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Nexxus Pro Mend Shampoo, Conditioner, Bonus Leave-in Treatment

The Nexxus Pro-Mend Treatment Set features one 23oz bottle Pro-Mend Split End Treatment Daily Shampoo, one 23oz Pro-Mend Split End Binding Daily Conditioner, and one 4.8oz Pro-Mend Leave-In Treatment. Each system transforms split ends into healthy looking hair. Pro-Mend technology does more than just concealing, it actually repairs your hair by zeroing in on split ends and binding them back together. Use Nexxus Pro-Mend Shampoo and Conditioner daily for a revived, luxuriously soft hair. Now you can have the look of salon fresh cut hair every day with Nexxus Pro-Mend Technology.

Key features

  • Nexxus Pro-Mend Technology transforms your split ends into healthy looking hair
  • Pro-Mend Shampoo repairs split-end by gently cleansing away impurities and build-up, leaving hair clean and shiny
  • Pro-Mend Conditioner is a revolutionary daily conditioner that targets and binds up 86% of split ends back together
  • Pro-Mend Leave-In Treatment used after shower, apply a nickel sized amount to damp hair focusing on split end prone areas
  • Features one 23oz bottle Pro-Mend Split End Treatment Daily Shampoo, one 23oz Pro-Mend Split End Binding Daily Conditioner, and one 4.8oz Pro-Mend Leave-In Treatment

Honest reviews


Hair Saver!!

This is the best product I’ve used for my hair. I have cut the split ends off my hair until it’s all the way up to my shoulders and it’s still splitting. I only blow dry it every now and then so the ends aren’t because I over style it. My hair started doing this when I was pregnant, I’m assuming with the hormone changes. My hair looked like hay at the ends. This set has FIXED my hair!! You will not be disappointed.

Candace Fall River Mills, CA

Picture and Descprition is Incorrect

As mentioned in previous reviews, this is NOT the item I received. I took a gamble knowing that I might not receive the described product, so I am not going to attempt to return this or officially complain; however, I hope other buyers know that receiving a smaller item, 13.5 oz each in my case, could be VERY likely. Thus far, I do like the product itself, so I cannot say anything negative about it.

Barbara Waite, ME

didn’t work for me

I got it because of my friend but it didn’t repair my split ends. I think it works on certain hair types. my hair is very thin & curly, but idk maybe I had a bad batch , the price was awesome & shipping was fast …

Judy Palermo, ND

Love the smell

Love the way this smells! although the conditioner is thick it lasts a long time, same with the shampoo. I love this as my not too expensive shampoo/conditioner.

Juliet Vidal, CA

Not a fan.

I bought this exact kit in BJ’s wholesale for 15 dollars because they had it on sell and also had a 5 dollar off coupon. I decided to try it because Nexxus is a great brand and it’s usually expensive. I have dry hair that breaks easily so it made sense to use this product. The issue to me is that the conditioner doesn’t really hydrate your hair and the leave in treatment doesn’t really smooth out my hair. I still get frizzies with it and my ends don’t look any better. I won’t be using this brand again.

Laurel Social Circle, GA

love, love, love!

i love this! its a great deal. i usually get the big bottles at costco for $20-$30 each. i love the leave in treatment the most. it smells great and works. my hair dresser has noticed a difference in my hair.

Dominique Hoffman, MN

it doesn’t really “mend” your split ends.

It doesn’t mend your split ends. I have always loved using Nexxus products but I guess my gullibility got the best of me, especially coming from a brand that I like.

Tanisha Woodberry Forest, VA

Best Split End Treatment

I have searched high and low for product to bind my split ends. I have extremely long hair (down to my butt) and hate cutting anything off. I also like putting my hair through hell with daily washes, blow dries, and straight iron. I use tourmaline blow driers and Hani ceramic iron with Chi Iron guard but my poor hair shows signs of stress regardless.I tried the affordable brands (Garnier Nutris & Tresemme ~$5/bottle ) to expensive brands (Federic Fekkai & Bed Head ~$30/bottle) and have found Nexxus Pro Mend to be the ticket. You can feel a huge difference in the first 2 washes. No joke.Oh and if you’re wondering what it smells like… think Vanilla cupcakeThe only complaint I have is that my hair feels a bit bogged down.. that residue even though it’s freshly washed. but it’s nothing a little Fekkai Apple Cider Cleansing Shampoo won’t fix.

Tamera Brandt, SD

Makes my hair so soft!

This shampoo, conditioner, and leave in treatment set is huge! It smells really great, and makes my hair feel extremely soft!

Cornelia Brockway, MT