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Nexxus Pro Mend Overnight Treatment Crème, 1.9 Ounce

Nexxus expanded the revolutionary ProMend line with the introduction of new Nexxus Salon Hair Care ProMend Styling Products, providing the freedom to style while taking care of split end damage. The collection, which includes four products, targets and repairs split ends during the styling process by binding damaged ends back together with continued use. Target And Repair Damaged Ends The full range is formulated with Nexxus ProMend Technology, which contains a unique complex of positively and negatively charged polymers that first stick to negatively charged hair and then to each other to help bind ends back together. The results are damaged ends that are transformed into healthy-looking hair that looks freshly cut from the salon.* Nexxus ProMend Overnight Treatment Crème Works overnight to bind up to 94 percent of split ends back together with continued use. Works overnight to bind damaged ends back together. Significantly strengthens ends against future damage. Leaves hair looking healthy, restored and freshly cut with continued use. Formulated not to leave residue on bed linens. Contains coconut oil, keratin, and jasmine flower extracts. Directions Stylist Recommendation: Apply a quarter-sized amount to dry or damp hair before bed, focusing on the ends and damaged areas. Leave in overnight. Wash in the morning if desired. Use once weekly or more for very damaged hair. Avoid contact with eyes. *Based on continued use of products. Nexxus ProMend Overnight Treatment Crème At A Glance: Works overnight to bind damaged ends back together Formulated with coconut oil, keratin, and jasmine flower extracts What’s In The Box Nexxus ProMend Overnight Treatment Crème, 1.9 ounces

Key features

  • Ro-mend overnight treatment crème
  • 1.9 ounce treatment size
  • Nexxus pro-mend overnight treatment crème

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So, I’m a struggling college student with a taste for the finer things, and usually that means that I have to skimp on things such as hair cuts so I can have it colored properly, and as a style-a-holic (and beauty counter employee) I love to get creative with my hair on the cheap.. as a natural wavy/fine/blonde-haired girl, I’m typically curling/straightening hair along with blow-drying on the daily. Recently I freaked out because my split ends were so bad, and instead of opting for a shorter cut, I decided to see what my local drug store had to offer for a girl like me in a pinch.-The treatment was 9.99 at my local drugstore.-Worked overnight like a miracle product!-Use once, or twice a week-this works through washes/heat styling as well, I just notice that after 2-4 days the ends start re-appearing-YOU SHOULD NOT CAUSE YOUR HAIR TO BE STIFF WITH THIS! Its meant to BIND not drench. My thick, long hair can absorb a dollop that is the equivalent in size to three stacked quarters, apply to ends only-washing it out in the morning is NOT necessary, and is also stated on the box that it is not necessary. Probably assumes normal use which means NOT over-applied. lolI SUPER DUPER highly recommend this product now, because it has ridiculously changed the way I view my hair. My hair is more managable, shinier all the way to the tips, and feels sooooo soft.If you are reading this, you are probably considering purchasing this or a similar product. I wish I could do you the favor of buying it because it is truly amazing.Cheers!

Kristi Genesee, MI

4 stars as a single product get the set 5 stars

Okay long story short, lost some hair due to an accident and some neurological meds, growing it back, really want to keep it healthy. I have had some breakage in the back of my head. I have been using satin pillowcases to reduce breakage and a satin nightcap on my restless nights to stop snarls. But I do have some broken ends because I am trying to grow my hair out from the hair loss I suffered and I’m going a lot longer in between haircuts. I tried the day cream product as a standalone first. It will smooth your hair and stop the frizz, but you won’t see any dramatic frizz fixing long term.So then I tried the overnight treatment in combination with the leave in treatment. My hair was better, slightly less frizz on the ends, but I could feel that the back was still in rough shape. I tried the leave in conditioner for 1 week before adding the overnight. I tried the overnight cream with the day cream for 1 week.Now I decided to splurge and try the Nexxus ProMend shampoo and conditioner. 2 days. In two days, using all four products there was an extreme and noticeable difference in the smoothness of my hair. I was very much under the impression that you could not fix broken hair. Truthfully in 2 days I noticed smoother hair. The bottle says in 3 days use you will see results. So maybe my hair wasn’t as bad as I thought, or maybe it was because I’d already been treating my hair.The shampoo is like any other shampoo, lather, rinse. The conditioner you leave on for 3 minutes, comb through, I recently switched to the Tool Structure Shower Detangling Comb ( . Both smell clean and delicious without being overpowering. The leave in conditioner you put a quarter sized amount in your hand and run through your hair, concentrate on trouble zones and/or ends. I used more than a quarter sized amount to nourish all my ends and the troubled back spot. For the nigt time treatment you do not need to rewash your hair – unless you have a lot of product in there. I just run about a quarter sized amount through my hair again and it soaks right in, leaving no residue. In the morning, wash it out. I followed with the Nexxus shampoo and conditioner and started all over.Honestly that’s the most I’ve ever paid for conditioner, but sometimes you can get coupons on the retailer’s website. It’s worth a try if you are trying to repair your hair. Once you’ve done the repair, you might want to use it ever few days or a couple times a month and use another good shampoo and conditioner in between. I also like John Freida’s Frizz repair shampoo and conditioner.

Angelita Speer, IL

It works.

When I was about to purchase this I was very skeptical. I decided to take a chance and I never regretted it. I am on a relaxed hair journey and I started off with a lot of split ends I didn’t however want to trim them until my next relaxer. This product made it look as if I had no split ends at all. I have heard that it is temporary but I cannot say my hair ever got any split ends after the first two uses I have not needed to used it again after those two times. How I used it was I replaced the moisturized and seal step after washing my hair with this I applied it as if I was moisturizing and sealing then wrapped my hair by morning I was amazed at my hair. Oh and it smells like yogurt. I don’t eat yogurt but the smell is heavenly.

Laurel West Augusta, VA

repairs severely over-processed hair

This overnight treatment made my severely fried, over-processed highlights look/feel silky and swingy, like healthy hair. I use it before bed, smoothing it on my hair before putting my hair into a high ponytail. When I awake in the morning and take the ponytail down, my hair looks fantastic so I don’t wash out the treatment, in fact, i use it throughout the day as a smoothing agent. This stuff is a miracle!

Brandi Palmetto, LA

Love this!

I really love this stuff. I have to admit, I use it both day and night on my hair and it makes my hair feel silky soft and makes my curly to wavy wild hair a lot more manageable and smooth. I like this better than the leave-in that you are supposed to use during the day, and wish this one came in a larger size. A little goes a long way though. I use this and the pro-mend conditioner and I love the way my hair feels and smells. I can only hope my split ends are being mended but even if they aren’t, I still like this product. My hair is curlier since using this product so I do believe that it does help the ends of my hair. I’m not sure its working miracles and binding all split ends, and my hair doesn’t look freshly cut or anything too drastic. I still notice fly-aways and frizz from time to time so I also use other products to help with that, so like I said, it isn’t a miracle worker, but it does make my hair soft, de-tangled and silky. I really recommend this product! It will just make your hair feel really good!

Summer Plumerville, AR

Mends Split Ends Fast-Still Frizz

I have only used this product a few times, and I am amazed how well it worked on my split ends. I usually have a ton of split ends even though I am pretty good about getting cellophane and l’anza treatments, but after only one use the next day I found substantially less all over my head. My hair almost always appears greasy when using leave in products, it was not dirty looking when using this stuff either. Although I had less split ends, my hair was not as soft as it usually is. Additionally, I still had the “frizz” that you get where you individual follicles still go different ways even though they are more mended together.My other issue with this product is it is hard to tell how well it has coated the hair. I usually apply it to damp hair and I have a hard time knowing which areas are coated and which are not, but a little does go a long way so I would suggest applying the product in front of a mirror. Also, if your hair is stiff in the morning this means you probably over applied.The directions say to wash out in the morning, but I never do and my hair is not greasy through the work type: medium blonde (not color treated), greasy roots dry/frazzled ends, wavy to curly, fine follicles but thick

Denise Oak Park, MN

Works on all hair types!

I’m 100% African American with natural hair. I’ve been trimming my hair myself but I was unable to acheive any length because of my ends! As soon as I cut them I would have split ends a week or two later! I randomly bought this on clearance as well as the leave in conditioner. I knew the rest of the line probably wouldn’t benefit my hair type since I use products for natural hair. Anyway, I didn’t really like the leave in since it made my hair sticky and matted. The overnight cream was heaven sent though. After I washed and conditioned my hair normally, I twisted my damp hair while applying my normal deep conditioner and the nexus to my ends. Co washed it out in the morning and viola! My ends were perfect! I knew I wasnt just seeing things either because my hair was easier to detangle and styling my hair is faster than ever. And I applied this stuff over a week ago! I think if you know how to section your hair when applying product you will be fine.

Ruth South Heart, ND

This stuff really works

Buy this along with the rest of the nexxus promend system and you will not be disappointed. After the first treatment I noticed a difference right away. NO MORE SPLIT ENDS! My hair also felt smoother and silkier. Highly rec.

Sybil Sidney, TX

Certified Nexxus Junkie

Background: I have middle of my back length hair, Naturally curly/wavy hair (Think Halle Berry in “Their eyes were watching God”) I am Black and Hispanic. My hair is prone to breakage because its so dry. Although it grows at a normal pace about 1/2 inch a month, you couldnt tell because it used to break so easily. I use this product in conjuction with many other Nexxus products but the results have been proven to work on my hair to achieve really healthy hair. I’ll give you a run down of everything I do below. I will tell you readers about each product, good and bad. Be prepared; this is a long review, but informative.Nexxus Therappe Shampoo – It smells great and I really have no complaints. I havent used any other Nexxus Shampoos, so I dont have anything by Nexxus to compare it to.Nexxus Humectress Conditioner, Deep, Hydrating Treatment – This is awesome! I have tried other Nexxus conditioners (Nexxus Humectress Ultimate Moisturizing Conditioner, Nexxus Keraphix Restorative Strengthening Conditioner, and Nexxus Hyrda Sleek Silken Smoothing Conditioner) But none compare to the moisturizing power this stuff has.Nexxus Pro Mend Overnight Treatment Crème – At first this seemed like the answer to my split-end prayers. It truly, truly does repair split ends, but only temporarily. This should not be used as a cure-all. This will bind your ends, but you still need to moisturize your hair regularly and take care of it if you want it to be healthy. This product, however, took my curly/wavy hair to BONE STRAIGHT hair due to overuse. Seriously, you cannot find half a curl in my hair. Obviously, it changes the structure of your hair when it binds the split ends, so be warned if you have curly hair this may very well change your hair’s structure. Especially if you’ve used it as much and as often as I: once a week for about 2 years. Since it works so well for me, I continue to use it only on my ends while I allow my curls to grow back. For my African American readers: It looks like a perm is growing out of my head; curly/wavy at the roots and straight on the ends. I press my roots and flat iron my hair for work anyway so I dont look too funny!After washing out the Pro-Mend, I use Nexxus Polymedic Emergency Reconstructor – Reconstructors add protein to your hair making it stronger. Be careful though, I learned the hard way that too much protein (as this product is super strength and can easily deliver) will cause your hair to break. This product repairs your hair’s structure and will eventually make it stronger and very shiny. All in all, as long as you dont overdo it you will see great results.If you’re not asleep yet, keep reading to learn about the steps I take every week to acheive really healthy hair.1. Wash my hair with Nexxus Therappe Shampoo2. Allow my hair to air dry until it is only slightly damp and apply Nexxus Pro Mend Overnight Treatment Crème to my ends and leave it in overnight.3. Wash out the Promend and apply Nexxus Polymedic Emergency Reconstructor on my entire head (except my edges). Cover with a shower cap and leave on for 10-15 minutes.4. Wash out the reconstructor and apply Nexxus Humectress Conditioner, Deep, Hydrating Treatment to slightly damp hair. Cover with a shower cap for about an hour (while I clean my bathroom or do laundry or something domestic)5. Rinse out the conditioner and allow my hair to air dry naturally.6. Heat Style my hair: Press the roots and edges and use an electric flat iron to straighen my hair.The results:After a day and a half (EVERY WEEKEND!!!) of repeating this process, my hair is probably the shiniest and bounciest hair you will ever see. It is so soft and healthy, you could run your fingers through it and not hit a snag at all. As a black woman it feels great when non-black people compliment me on my hair. Not any of those well-meaning, yet, condesceding remarks such as, “Your hair is so cool” or “Wow, I wish my hair could be like that” I get compliments like, “Wow, your hair is so pretty” and “How do you get your hair so soft?” Seriously, I have shared my procedure with all my friends and family. Although they dont have the dedication or income to buy all the above mentioned products, they have seen great results.

Leila Richview, IL

Did not like it

I love the leave in and the conditioner. But this over night product doesnothing for my think hair. Wish I did not waste my money on it.

Tammi Axtell, TX

excellent product

I absolutely love this product because this is the only product that really fights frizz and fly-aways . When you put it on your hair it instantly bonds the hair together so that you don’t have hardly any frizz at all. My hair is fine and is highlighted every 6 weeks so it gets pretty damaged,so my hair needs all the help it can get. This is the only product that works for me.

Kelsey La Palma, CA


I never saw anything happen with my hair .. so idk …… it does smell nice though, & it’s not greasy ..

Sonja Glen Alpine, NC

Pretty Good!!!

Really good Treatment. I use it every time I blow dry my hair and it has helped out a lot. I don’t have as many split-ends as I had.

Natalie Crocketville, SC


The absolute best split end product I have ever used. I am going to order a bunch to make sure I don’t run out as they discontinued it in my local store.

Frieda Newport, TN

Read the Directions

This is for the ends of your hair only. Be careful not to get at the base, or scalp. You can also leave it in your hair, it doesn’t need to be washed out, but if you add too much you will want to.

Amalia Rocksprings, TX