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Nexxus Titanium Plated Flat Iron, 1-Inch

Nexuss Salon Hair Care At Nexxus salon hair care, our 30-year salon heritage and understanding of the evolving science of hair care result in products that give you superior salon performance. Lustrous, manageable hair takes the right combination of products and tools — the Nexxus styling tool is designed to work with Nexxus moisturizing hair care products to leave hair looking luxuriously shiny and healthy. Experience a higher standard in hair care with the complete line of Nexxus salon hair care products. Beautiful, flawless hair doesn’t happen by chance. It takes the right combination of products and tools to tame frizz, add volume, and create a look. Discover solutions for your hair’s unique condition and show it who is boss. Nexxus Styling Tool The Nexxus flat iron is truly the most high-tech flat iron on the market today with an LCD digital display, touchscreen temperature and memory functions. Lock control and on/off buttons on the interior prevent accidental shut-off or change in temperature while in-use. The 1-inch extra-long, full titanium plates protect against heat damage to create luxurious shine and sleek results and the floating plates self-align to ensure maximum contact. The high 455 degrees Ferinheight heat and multiple temperature settings provide even heat for faster styling times. Features: 1-inch titanium plated plates gives you even heat for faster results LCD digital temperature setting helps control desired temperature Touchscreen with multiple heat settings versatility for achieving desired styles Fast heat-up with quick heat-up time for instant results Highest heat of 455 degrees provides even heat for faster styling time Memory function with lock control for quick start Professional swivel cord for ease-of-use

Key features

  • 1-inch titanium plated plates gives you even heat for faster results
  • LCD digital temperature setting helps control desired temperature
  • Touchscreen with multiple heat settings versatility for achieving desired styles
  • Fast heat-up with quick heat-up time for instant results
  • Highest heat of 455-degrees provides even hear for faster styling time

Honest reviews


One of the better irons in my collection

Having 2 daughters with wild hair, flat irons have been a part of our life for several years now. This one is one of the better irons. My 13 year old daughter who does her own hair, said she really liked this one and it has become her go to flat iron. I had been using a Rusk one with 1.5 inch plates, and I have to say it now feels clunky next to this Nexxus one. I am not overly awed with the digital display, and haven’t figured out how to make it heat up to a higher degree than 345 when I turn it on. I find it a bit of a hassle to turn in on, wait for it to reach 345 and then I have to hit more buttons to make it go higher. Having the controls inside is not a problem for me, if you manage to repeatedly burn yourself turning it off, than perhaps you should find a safer way to straighten your hair. I generally set it to 374 to iron my hair, but I can never get it to look like the hair stylist does. The temp can go higher on it, but I just don’t think it is the best thing for hair. It is nice looking, has a good fit and feel in your hand, and it seems to be easier to work into your hair. I was afraid the non coated iron parts would stick to my hair, but it doesn’t do that all, slides just as smooth as all those ceramic coated ones out there.

Alfreda Many Farms, AZ

You can’t get burned with this one!

This is a nice quality Flat Iron, and the best thing is that you cannot get burned working with it. It has the protection in the right spot, so you do not accidently touch your scalp and/or skin. With my hair shorter these days, it is a little tricky got get the hair in between the plates, but you get a nice smooth process.Digital readout! Nice, clear readout, easy to change the heat temperature, controls on the inside, and this heats up quickly. This is nice to carry on a trip, it looks great, nice sleek finish, easy to carry and of course Nexxus is a quality company!Plus, this has a nice matching hair dryer … Nexxus Italian Motor Styling Tool…….Rizzo

Britney Green Lane, PA

Look out GHD, Nexxus is getting a huge jump on you

Overall I’m impressed with this flat iron despite my being a fan of ceramic plates the floating titanium plates have a nice spring to them and heat up quickly.I’d say the best feature to this iron is that it actually is heat adjustable with 6 different temps that range from low: 320 degrees to high: 455 degrees. In theory the heat adjusts to hair type (fine, thick, coarse, etc.) but with the option to adjust the heat you are less likely to scorch your hair and damage your ends.Like most hair appliances these days this iron will shut itself off 1 hour after it is used if you forget to turn it off. It also has a good, flexible cord that is at least 6 ft long and swivels at the end to avoid tangles. For its price this is a better model than a few pricier models. With it 5 year warranty vs. the 2 year warranty of most flat irons this can give some brands like GHD a run for their money

Kathryn Fort Howard, MD

Works Wonders!

The Nexxus Flat Iron is really one of the best that I’ve used! It has long plates that make this straight iron very easy to maneuver! It is touch screen, which made my tech savvy side sit up straight and take notice! The screen is very unusual as the top portion has a built in see through plated square that you can look through and view the opposite plate, which has a similar square, but shows the heat gauge. The top portion is, again, touch screen, with a plus and minus sign on opposite side of the see through area. The on/off switch, and lock switch are, to me, in the total wrong location of the inside of the bottom plate next to the heat gauge. If you have large fingers it could be very difficult to turn your device on or off or lock/unlock the device.In order to work it, you simply plug it in like normal, press the unlock/lock button on the inside of the device, then press either the minus or plus sign on the top of the straight iron, and once you have it to the desired setting, press the lock button again to lock your heat strength. To me, again, it seems like a weird place to put the buttons, and I’d almost prefer them to be on the sides or on the top of the device rather than on the inside where I’m more likely to accidentally touch the hot plates. With that being said, the straight iron works wonders! I have straight, frizzy, easily tousled/knotted hair, that’s a bit coarse. I used the Nexxus straight iron, and I’m so happy with the results. My hair lies flat, and looks great, and the thing I love the most is that this flat iron doesn’t pull my hair! It slides easily through it, and instantly adds shine and a nice texture to it that previously wasn’t seen. I can easily slide it up at the crown of my head to make volume, as well as easily curl it for loose waves. I do wish it had an auto shut off, but otherwise this is a pretty nifty device, and I do recommend it! Just watch your fingers around those hot plates!

Lynne Wever, IA

It could have been good

I wanted to like this product, it seems to straighten well. But, I could not get over the switch being on the inside, right by the heat plates, I burned my fingers a couple of times when using this due to the placement of the on/off switch. I also could not figure out how to lock the straightener closed for storage once it had cooled down, the straightener I currently have has this feature and I love it since I have limited space in my bathroom.Another issue was the lack of instructions, I spent several minutes using trial and error to determine how to change the temperature of the iron, and it lacked suggestions on the correct temperature to begin at.It could have been good, but the burned fingers and the lack of lock made it less than enjoyable to use!

Irma Sidney Center, NY

Pretty Good For Flat Iron

Flat irons are one of those items that are hard to rate due to the fact that there is not much difference from one model to another (like blow dryers). It is true that if you buy a real cheap flat iron as opposed to spending $50 on a flat iron from Sally’s Beauty Supply, you will notice the subtle differences. I gave this flat iron 4 stars due to the fact that it is a Nexxus brand and it has titanium plates. Now none of this makes too much of a difference for most buyers so I will go one step further and explain. The reason for the rating on this product is for the following:1. heats up quicker than I can bat my eyelashes2. feels heavy (i.e., sturdy) not flimsy, easier to keep a good grip on hair that you are flat ironing3. it has larger plates so you can grab more hair and finish in less timeI don’t use the flat iron much except for my bangs since my hair is really short but ever since I got this flat iron, I do not mind flat ironing my daughter’s hair. She is 7 yrs old (yes, you heard me right) and loves the feel of her hair when it is flatten and shiny. Every time my daughter ask me to flat iron her hair, I want to say NOOOOOOO. She has such thick hair. However, with this new flat iron, I can do it and in less time and I don’t snag her hair. I don’t know what it is about flat iron but when ever I have used one, no matter how I do it, a strand always gets snagged making my daughter wince in pain. This one is one smooth ride.Now I don’t have to run from the room when my daughter ask that I flat iron her hair, I just tell her to bring it on!!!!!

Joanne Dade City, FL

Good materials, attractive looking

The Nexxus Titanium Plated Flat Iron is constructed of good material, including a 1-inch titanium plated plates designed to provide even heat. The LCD screen and touchscreen heat settings provide for easy access to your desired temperature. A quick heat up time with a 455 degree heat threshold provides for a fast styling when you desire.

Brandy Baylis, IL

works well, but inconvenient controls

It heats up quickly and you can control the temp, but the controls are on the inside! This means you can get burned if you aren’t careful. Also you can’t grab the end of the curling iron to hold it steady because you will get burned. If you can keep your fingers safe you will get a smooth finish.

Sondra Berwick, LA

A Great Tool for a First-Timer!

First, let me qualify by saying I’ve never used a flat iron on my hair before. That said, I am thoroughly pleased with the Nexxus Titanium Plated Flat Iron. It heats up quickly and is easy to use. The control buttons are on the inside of the device (inside the "V"), so there’s no accidentally turning the unit on, up or off. It does get extremely hot very quickly, so please exercise caution when using the iron. This is a quality tool from a brand you can trust with your hair care.

Eva Como, TX

Great quality iron

I have used different brands of flat irons over the years (Conair, Remington, Revlon) most of them average price and performance. This Nexxus flat iron is really over the top! The titanium plates are amazingly smooth and longer than average – plates are 1” W x 4.5” L, average plates are between 3 and 4 inches long.It takes literally one minute to go from 0 – 455 degrees. The outside of the flat iron is smooth and there is a lock/unlock button on the inside so no risk of accidentally turning it off or changing the heat level when ironing your hair.My hair is about 2 inches below my shoulders and it’s more on the fine/medium texture. It is wavy and it frizzes up a lot so I have to be careful when using heat. This flat iron did a quick job and my hair was smooth in a few minutes. I still have to use some products to take care of the frizz but my hair is shiny and silky.The long plates get larger amounts of hair and iron it fairly quickly – which results in less damage. My hair stayed smooth even after the first shampoo which rarely happens.Also, since the outside of the iron is smooth, I have been able to use the iron to curl my hair (with the twisting method) and it just slides down so nicely, no grabbing or pulling.It took 15 minutes for the iron to cool off after I turned it off. It was safe to store it after that. Highly recommended. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask, I’d be happy to help.

Cora North Carver, MA