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Nexxus Vitatress Biotin Shampoo, 33.8 Ounce

Conditioning cleanser especially formulated for the problems related to fine, fragile, and thinning hair. Benefits combines scientifically advanced ingredients for treating hair loss with renowned revitalizing botanicals, amino acids, and nutrients . Gives hair renewed life, increased thickness and incredible body. Jojoba, the amazing botanical oil, helps to meticulously cleanse the scalp of excess sebum . Biotin, cysteine, inositol, choline and methionine penetrate the scalp and pores to add strength . Amino acids, DHT inhibitors and circulation boosters provide the beneficial elements that are ideal for optimal hair growth. Biotin shampoo is a vital component of the vitatress hair revitalization program for fragile, thinning hair. The program features a comprehensive collection of proactive formulations including nutritional vitatress hair food dietary supplement to promote full, voluminous, and healthy hair. Conditioning cleanser especially formulated for the problems related to fine, fragile, and thinning hair.

Key features

  • Conditioning cleanser especially formulated for the problems related to fine, fragile, and thinning hair
  • Penetrate the scalp and pores to add strength
  • DHT inhibitors and circulation boosters provide the beneficial elements that are ideal for optimal hair growth

Honest reviews


Two Weeks, Less Itching

A bit of history: I noticed a lot of itchiness on my scalp starting about three months ago. I also noticed small, white or cream colored waxy balls in my hair. Eeeeew. I examined and noticed it wasn’t lice and didnt seem to be dandruff. What on earth is happening?I did an Internet search and came across the term “sebum”. This is a waxy, oily substance secreted from below the skin’s surface. It comes from the area next to your hair follicle. They can form small balls of hardened oil. Again, eeew. They cause itching and greasiness.So I searched some more for a shampoo to help with this problem. I bought Nexxus Vitatress Biotin Shampoo. I’ve been using it for two weeks and notice less itching and fewer sebum balls.My technique:Wash and repeat.I leave the second application on my scalp for at least three minutes.There is much more lather and bubbles with the second application.I’ve also started brushing my hair and scalp twice a day with a brush with rounded, plastic teeth. Stimulating the scalp, but not irritating it.So far so good. I’ve notice less hair loss right out of the shower. This could be due to the brushing although I don’t notice a lot of dead hair during the brushing process.I used to have tons of hair loss right out of the shower. Now – just some.I still use conditioner. My hair is a tangled mess after using this shampoo. I use a sulfate free product only on the lower 1/3 of my hair – just to make it easier to comb.

Christine Esperance, NY

Gives me squeaky clean (literally), thicker, stronger, better-looking hair

I’ve been using the Biotin shampoo for almost a year now and I found it to provide a thorough, gentle cleaning of my hair and scalp and, when used as directed, hair feels stronger, thicker and, of course, clean. I don’t believe I will be getting back to my my previous brand (Nexxus Therape). While more expensive, the Biotin shampoo appears to be the best for my hair so far – for some background, I have a full head of hair but it’s in the process of thinning and maybe my forehead advanced by half an inch in the past 10 years 🙂 so I’m a lot more conscious of what washes my hair now than I was 10 years ago.Biotin is part of the VitaTress line of products, designed for those whose hair is in the process of thinning. It is claimed that Biotin eliminates excess sebum, strengthens hair and adds thickness and body to it. I concur with these claims. When use as directed – massage into hair and scalp and let it stay there for THREE MINUTES before rinsing – the hair comes out literally ‘squeaky clean’. It really squeaks if you rub your hand on your wet hair, or it does so for me. There is absolutely no feeling of discomfort while using the shampoo. Once the hair dries, it feels significantly stronger and thicker and it looks healthier and more alive than before the Biotin treatment. The other claim, that this shampoo slows or reverses hair loss I can’t verify. Maybe I’ll come back in a year or 2 and discuss share my findings but, as of now, all I can say is that my hair looks and feels better after I wash it with Biotin.Additional facts worth sharing:- A bottle this size is likely to last for many months so, while the price is high, it’s not THAT high when spread over 4 to 6 months.- While it’s not stated anywhere, it seems to act as a conditioner. I would not use use a conditioner after Biotin myself.- The ‘pump’ bottle is very convenient because it helps you get the proper amount without waste and it prevents water from the shower from diluting the contents.- For what is worth, the ingredients include: Jojoba oil, Biotin, Cysteine, Inositol and Methionine plus DHT inhibitors.- Other ingredients include: Ginseng root extract, Ginkgo Bilboa extract, Swertia Japonica extract, Palmaria Palmata extract and so forth.I will continue to use Biotin until I am made aware of a superior product. Until then, I am happy with it.

Melisa Canon, GA


results after the first application. I have curly, sometimes frizzy, medium short, thin, thinning, dulling, hair. now I have bouncy, curly, shinny hair–only third time I’ve used (I don’t wash my hair everyday). high recommend.

Angelique Macon, MO

Hair appears much fuller

I started using this shampoo a few weeks ago. My hair has always been very fine. I have baby blonde hair and I’m in my 40’s. My hair is starting to show signs of thinning. This shampoo has made my hair look twice as full. My hair appears thicker, but its really not helping with hair growth. I dont think I would use another shampoo since my hair looks much fuller. I am using the scalp treatment as well. I think the combo of the 2 products has done wonders for my hair. It is a bit pricey but, I am worth it.

Tameka Wilmont, MN


Love this product and keep re-ordering because I do!Decided to get the larger one this time. Hair is so healthy and no more loss of hair

Lottie Vandalia, MT

Fullness and Body–maybe more

I LOVE IT! I purchased this product because: 1) I already like Nexxus Shampoo, and 2) Although my hair still looks great, it is not as thick as it was when I was 20, or 30, or 40, or 50. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. Based on my first use of this product, my hair appeared much fuller than with other shampoos I have used and had more body There was no apparent coating of any kind left by the shampoo, and my hair was as soft as cornsilk. (Since my hair is blond, it is important to me that a product does not mess up my natural color.)This shampoo has a WONDERFUL smell, maybe like a creamy tangerine (not quite but the closest I can think of). I could just sit here and sniff the darned bottle for awhile. It has such a clean, fresh, pleasant, soothing smell. The shampoo also felt lighter than other shampoos, but you didn’t need any extra. The 33.8 fl oz bottle is HUGE and the pump makes it easy to use in the shower, without having to open and close tops or turn bottles upside down. I took another reviewers advice and did not use a conditioner–and it turned out I didn’t need one. So, in that respect, the shampoo costs a lot less. BTW, it was a rainy weekend in Baltimore and my hair did not get the frizzies after using this shampoo. That was truly remarkable because it rained ALL weekend, and I don’t always use an umbrella either.The bottle says #1 for fine, fragile, thinning hair–eliminates excess sebum, strengthens hair, adds thickness and body. (In truth, my hair is thick, but not as thick as before.) The bottle continues to say that it contains ingredients for treating hair loss with botanicals, amino acids, and nutrients to provide renewed life, increased thickness and incredible body. By infusing certain stuff into the scalp and pores it provides a beneficial environment for optimal hair growth. They also recommend VitaTress Food Supplement.The directions say to leave on for 3 minutes (which I did not do yet) to allow for infusion of minerals. (I just shampooed twice and rinsed it right out.) They also recommend following with VitaTress formulation to counteract thinning hair. (Note that the only thing I have done is to use the shampoo and have had wonderful results. Also, my hair is not bleached or dyed and never has been, so I can only speak from that perspective.) This shampoo does contain sodium laureth sulfate (which I understand is an issue for some people). Among other ingredients, it also contains panax ginseng root extract, biotin, ginko biloba extract, soybean germ extract, licorice extract, jojoba seed oil.I LOVE IT! Next time I will try leaving on 3 minutes, as the directions indicate. Now, lemme just sniff it one more time. . . ahhhhhhh 🙂 .OK. I did the 3 minutes. Seemed the same but it sounds like a cumulative thing, adding nutrients to your scalp everytime you shampoo. I will check back in a couple months and let you know more. Regardless, it is a really nice shampoo.Update 3/28/10–I have used this shampoo several times now and still love it. The last 2 times, I have used a conditioner with it. Because my hair is long and thick, the conditioner makes it easier to comb when wet. I have been using Avalon Organics Lemon Conditioner following this shampoo. Avalon Organics has a couple of “flavors”. I chose Lemon because my hair is platinum to golden blond in color.

Gayla Newfolden, MN

Biotin Shampoo

I have pcos and at the age of thirty I am experiencing some thinning hair. It is not noticeable by others at this point, but I’m starting to be able to see my scalp clearly through my hair. I started using this and after about three to four weeks I have about a centimeter in length of very fine spiky hairs poking through here and there. I wouldn’t consider this a miracle shampoo, but I’ll take a few new hairs. I’m undecided if it is worth the price, but I will use this until I hear of something better. It has a light fruity scent. Lathers well and makes my hair feel clean. I use a conditioner on my hair length-not scalp otherwise my hair feels coarse and is hard to brush. I will continue to use this and see how it goes. If things continue to improve with the shampoo I will post again to update.

Glenda Artesia, MS

love it

I have been using it for about a year gives hair strenghth, body, bounce and volume. Also prevents hair loss

Teresa Raymondville, TX

Great for Natural or relaxed hair

I purchased this because my hair was falling out with regular relaxer use. I was trying everything to regrow hair and keep what I have and came across this shampoo. I’m soooo glad I purchased it. It has really helped. It leaves my hair literally squeaky clean but not dry/brittle clean-if that makes sense. My hair did get thicker and the falling slowed down but it could be in combination with other things I was doing. It did stop my dandruff issue that was due to excess oil buildup-haven’t had any major scalp issues since I started using this :)When I decided to do the big chop and go natural earlier this year I continued to use this shampoo. It has helped with the transition and I will keep purchasing it. My whole family uses it too.*Update*This has been the only shampoo I used since Jan 2013. It’s now Feb 2014 and I’m just now running out and need to order more. The bottle lasts a really long time so I’d say it’s worth the cost.

Betty Horse Branch, KY