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Nexxus Volume Effexx, Large Round Brush

Dry, style or add lift with Nexxus volumizing small round brush. A fusion of the newest technologies, Tourmaline, negative ions, ceramics and nano silver are professionally engineered and customized into a brush that meets all your styling needs. Volume Effexx brushes were created to provide you with long lasting, frizz-free voluminous styles. Maximum hair control with even tensions to provide lift at hair roots while drying for added body. The large size evenly distributes heat to aid smoothing, straightening or waving during blow drying. Easily catch and hold hair for volume styling and setting curls or creating soft curls for evening looks. Soft cushion grip is comfortable to use.

Key features

  • Tourmaline eliminates frizz and seals the hair cuticle locking in moisture
  • Ions tighten the cuticle layer and seal in natural oils
  • Ceramics evenly distribute and hold heat longer so hair dries faster and damage is minimized
  • Nano silver helps eliminate hair pollutants helping keep hair from drying or frizzing
  • Ideal for blow-dry styling and creating volume or waves

Honest reviews


Best brush EVER

I bought this brush at CVS and LOVE it. I’ve had many different brushes over the years–including expensive boar bristle ones–and this is the best by far. It makes my hair super soft and shiny when drying (usually blow drying frizzes my hair out). Also, only about half an inch worth of brush sticks out from the metal/ceramic sleeve, so my long hair never gets tangled.It’s easy to roll hair up and down the brush for body, too. Way to go, Nexxus!

Katelyn Belden, NE

I have strong feelings for a brush

This tells you how much I love the brush: the price decreased an extra 15% since I purchased it last week and I don’t even care. I love this brush. My hair is mid-back length and wavy and my 1.5″ round brush was just not cutting it any more. I bought the jumbo size, and it is about 3″ in diameter. It is a perfect size for me and helps me get my hair straight. Each bristle has a longish plastic-tipped piece surrounded by a shorter clump of plastic bristles. This provides great grab. It feels sturdy and nice in the hand. I highly recommend this brush if you have long wavy hair!

Tameka Hamburg, AR


I love how it makes my hair look after I blow dry it. It has body and shine and seems to be made of a sturdy material. Has not broken yet on the handle like other cheap brushes that I have purchased. Thank you Nexxus. I will buy more just to have a spare!!!!

Jacquelyn New Waverly, TX

Life savior!

I am new to blow drying/ flat ironing my hair. This helps a lot! Easier to hold on to the hair and more manageable to brush through it. I have thick hair and this just helps blow dry my hair much better than a regular paddle brush.

Fannie Clam Gulch, AK

A little better than other brushes

Because the rubber handle material starts a little farther away from the round part of the brush, not as much of my hair gets caught and ripped out as other brushes. But a few hairs do get caught each time I use it. Ouch.

Ursula Hammon, OK

Best brush ever

I usually am really picky about my brushes. I usually stick with the same brand of brush for years. I get used to a certain brush and never want to try anything else out. Lone behold my favorite brush was discontinued. I looked into getting this brush its even better than my old brush. Easier to do blow outs with! Its the best brush I have ever had. Completely impressed!

Josefina Ringgold, GA

love this brush!

I have really long hair (almost waist length) and needed a big brush that could easily grab all the hair.This brush (big) works great for me

Jamie Hansen, ID

Great round brush

I have had this brush almost a year now, and I still love it. I have shoulder length fine, thick straight hair that I blowdry almost daily. This brush is great for styling and the bristles are very nice to my hair. This brush leaves my hair styled great and perfectly in place.

Aida Butler, IN

Basic, large model does as advertised

No problems; pretty much a standard, non-heat reactive, large round brush. Never had a bristle fall out. I would improve it only by increasing the bristle size and/or adding the fiber now found in some combs/brushes that far decrease drying time.

Lucinda Grimes, IA

No Fault

I have been using this item for a few months and it has been working as it is described. Do not find any fault in this product hence the 5 stars rating.

Tracie El Rito, NM

Finally…salon quality hair

Ever go to the salon for one of those cute bobs (long or short) and leave with the softest, lightest, bounciest hair imaginable? Then you try to recreate it at home and end up with a flat mess. That was me. I’ve been through countless round brushes…each time with whatever sales associate telling me I needed to get the one with the straight plastic bristles b/c of my thick hair or (when that failed) to get the one with tourmaline or 24 kt. gold and any number of odd suggestions. I thought maybe it was the hair dryer I was using and went through three different models with all sorts of diffusers and attachments. Finally, out of desperation, I turned to shampoos and styling products. A sticky, dry, oily while later, I pretty much gave up and decided to grow it out and channel my inner flower child. Then one day I got a haircut and the stylist had a brush that was just amazing. Gripped my thick hair without any problem but instead of pulling hard on any tangles (I’m tender-headed), it softly brushed through them like sheets sliding against each other…leaving behind a slightly billowy and very voluminous result. She couldn’t remember the company that made her brush or even what size it was, but I examined it carefully and then came on Amazon to track it (or its closest relative) down. Enter the Nexxus Volume Effexx. Built just like her brush (for all I know it IS the same as hers), this brush has the longer and more rigid plastic bristles paired with a shorter boar-like one. The result is that it grips even the thickest of hair and then “whips” it up a bit to create lovely volume.I used it for the first time yesterday, and I received so many compliments at work. Everyone was asking me what I did differently or if I got a new haircut. Just one run-through with this brush gave me a beautiful soft curl (yes, a bonafide wavy curl) at my bang area. And the rest of my hair just felt so smooth and light, capturing perfectly that salon-like bounce and feel. Also, the brush is very comfortable to use: light-weight and with a super soft handle that gives you both comfort and traction so as to reduce your grip and relieve hand-pain.Can’t say enough about this brush and would recommend to everyone. Oh, and I purchased the jumbo btw.

Millicent Lankin, ND

Gives lift where you need it!

I have shoulder length hair, and very fine!!! This brush gives me lift at the crown, like I wanted. With my hair being so fine, and the size of the brush, I can dry my hair in less than 5 minutes!!! Doesn’t create staticy hair, either.

Marcie Mills, NE