to use all these new rejuvenating lines of haircare made specicially for people our age. Recently we tried out a bunch of shampoos and conditioners. I settled on the Nexxus Hydra-Light Weightless Moistureand Conditoner line of products. I started using theNexxus Hydralight Weightless Moisture Shampoo, 13.5 Ounceand found it more to my liking that the Youth Renewal. My wife, on the other hand is loving the stuff in the pink bottle, the Youth Renewal Rejuvenating Line of products.It’s kinda funny too. My bottles are BLUE and hers are PINK. His and Hers haircare and color-coded to boot! Even though this has that annoying foaming agent in it, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, it also has a form of Argan Oil in it, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil. That’s all the rage these days in terms of “healing” and damage prevention. My wife also uses an Argan Oil shine treatment in place of her old frizze ease kinda products. I really don’t need any of that but its nice to see her find an less expensive and less time-comnsuming routine. We both find that this formula rinses out a lot easier than the Therappe line. I think she’s found her new shampoo. She ordered this for ME but within a couple of shampoos, she took it off my shelf and is keeping it out of my hands. That’s fine since she needs the extra keratin and other ingredients in this shampoo that can help reduce the appearance of split ends and prevent breakage.While this still lathers up a bit too much the way most shampoos do, she doesn’t need me to help her rinse it out. Her hair is down to her waist now and she usually washes and rinses in the pantry sink because it’s huge and she can turn off the water while scrubbing her scalp. It’s a “long hair survival” thing. If she had to get her hair wet every time she got in the shower, she’d have kinky, frizzy hair and have to spend an hour applying smoothing products and then another hour with a flat iron. I would chew off my own hand rather than go through THAT so I help her out in the sink from time to time. Now, she can pretty much get it all out on the first rinse. NICE!We both like Nexxus alot and now we have our Boy/Girl bottles! It’s good to see a Big Name in haircare offer new formulations based on the most recent research! We went out to an Industry thing over the weekend and she did her hair all up like Adele and she got a lot of compliments. I always think she looks great but this was the first time she didn’t have to wrestle her hair into her fave big, dramatic style with a wrapped around 1960s style beehive. Since I’m the guy usually holding her hair sections while she flat irons them or beats them into submission, I can tell that the stuff is helping. I credit the Shampoo/conditioner and this Oil spray she’s been using called:Motions Salon Haircare Marula Natural Therapy Hair and Scalp Oil, 8 Ounce. If she’d let me, I’d upload a photo from the event, but she doesn’t roll that way. She’ll post on FB in private but not on Amazon. Sorry.You husbands out there who love women with complicated hair know what I’m talking about. That means women of color or women with what my wife calls “Ethnic Hair”. it’s like the way some women worry about their weight. WOmen with “bad hair” can be pushed to tears if they can’t get their hair to behave on time. It’s like a toddler having a temper tantrum in the middle of the grocery store! Anything that helps HER get her hair where she wants it in less than 30 minutes and out the door is a product I’d do a commercial for. The only 2 things she’s been doing different on a regular basis are the Nexxus Youth Renewal & the Motions Marula oil. If your woman has difficult hair, get her using these things!

Kelli Cornersville, TN

The Shine Is Back

I have thick hair and have noticed as I’ve gotten older that it has thinned out a bit. This, I don’t mind – but I have also noticed my hair has become more brittle and lost it’s softness and shine. This is AFTER I’ve gone over a year with no highligting and decided to let nature take it’s course (ironically, my gray seems to be less noticeable or has stopped growing -not sure why but I’m not complaining!).I’ve bought expensive shampoos/treatments (Pureology HydraCure Intense Moisture Hair Masque (5.2 oz),Milkshake Intensive Conditioning Shampoo 300ml(which smells so good it makes me hungry but the scent doesn’t last when my hair is dry). And I’ve tried inexpensive shampoos -Dove Damage Therapy Intensive Repair Shampoo, 25.4 Ounce (Pack of 2)and like many women, I’m always searching for that “great” hair product.I have to admit, I love the Nexxus Youth Renewal. It smells awesome. Sort of grapey but not overpoweringly sweet – the great thing is, the smell actually lasts when I blow dry my hair (most of my products seems to lose their scent when I dry my hair).My hair was less brittle and…the shine came back! Sometimes I wonder if this has anything to do with switching shampoos – but I’ve used it a few times and my hair seems to get shine a bit more each time – so I this is going on my list of favorite shampoos. It’s reasonably priced, has a great scent, and I’ve noticed my hair is softer and shinier. (Thicker, not noticeable, but like I said, I’d rather not have my bushy hair back!)

Gayla Yellville, AR

I’m still old

I had high hopes for the Youth Renewal line from Nexxus. I have really liked Nexxus products in the past.This is an ok shampoo. It is thick rich. It smells great and lathers up great even in my hard water. But it did leave my hair feeling a little dry. It’s certainly a nice high quality shampoo but after repeated use I saw no noticeable Renewal of Youth. There are definitely changes that our hair goes through as we age but there are better products for addressing them.

Lucia Boonsboro, MD

Heavily perfumed

The scent of this shampoo is such a heavy perfume that it actually makes me want to sneeze (something I prefer NOT to do in the shower). I’m not impressed by how it leaves my hair either – I mean, it seems to be okay, but nothing special, and Nexxus is too expensive for that to be acceptable.

Rocio Goodridge, MN

Enjoyed using this quality shampoo

As I gave a decent review to the Nexxus conditioner sent to me by Amazon, I suppose I should say something about the companion bottle of shampoo I also received. In any event, I found this Nexxus shampoo to be a great product, too. It had a light, silky texture; a pleasant but not overpowering aroma; it lathered up well; and it rinsed cleanly. And while I always like to use a conditioner after shampooing (because my hair tends to be dry), I could tell that this shampoo by itself left my hair nicely moisturized. All in all, it was a pleasure testing out the sample sent to me by Amazon, and I would certainly buy this shampoo in the future at my own expense.

Stacy Rachel, WV

Nice shampoo for hard water

I have well water and finding a shampoo that lathers nice is sometimes hard. This is a nice shampoo- Lathers perfectly and my hair smells great. I have very thin hair, color treated and wash every other day. I could probably easily go three days as my hair still feels and looks great- A nice Shampoo!

Brittney Swanton, NE

Hair Renewal Spray

I have tested the Nexxus Youth Renewal Pump and Lift Blow Dry Spray through the Vine program. I find it was not for me. I used this product as described even hanging my head upside down to blow dry my hair. This is how they described using this product to spray a mist of this product over your towel dried hair before you blow dry it. This was to give your hair more volume or as they say plump it up. After I used this solution the first time with blow drying my hair while hanging my head down really gave me a wild look. My hair was sticking out all over and it took some time to calm it down and stay in one place. I also felt by the end of the day my hair looked like I had never been washed earlier, my hair seamed to clump together. I am 87 years old and have lots of hair that is thick and straight. My barber remarked that it is amazing to have so much hair at my age. She has many older women customers that have thin heads of hair. I guess there was no reason for me to try something that would plump up my hair. I believe this product would work great on anyone with thining hair. It has a nice scent and was easy to use.Letta Meinen

Alisha Mustang, OK


This works like plain old shampoo. Nothing special to it. My "old" hair has not been rejuvenated. Not worth the high price.

Gracie Lawrence, MA


Been using a combination of Nexxus Therappe shampoo and Humectress conditioner for years. Jumped to try Youth Renewal as soon as I could. Well. Smell is very mild in comparison with Therappe. Faint floral I guess. Moderate bubbles. Leaves your hair clean, fresh and very light. Translation: it does not have the richness of the Therappe. So so far, it’s an OK shampoo, good for spring, but if your hair is fried, dried out in cold weather or from the winter of heating, try Therappe. It’s far better in fixing all kinds of issues – besides, a certain members only store sells it by the gallon at a very agreeable price.***Update after 2 weeks of use: Dried out the ends of my hair.

Janine Sealy, TX

My New Favorite Shampoo!

This shampoo has to be tried to be believed! After shampooing, with this shampoo, my hair did not feel dry or tacky, as color-treated hair often feels after shampooing. Instead, it felt nourished, clean, and fresh. As I rinsed out the shampoo, my hair felt like silk. It felt so silky, that I was tempted to skip the conditioner! I did not need to use a lot of this shampoo to get a nice lather of suds. To top it off, it has a fresh, clean scent. I think I found my new favorite shampoo!

Penelope Mukwonago, WI

Satisfied customer…

Well I’m not sure how the whole “Youth Renewal” thing is supposed to come into play here, not like it’s prevented me from getting treys! But I really like this shampoo. It isn’t too thick. It doesn’t leave my hair hard and brittle after it dries nor does it feel it leaving greasy. It has such a light and pleasant scent to it too! I’ve been using this for about two weeks now but will continue to use it because I really like it overall.

Candace Millbrook, NY

Cleans well…

I have this product as part of a system to “rejuvenate old hair”. This is a nice shampoo that lathers quite a bit with just a small amount of product. It’s fragrance is a pretty strong floral, but it is all but gone once you rinse the product out. For a rejuvenating shampoo, it seems a little bit drying, but feels just right after the use of it’s sister conditioner (which is my favorite product of the three). I like the fact I don’t seem to need to “repeat” after the first rinse, as so many shampoos recommend. My hair feels clean, and because I’m using less product, I don’t have to replace shampoo quite as often, which is a money saver for me. I plan to keep this shampoo and it’s conditioner in the rotation of hair products that occupy my shower.

Janette Prescott Valley, AZ

really does improve older hair

I’ve been using this shampoo in conjunction with the youth renewal conditioner and have gotten excellent results from both in terms of enhancing color brightness and shine in my aging hair. It’s a sad fact that the texture and color of hair degrade as you get older (I’m nearly 50) and I’ve really noticed the changes over the past 8 years or so. I didn’t believe that shampoo or conditioner really made a difference, but they really do. While I’ll never have the hair I had in my 20’s, I can at least make it look better than it did while using Dove or other cheap shampoos and conditioners.The shampoo itself is pretty potent when you later it up. In fact, a little seems to go a long way. The only drawback to this shampoo in my experience is that it doesn’t get my scalp as clean as others. I usually shampoo twice a week (and condition every day), but I find that I need to do it three times a week with this shampoo. Even working hard to reach my scalp, it still doesn’t seem to get as clean. That doesn’t make it a bad product at all. In fact, I think the benefits to aging hair outweigh the deficits, but it is something to keep in mind in terms of the cost/benefit ratio.

Janelle Farrell, MS

Smells great!

I really love the Nexxus line, and the Youth Renewal is no different. I have long, straight, recently-for-the-first-time-ever-dyed, white girl hair.This shampoo smells great, and leaves my hair feeling really soft and nice. I use it with the same lines conditioner.

Irene Black River, NY


This Nexxus shampoo is more expensive than many other shampoos, but it promises youth renewal. I haven’t experienced that; but I will admit it made my hair seem fuller and lighter. My hair is long, so that is better than having heavy drooping hair.I have not used hair conditioner when I have used this, it hasn’t seemed necessary, so that might save some money. The fragrance is slightly unidentifiable, sometimes reminding me of a light flowery smell and at others cotton candy – the smell does not linger after you shampoo.It’s a nice shampoo and if you have been having problems with volume in your hair this might help you.

Maricela Cropsey, IL

Gorgeous results

I’m so happy to share that this shampoo (along with the matching conditioner) have delivered the promised results. I’m 38 and age combined with childbirth have left my hair much thinner, slightly frizzy and shine free. After using this, the condition of my hair is super shiny, soft, voluminous and gorgeous. I’ve also noticed that I’ve experienced significantly less hair loss after shampooing and combing my hair. A little bit goes a long way and it lathers nicely. The scent is a soft vanilla with fruity undertones that I find very pleasing. I have not been this excited about a shampoo and conditioner in a really long time. I highly recommend these products because they actually do what Nexxus says they will do.

Kitty Buckhead, GA

Works like a charm!

I didn’t realize when I ordered this that it was supossed to be for “older hair.” I was just looking for a new product to try to help my fine hair which really needs “plump and lift” action! My hair gets acclimated to products (don’t ask me why), so I usually have to change what I use about every 6 months, if not sooner. Looking for a product to help my fine hair is like looking for the holy grail. I think I have found it! I use the shampoo with theNexxus Youth Renewal Plump and Lift Blow Dry Spray, 7.5 Ounce. I don’t have theNexxus Youth Renewal Rejuvenating Conditioner, 13.5 Ounceyet, but going to buy soon. The very first day I used the spray, I received many compliments on my hair. Now I use both the shampoo and spray and like the way my hair looks and feels. I don’t have a break down like some reviewers do for each of Nexxus claims about this line of hair products, but I did notice my hair is more manageable, has more volume, and the volume lasts longer through the day. Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner! Yes, I could find something cheaper, but would it work as well? Perhaps not, and then you have to spend more money to buy a product that does. I hope it works just as well for you!

Rosalie Buena Vista, GA

Nexxus Youth Renewal Rejuvenating Shampoo

PROS: Adds shine, cleans thoroughly and lathers wellCONS: ExpensiveI’ve used the Nexxus Youth Renewal Rejuvenating Shampoo twice. The fragrance is light and not overpowering like many shampoos. What I appreciate most is that it doesn’t leave my scalp dry.For a shampoo which isn’t labeled anti-dandruff, it’s an awesome product.

Willie Fort Washington, MD

Good Lather

This shampoo comes in a graceful slim bottle with a push open cap. It is easy to handle and open. (It may be a bit too easy to open since my bottle arrived opened and leaked all over the packaging. ) It has a sweet fruity fragrance, which reminded me a bit of fruity jelly beans. A small amount provides a generous lather but rinses off cleanly and easily. Overall, this shampoo provided me with clean and healthy looking hair that was manageable.While I can’t say that this product is superior to similar ones on the market, it certainly is an option. I tend to rotate shampoos and conditioners. It seems my hair builds an immunity to the benefits so I switch to another type and then come back. Nexxus makes high quality shampoos and this one certainly upholds that reputation. Recommended.

Meredith Rocky Ford, CO

Nexxus=Quality Brand

The Nexxus Youth Renewal Shampoo has a nice lather with a light refreshing scent. It didn’t take much shampoo to give me a full head of suds. I thought it worked well to clean my color treated hair. I didn’t think it did much to give my hair volume. Overall, nice product.

Cheryl Dixmont, ME