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Nexxus VitaTress Biotin Shampoo

A nutrient rich formulation for fine, fragile, thinning hair, vitatress biotin shampoo combines scientifically advanced ingredients for treating hair loss with renowned revitalizing botanicals, amino acids and nutrients to give hair renewed life, increased thickness and incredible body. This breakthrough formulation utilizes amazing jojoba, the remarkable botanical oil, to meticulously cleanse the scalp of excess sebum, while infusing biotin, cysteine, inositol, choline and methionine into scalp and pores. These amino acids in addition to DHT inhibitors and circulation boosters provide the beneficial elements that are ideal for optimal hair growth.

Key features

  • For fine, fragile, thinning hair
  • Treating hair loss with renowned revitalizing botanicals
  • Meticulously cleanse the scalp of excess sebum

Honest reviews



Maybe I haven’t given this product enough time to work, but it’s been a few weeks now and I can’t stand to use it any longer. It doesn’t lather, it definitely doesn’t keep me from needing to use conditioner, as some people have claimed. It doesn’t smell horrible, but it doesn’t smell good. My hair just feels weird after I use it, like it’s lifeless. If you don’t use enough, it doesn’t distribute well, and if you use any extra, your hair feels greasy afterward, like it doesn’t want to rinse out. Definitely no thickening effect that I can see. I do have very fine hair. I just received a few samples of Redken IntraForce shampoo and toner for thinning color-treated hair. I have only used it on and off about 5 times now, and as soon as I blowdry my hair, I can actually feel that my hair just feels thicker, above the nape of my neck. I will probably buy some bottles of that soon. But this Biotin stuff is a waste of money!

Erica Creede, CO

Exactly what I needed!!!

My hair had been thinning and I was in search of better products to add to a new healthy hair regimen to help me get my normal thickness back. I have thick coiling hair that is relaxed (I’m Black) so the chemicals are a part of the factor in the shedding and constantly unbalanced scalp. I also use this on my daughter who has chemical free thick, s-curl hair.This shampoo helped address almost all of my issues and like another user said-it leaves my our literally squeaky clean!-It’s clear and just as thick as regular shampoo.-It suds up pretty good on the first "wash", no real need to use a palm full or do a double "wash, rinse and repeat" like with many other shampoos from the xyz superstore. The directions do call to leave it on the hair for a few minutes before you rinse-I recommend about 5 minutes.-It does not have a normal "shampoo smell". Nothing fruity or floral or even soapy, it’s hard to describe but it’s not bad. Plus if you use conditioner or hair products it’s covered up any how. (I recommend always using a conditioner with this shampoo since it cleans the hair and scalp so thoroughly)-I had an issue with dandruff and issues with oily hair products building up on my scalp. This really does a great job addressing both.-It’s a bit expensive and I can’t find it anywhere in a store but for how well it works it’s worth it (but I will keep my eye open for cheaper prices)-The only con is that it leaves my hair very dry as it cleans all oils and access buildup, but again nothing that can’t be addressed with proper conditioner.I highly recommend this and will be purchasing the larger size next. I will definitely keep this in arsenal of hair care products!!

Pearlie Whitwell, TN

Gives me squeaky clean (literally), thicker, stronger, better-looking hair

I’ve been using the Biotin shampoo for a couple of months now and I found it to provide a thorough, gentle cleaning of my hair and scalp and, when used as directed, hair feels stronger, thicker. I don’t believe I will be getting back to my previous brand (Nexxus Therape). While more expensive, the Biotin shampoo appears to be the best so far for my hair – for some background, I have a full head of hair but it’s in the process of thinning and maybe my forehead broadened by half an inch in the past 10 years 🙂 so I’m a lot more conscious of what washes my hair now than I was 10 years ago.Biotin is part of the VitaTress line of products, designed for those whose hair is in the process of thinning. It is claimed that Biotin eliminates excess sebum, strengthens hair and adds thickness and body to it. I concur with these claims. When used as directed – massage into hair and scalp and let it stay there for 3 minutes before rinsing – the hair comes out literally ‘squeaky clean’. It really squeaks if you rub you hand on your wet hair, or it does so for me. There is absolutely no feeling of discomfort while using the shampoo. Once the hair dries, it feels significantly stronger and thicker and it looks significantly healthier and more alive than before the Biotin treatment. The other claim, that this shampoo slows or reverses hair loss I can’t verify. Maybe I’ll come back in a year or 2 and share my findings but, as of now, all I can say is that my hair looks and feels good after I wash it with Biotin.Additional facts worth sharing:- A bottle this size is likely to last for a couple of months but some money can be saved when ordering the available larger sizes – 33 oz.- While it’s not stated anywhere, it seems to act as a conditioner. I would not use a conditioner after Biotin myself.- For what is worth, the ingredients include: Jojoba oil, Biotin, Cysteine, Inositol and Methionine plus DHT inhibitors.- Other ingredients include: Ginseng root extract, Ginkgo Bilboa extract, Swertia Japonica extract, Palmaria Palmata extract and so forth.I will continue to use Biotin until I am made aware of a superior product. Until then, I am happy with it.

Gina Hagerman, ID

Does the Opposite of What It Says

I bought this shampoo based on the many 5-star reviews on here. Now I’m wondering who really wrote them, because this shampoo did not deliver on its promises whatsoever! Firstly, the scent of the shampoo is not that great; it’s like sour vanilla, which I don’t find pleasant. Secondly, I’ve tried washing my hair with this shampoo one day, then another shampoo the next to see if there’s a difference in hair loss and hair texture/fullness. This shampoo causes me to lose MORE hair (in a 24-our period) versus my sodium laurel sulfate-free (SLS-free) shampoo (which makes my hair look fuller and lose less of it in a 24-hour period). I’ve tried this shampoo for two weeks now and each time, I’ve noticed that my hair feels like cotton-candy (not thick and voluminous, just puffy), and that my hair feels more dirty quicker than with other shampoos that I use. Plus, the biggest thing is that it does not prevent hair loss whatsoever (in fact, I feel it promotes it!), so I do not recommend this product. In fact, I’d recommend quality biotin supplements instead of this.

Amalia Hansen, ID

No change in hair after 5 months of use

I have been using this product almost daily for 5 months and leaving the shampoo on my head for 3 minutes each time as directed and I have seen absolutely NO change in my hair at all. It hasn’t thickened it and it hasn’t helped weak areas grow better. On top of this, I’ve also been using the Nexxus Biotin Scalp Creme, and even combined with that there has been no change in my hair.This is just more overpriced snake oil with exaggerated claims of helping hair grow. Save you’re money.

Reba Reeseville, WI

Great Stuff

I’ve used this for years and really liked it. I think that Nexus has stopped making it, but it is still available online in places. I hope I can still find some when I run out.

Harriet Etna Green, IN

don’t like it

This product made my hair very dry and harsh, I am an african woman and my hair is natural, the product seems like it took out my natural oils.

Francisca Pine Bluffs, WY

Great product and works!

This product works wonders and has caused my shedding hair to stop. I do use this item along with Wild HairGrowth Oil and Biotin.

Joanne Limaville, OH


my hair definately feels REALLY squiky clean with this shampoo. I bought it because ive been using the leave in spray conditioner from nexxus and loved it so i thought i would try another nexxus product and i will keep buying this!11/19So i have been using this shampoo for a couple of weeks now and i am back to report that i do feel lots of volume and cleanliness for sure. My hair is REALLY straight and always looked like i used the flat iron on it even though i hadnt. With this shampoo i see the difference, my hair is definately fluffy and the shampoo smells good unlike others with funky smell.

Consuelo Steele, KY

Results immediate

I have used this twice in conjunction with Biotin and Omega 3 supplements. After a week, I have seen improvement in my hair. I am looking forward to its full effect.

Ma Naylor, GA


I didn’t find it to help my hair and I tried it faithfully…but I do have a bateria that is in my system that could have been some of the problem. "The seller was great

Verna South Bay, FL

Nexxus Vita Tress Biotin Shampoo

I have not used this very many times due to the extreme tangling it causes. Yes, I put conditioner on after shampooing, I use WEN cleansing cream as my conditioner (works great as a conditioner) and it takes care of the tangles, but I just don’t really like the feeling of the "mess" it makes while shampooing. Maybe it’s just me, but I also think it strips my medium auburn hair of the color I have to painstakingly put on every 3-5 weeks. It’s a no go for me.

Aurora Millinocket, ME


It drys my hair out, smell is horrid, & leaves a weird texture to my hair, almost waxy feeling. Will never buy again.

Frieda Arjay, KY

I don’t like it

I don’t like this product because it made my hair fall more than it used to before.. due to the ingredients it has that keep making your hair look thick, but in reality it dries your hair, and damages it.

Lana Smyrna, GA