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Nexxus New York Salon Care Treatment Crème, Pro-Mend Split End Binding Leave-In 4.8 ounce

Nexxus ProMend Leave-In Treatment Creme provides daily repair for split end problem areas. Nexxus ProMend Leave-In Hair Treatment helps transform damaged split ends into healthy-looking hair that looks freshly cut instantly. Use Nexxus ProMend Leave-In Treatment Hair Cream after each shower to bind up to 92% of your split ends back together before styling, so ends look beautifully healthy and strong.

Key features

  • Nexxus ProMend Leave-In Treatment Hair Creme provides daily repair for split end problem areas
  • Use Nexxus ProMend Leave-In Hair Treatment after each shower to bind split ends back together before you begin styling
  • Nexxus ProMend Leave-In Treatment Cream helps transform damaged split ends into healthy-looking hair that looks freshly cut instantly
  • Bind up to 92% of split ends, making hair stronger from within with Nexxus ProMend Leave-In Treatment Hair Creme
  • With the continued use of Nexxus ProMend Leave-In Treatment Cream your ends will be left beautifully healthy-looking and strong

Honest reviews


Stand alone it’s a 3 as a group it’s a 5

Okay long story short, lost some hair due to an accident and some neurological meds, growing it back, really want to keep it healthy. I have had some breakage in the back of my head. I have been using satin pillowcases to reduce breakage and a satin nightcap on my restless nights to stop snarls. But I do have some broken ends because I am trying to grow my hair out from the hair loss I suffered and I’m going a lot longer in between haircuts. I tried this product as a standalone and it’s okay. It will smooth your hair and stop the frizz, but you won’t see any dramatic frizz fixing long term.So then I tried the overnight treatment in combination with the leave in treatment. My hair was better, slightly less frizz on the ends, but I could feel that the back was still in rough shape. I tried the leave in conditioner for 1 week before adding the overnight. I tried the overnight cream with the day cream for 1 week.Now I decided to splurge and try the Nexxus ProMend shampoo and conditioner. 2 days. In two days, using all four products there was an extreme and noticeable difference in the smoothness of my hair. I was very much under the impression that you could not fix broken hair. Truthfully in 2 days I noticed smoother hair. The bottle says in 3 days use you will see results. So maybe my hair wasn’t as bad as I thought, or maybe it was because I’d already been treating my hair.The shampoo is like any other shampoo, lather, rinse. The conditioner you leave on for 3 minutes, comb through, I recently switched to the Tool Structure Shower Detangling Comb ( . Both smell clean and delicious without being overpowering. The leave in conditioner you put a quarter sized amount in your hand and run through your hair, concentrate on trouble zones and/or ends. I used more than a quarter sized amount to nourish all my ends and the troubled back spot. For the nigt time treatment you do not need to rewash your hair – unless you have a lot of product in there. I just run about a quarter sized amount through my hair again and it soaks right in, leaving no residue. In the morning, wash it out. I followed with the Nexxus shampoo and conditioner and started all over.Honestly that’s the most I’ve ever paid for conditioner, but sometimes you can get coupons on the retailer’s website. It’s worth a try if you are trying to repair your hair. Once you’ve done the repair, you might want to use it ever few days or a couple times a month and use another good shampoo and conditioner in between. I also like John Freida’s Frizz repair shampoo and conditioner.

Brandie Minocqua, WI

Nice option for dry, color treated hair

I’ve been searching for a product that would assist me in de-frizzing my 40-something, color treated, medium length hair which I blow dry and flat-iron daily. I stumbled across this Nexxus ProMend treatment creme at a local discount store. UsingNexxus Botanoil Treatment Shampoo 5 Ouncesprior to using this product, I noted a substantial improvement in my hair’s shine, softness and manageability.My hair is thick and wavy, and now with the introduction of 30-40% gray hair over the past year or so, it’s tough to keep it looking nice and frizz-free. I’ve tried way too many products that promise results but seem to be lacking. The Nexxus ProMend seems to be the difference in this combination I’ve tried. Using it with other shampoos it also calms the frizzy look, although for me, I seem to need a moisturizing shampoo no matter what I do.Nexxus ProMend also makes a leave-in overnight conditioner. The rest of the products in the line can be tried in one package:Nexxus Pro Mend Shampoo, Conditioner, Bonus Leave-in Treatment.I’m sold on this product’s effectiveness on my hair to eliminate split-ends (aka: fuzzies). I also think it strengthens the hair and leaves it shiny. In the future I plan on using the whole ProMend line to keep my hair looking its best.

Hallie Coppell, TX

Great product!

This product does exactly what it says it will do. It binds your split ends beautifully. There is one word of caution though. I have very fine hair. If you use too much of this product, it tends to make your hair somewhat “sticky” and your brush will start dragging. This causes your hair to actually break off. For those of you with fine hair, the effect is similar to most thickening products. I have found that if I use the recommended amount on my very long hair, I don’t have this problem, so start with less rather than more and you should be fine.

Beulah Liberty Mills, IN

OH YEAH – end tamer extraordinaire

Does EXACTLY what it says & what fully met my expectations (which is more than you can say for MANY products).I have medium-to-thick, wavy, anglo hair that frizzes and breaks EASILY. I’ve spent way too much money HOPING the next miracle product will finally be the answer to my woes (I now even compare INGREDIENTS to see if there is REALLY any difference between products). I’ve never used Nexus products and am so glad I gave this a try, it TRULY made a difference on 1st use. It is worth pointing out that it is intended to be a “targeted” treatment… which I interpreted to mean you don’t just put it all through your hair, you just apply on the ENDS and that works GREAT for me.

Dessie Sims, NC

Love Nexxus But…..

Normally I love all products Nexxus (most especially Emergencee); however, this product left my hair feeling weighted down. At first, I thought I was using too much so instead of using a nickel-sized amount I decreased to about dime-sized but still my hair was weighted down. Moreover, the product also made my hair dull and took away its natural sheen. That said, this could be related to the fact that my hair is on the thin side.

Rosella Ririe, ID

Avid Leo Reader

I put this product on the ends of my hair after washing it. It works very well for me. I highly recommend it.

Janelle Oaklyn, NJ

Nexxus Leave in Treatment

This Leave in treatmeant has worked great for me, it has made my hair a bit stronger and it makes it much more manageable after I get out of the shower.

Sheena Sarahsville, OH


dude this s*** works..i have horrible split ends and lots of hair looks nice for the most part however the ends are frizzy be nature cuz the split ends(cuz im afraid to cut it) well i used this and couldnt even find a split end..its a miracle lol and way cheaper on amazon then at cvs which is odd..highly recommend to ppl who have dry frizzy ends

Delia Nursery, TX

nice creame

This creme smells nice and did good in my hair, I may buy again, but it did not make a wow difference.

Emilie Petersburg, IL

Best I’ve Ever Tried!!

My hair has been bleached, dyed, streaked, to the point where it’s so porous I needed a protein filler to color it again. I know nothing cures split or damaged hair. Have tried it all, even several $50.00 deep conditioners. So I bought this at Target to try, and I was shocked. I left it on overnight as directed, washed it with gentle shampoo the next morning and there was a big, noticeable difference. My frizzy hair was a lot smoother, and what surprised me was after another washing several days later, the effect was still there. The stylist who is taking care of my hair now (since I’m done with home jobs) made a comment on it. She felt the difference too. I will never be without this product again.

Gilda Williamsburg, IA

It works!

This stuff really does seem to glue the ends of your hair together so that split ends are not noticeable. Other than that, it doesn’t seem to change the texture of my hair at all.

Melba Saint George, UT


I love this product. Makes my hair feel soft. Not sure it is really mending split ends, though. I just like using a light leave in conditioner instead of a cream rinse.

Cherry Cassville, PA

This stuff really works!

Ok, I saw a commercial for the new nexxus pro mend line and I immediately ordered the entire line online. I was of course very skeptical but was willing to try it out. I had been growing my hair out and hadn’t had a haircut for over a year. I was holding out until I could get my hair cut and permed at a really good salon. Well of course as a result I had a lot of split ends. I used the shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner and weekly intensive repair and . . . . I couldn’t believe it– NO SPLIT ENDS! THIS STUFF REALLY WORKS! It is amazing! After just one use the vast majority of my split ends were gone! I honestly had to search to find some. My hair also felt much smoother and silkier. I know I sound like a TV commercial but it’s true. I highly rec this product for anyone looking to improve their hair texture and get rid of their split ends. It’s obviously not a permanent solution like getting a trim but for those trying to grow out their hair it’s a definite must.

Chelsey Nicholville, NY

marginal improvement

this product is not magical, but it seems to help prevent further breakage. the improvement may not be apparent though.

Ana Hankinson, ND

Love this treatment!

I absolutely LOVE this treatment for my hair! It makes it manageable, gives it shine and the conditioning it needs. I use this daily and it doesn’t make my hair greasy either. Would certainly recommend this product to anyone! A+

Madge Many Farms, AZ