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Nexxus Italian Motor Styling Tool

Nexxus Salon Hair Care At Nexxus Salon Hair Care, our 30-year salon heritage and understanding of the evolving science of hair care result in products that give you superior salon performance. Lustrous, manageable hair takes the right combination of products and tools — the Nexxus Italian AC motor styling tool is designed to work with Nexxus moisturizing hair care products to leave hair looking luxuriously shiny and healthy. Experience a higher standard in hair care with the complete line of Nexxus Salon Hair Care products. View larger The Nexxus Italian AC motor styling tool is designed with the latest in titanium ceramic and ionic technology. The Italian AC Motor dries hair up to 50-percent faster and provides three times the life than other competing hair dryers*. Titanium ceramic technology emits even infrared heat that helps protect hair from damage. Ionic technology helps enhance your hair’s natural shine and virtually eliminates frizz for healthy-looking hair. Equipped with three heat and two speed settings, you can customize your Nexxus hair dryer according to your hair type. Includes a concentrator for pinpoint styling and a diffuser for body, curls and waves. The convenient locking cold shot button sets your desired style with a blast of cold air. Also includes a removable filter to extend motor life (periodically clear filter for best results.) Features: Italian AC motor for up to 50 percent faster drying time and 3x longer life Titanium Ceramic technology produces even infrared heat to help protect hair from damage Ionic technology helps reduce frizz by up to 75 percent bringing out your hair’s natural shine Includes a concentrator for pinpoint styling and a diffuser for body, curls and waves 3 heat/2 speed settings to customize according to hair type Locking cold shot 1875 watts / 15.6 Amps Extra-long professional quality line cord The Nexxus Italian AC motor styling tool is a beautiful way to style your hair quickly and professionally leaving your hair looking luxuriously shiny and healthy.

Key features

  • Italian AC motor drys 50 percent faster drying time and 3x longer life
  • Ionic technology helps reduce frizz by up to 75-percent bringing out your hair’s natural shine
  • Titanium Ceramic technology produces even infrared heat to protect hair from damage
  • Includes a concentrator for pinpoint styling and a diffuser for body, curls and waves
  • 3 heat/2 speed settings to customize according to hair type

Honest reviews


Super nice, super sleek!

Although it would be some time before you determined that the infrared heat prevents damage, it is good to know that the feature is available. This is an attractive hair drying tool, and I like that it feels lightweight.Yes, the drying time is quicker, and I like that it includes the diffuser for close-up and/or specific areas. This handles easy, and yes, sometimes we could always appreciate longer cords. This make it easy to work on another person’s hair.Another feature I use is the locking cold. This is great, just to blow away cut hair pieces. The heating element is 1875 watts and that is quite hot if needed.Nice, sleek styling tool, easy to use, easy to use on others! Rizzo

Tamika Granville, IA

Good steady heat

Given my usage, this may seem odd. But I got this for my modeling and painting, which its been very helpful with for a lot of the same reasons. The cord is long enough I don’t have to use an extension to get it to where I need it, and the fan and the heating coils warm up and are steady enough that I don’t have any problems with uneven drying, and it also cools down fast enough I don’t scorch anything I set it on or scald my hands if I accidentally touch a part of it after I finish using it. Very nice design with easy to use controls.

Myrtle Garden City, TX

Best Yet

I’m giving this five stars because it has the most powerful motor I have ever had as well as the incredible range of controls for it. Usually, even the best have just two power settings: low and high. This has a medium. Add to that the various temperature settings and the only way it could be better is if you could program it to float in the air above your head. Excellent.

Mellisa Excel, AL

Very Useful Hair Drying/Styling Product

The Nexxus Salon Hair Care dryer is a compact and surprisingly powerful machine. The “Italian AC Motor” and air tunnel are encased in an off-white plastic tapering tube 8.5in long, 3.25 in. in diameter at its widest point. The 4.5 in. long handle is curved to fit the hand (right or left hand). A heavy rubber cover protects the electric cord extending from bottom of the handle so excessive wear due to dryer changes in angle can be avoided. The cord is 6 ft. 4 in. long. The 110 V plug has built in test/reset buttons that act as a circuit breaker if the cord gets too hot. The unit has not overheated while operating the device since I got it.The motor is very powerful, blowing air with high power. The tapered tube of the blower has effective “Ionic Technology” that helps prevent “frizz,” a factor I have had some experience with after testing another dryer two years ago. The end of the blower tube has Titanium Ceramic technology that produces “infrared heat” that I have found does not burn the hair with normal use.There are two attachments for the end of the dryer tube. One is a “concentrator,” a 3.5 in. wide black plastic funnel with a flattened air exit. This produces an air stream that is wider but more concentrated than the blower tube without the attachment. The second attachment is a round plastic “Diffuser” 6 in. in diameter that spreads the air out through eighteen 1.25 in. teeth. This works well with long hair to fluff up the hair and create curls and waves.The hand controls can be operated easily for left or right handers. There are two black oblong rocker buttons and one round button. The lower black button controls motor speeds: off, low, and high. The upper black button controls air temperature: cool, warm, and hot. The round button set high on the handle is an off/on cold button. With one push and release the machine will blow cold air without changing the temperature setting controlled by the upper black button. A second push and release of the round button will return the air to the setting of the upper black button.My wife uses the Nexxus dryer frequently and likes the machine very much. We asked a friend, a hair salon owner, to try it out in her shop. She likes the power of the machine, the functioning of the handle controls, and the effectiveness with her styling work.I highly recommend the Nexxus Salon Hair Care dryer for its compact design, powerful motor, and functionality for personal and professional use.

Jasmin Violet, LA

Powerful and hot – really nice design too.

My wife loves this unit, she uses it on the “low” setting and says it is just as strong as her other one- when it is on “high”. So yeah if you need a powerful unit, this is the one for you!The heat is basically instant – and hot.The “cold shot” works very quickly also- although there isn’t a light that comes on when the heat – or cool is on, which would be a nice touch.It comes with a diffuser and a concentrator, a handy loop to hang it when not using it and the color is a nice pearl-white.****Jim

Shanna Eldred, IL

Gentle, Uniform Styling with High Air Output

This is an excellent styling blower. The air flows out in a massive, evenly-heated gust. The motor provides the perfect level of heat to dry hair in any style, with one-button cool air flow for setting.This unit provides three heat settings to administer from either of two speed settings. It includes a concentrator attachment, as well as a large diffuser that makes short work of voluminous hair.I love that my Nexxus styling dryer is lightweight. I enjoy its comfortably balanced grip. It has a long, well-reinforced cord with a test and reset buttons on the supply.One of my favorite features of my Italian Motor Styling Tool, besides its outstanding performance, is the addition of the rubber feet on each side of the dryer, which keep the dryer from sliding off of the vanity as readily as other dryers that I have used in the past; it’s such a simple thing, but small features such as this go a long way in the overall satisfaction with a product.At the rear intake, the cover may be removed with an easy counter-clockwise rotation for cleaning. The quality of the unit seems to have been manufactured with exceptional precision. The painted, rigid fins of the blower outlet seem immune to the typical wear of the bathroom environment. Attachments clip in firmly, yet they are easily changed.The motor noise generated by using this blower is more tolerable than that of the typical inexpensive dryers. The large, constant flow of air throughout its properly formed chamber is nowhere near as pitchy as the desperate pull noise produced by lower quality models – it makes a warmer tone.This is an amazing tool, that provides efficient drying and styling power. The even air temperatures are perfect. There is no scorching heat like that emitted from the toaster-in-a-tube dryers. I highly recommend the Nexxus Italian AC Motor Styling Tool for achieving perfect results, without any of the damage that the extreme-temperature units tend to do to hair.

Dorothy Mapleton, MN

VERY Powerful

A very powerful hair dryer – uh, I mean "Styling Tool" :)It dries fast and the attachments are a great bonus. I never would have thought to attribute lack of frizz or hair health with a dryer, but it seems to leave hair in better shape than other dryers. Not sure if it’s the "Ionic technology" they speak of, but it’s nice. The long cord and the non-slip nub on the sides point out an attention to detail that is a nice touch. The description claims 3x the life based on their "Italian Motor" etc. If that’s the case, this would be a great value. A lot of power and features for a long time is a good combo.

Rosie Westview, KY

Nice Dryer

This is a very well made and well functioning dryer. It is a little heavier than my old dryer and while the noise level seems about the same this one is much lower pitched which I prefer. It does a good and quick job. My daughter and I both like it.

Elise Java, SD

Best hair dryer we’ve ever had

The dryer handle fits nicely in hand with a comfortable balance, buttons are conveniently placed,and this dryer does a remarkably quick job of drying my thick/coarse head of hair.The ‘cold shot’ lays waves in place, styling in a short amount of time.Couldn’t be happier with this dryers versatility, functionality and powerful force of air.And I appreciate the rubber bumpers on each side of the dryer to protect the vanity top from abrasions and heat.I don’t have problems with frizzy hair so I can’t speak to the ionic feature reducing friz up to 75%but I have noticed it gives my hair more shine, with a healthy look and professional touch.DRYER FEATURES> 2 speeds, low & high <> 3 heat settings, cool – warm – hot <> locking cold shot to set style in place.> The infrared heat which is produced by titanium ceramic technology is supposed to work on molecules inside hair,so as to dry it inside out – which is to minimize friz & protects against heat damage> Includes 2 attachments <> diffuser for body, curls & waves (large 6″ dia) <> concentrator for pinpoint styling (3 1/2″ opening)MAINTENANCE FREE MOTORItalian motor ~ I do believe it drys hair twice as fast. Nexxus claims the motor lasts 3 times longer.There’s a filter on the back of blower which needs periodically cleaned.Very quick & simple to do ~ lightly turn the back piece of the blower housing to the left ~ easily comes off.Remove dust/lint & twist cover back on blower.LAST BUT NOT LEAST ~ SAFETY> This 1875 watts dryer is exactly 15 amps, which may be the capacity of some home fuses/beakers.> This 6′ 4″ cord is durable/flexible with heavy insulation for safety conducting 15 amps. plus a loop near the dryer to hang it up with.> Appliance leakage circuit interrupter (ALCI) shuts off the dryer if immersed in water or overheated.Hair dryer is said to be designed to work with Nexxus moisturizing hair care products,and includes a coupon for free 3 oz trail size shampoo & conditioner.5 yr warranty Nexxus from Conair.

Zelma Mont Belvieu, TX

Fast Dry!

I have been a fan of ionic technology ever since I read about an ionic pet brush in the Sky Mall catalog on a trip. I have also owned a Sharper Image ionic hair dryer for years. I am a believer in the ionic technology and it works just as well in both hair dryers.The one advantage the Sharper Image dryer has is that it is a little quieter. This dryer is pretty loud, but it dries amazingly fast. Even though it dries fast it doesn’t seem to overheat my hair.This dryer also looks sharp with the white plastic and black cord and the slim handle fits well in my hand. It comes with a giant diffuser, which is interesting, and a pinpoint styler.This dryer is a nice upgrade over my old dryer. The only drawback is the increased noise, although I won’t have to listen to it for long because this dryer dries about 3 times faster.

Roseann Clarkesville, GA

Does the job

The Nexxus Italian Motor Styling Tool,did not disappoint My hair is long and very curly and living in an area where the water can be hard and wreck havoc on my hair such as fizziness I used the diffuser as an attachment With the choice of using hot or cold air ( I used cold) and the speed ( slow for me) my hair came out great no frizz or fly away hair This is a keeper and I would highly recommend it

Clare Crows Landing, CA

Our resident hair expert says: “It does the job nicely!”

We received this "Nexxus Italian Motor Styling Tool" via the Vine Program to evaluate, and the woman of the house (and the one with hair) immediately put it through the paces. She has nice thick brown/gray hair, and was very happy with the results.Some details:Pros (▲):▲ Italian AC motor (they claim it drys 50 percent faster drying time and 3x longer life…can’t verify, but it runs well)▲ 3 heat & 2 speed settings▲ Includes a concentrator and a diffuser▲ Decent power: 1875 watts / 15.6 Amps▲ Easy to remove/clean air filter▲ Long cord (> 6 ft)Cons (▼):None reallyBuzz word terms like "Titanium Ceramic technology" (the claim is it produces even infrared heat to help protect hair from damage) "Ionic technology" (claim is it reduces frizz)…not sure if they truly make a difference, but I do know that the woman of the house gave this model a thumbs up! Recommended without reservation 😉

Lilly Homer, NE

Drries Hair Super Fast

The Nexxus Italian Motor Styling Tool does a stellar job of drying and styling my hair. I love how fast I can dry my hair with this product. Needing less time with the blow dryer which gives me more time with the curling iron and/or flat iron. It comes with a concentrator and a diffuser. It’s one sweet looking product with it’s pearl white finish makes it as lovely as it is practical.

Jeannette Rockville, RI

“Don’t use while sleeping—-don’t use in shower”

I like to get the safety warnings out of the way first (really, that’s what they say).I’ve owned lots of Conair products over the years but nothing this expensive. In this case you really do get what you pay for. Everything about the dryer says “quality”. It is very well balanced and the ergonomic handle fits the palm perfectly with the buttons near the fingertips not under the palm where so many cheap designs locate them. Positive detent between button selections. The “cool” selection works for setting your style before removing curlers. Heavy-duty cord with an ALCI plug which is a very nice safety feature. Double lint screens on the back. The outer one slips off easily for cleaning. The concentrator is great for select sections of hair like bangs. The diffuser is almost the size of VW hubcap and takes a little getting used to but once you do if works great for fine, curly hair. It doesn’t leave your hair looking like a dandelion puff-ball.The pearl finish is a very classy look. Five year limited warranty. Coupon included for 3 oz size Nexxus shampoo and conditioner.

Goldie Glen Head, NY