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Nexxus Humectress Ultimate Moisturizing Conditioner 33.8 Ounces

Nexxus Humectress Ultimate Moisturizing Conditioner

Key features

  • Humectress Ultimate Moisturizing Conditioner uses technologically advanced NexxuSpheres™ to deliver moisturizing Lipids and soothing Emollients into the inner-most structure of the hair throughout the day. 
  • Humectress is the ultimate hair moisturizer for results you can see and feel.

Honest reviews



Nexus used to be my favorite hair product brand because they used high quality ingredients that did wonders for my hair. But in the last 3 years they have repeatedly tampered with their formulas to cheapen their products and still charge high prices.I used to love Humectress conditioner. It used to be a rich thick formula that left my hair incredibly hydrated and nourished. Then they changed the formula about three years ago to cheapen it. Now it appears that this year they have cheapened it even worse. It’s just a cheap or mediocre conditioner now, not worth the price they are charging for something that is no longer salon quality.As soon as I tried this recent version it gave me an huge rash on my neck. I couldn’t figure where the rash came from because I stopped using it for several months (despite buying the 33 ounce bottle) because it was no longer a great conditioner. When I tried it again to use up the bottle, the rash re-appeared. Rashes are individual, not everyone will react the same way, but it was obvious to me that cheapening of the ingredients has consequences in quality beyond just not making it worth the cost.Google all the complaints on the internet for more info. Basically they have kept the same names on their products but completely changed the ingredients, misleading customers, into believing it’s the same product. None of their products are the same as they were 3 years ago. It’s basically either crap or mediocre stuff pretending to be what it used to be.Many of the reviews on Amazon are from BEFORE Nexus started selling mediocre products in place of the wonderful stuff they used to produce.

Louella Edwards, MS

Great Product!!!

Great Moisture for my dry as the Sahara hair! I am AA and find it hard to find a conditioner that is great as a leave in or can be used as a rinse out as well. I have 4A-B hair texture and currently I’m using Ayurvedic treatments on my hair which is also relaxed; so I need something that would combate the dryness, as well as make my hair more managable when dry. Great for both! I highly recommend this product, a little goes along way!!!!

Dina Galivants Ferry, SC

Not worth the money

I used this after hearing rave reviews about their conditioner, even though it contains mineral oil. I had not used mineral oil in my hair for over a year and last night was my first time using it again. I hate this conditioner! Although the consistency is thick and creamy which usually works on my super curly hair, it felt dry going on, which is weird for a conditioner. When I rinsed, after steaming my hair, it felt like straw. I co-washed my hair with suave ocean breeze to get some moisture back into my hair. Im not going to blame all of the dryness on the mineral oil alone, there were a lot of random chemicals w/ names I could not pronounce in the conditioner. im going back to my trusty Nature’s Gate for moisture. This was a waste of $17.

Ella Edgewater, NJ

You have to use Humectress shampoo with this

When I used this conditioner with other shampoo, it didn’t work. My hair felt like I did not use any conditioner at all. I tried it with other conditioner mixed together, but still it didn’t do much. I almost threw it away when it was still half full. Then I tried its companion shampoo: Humectress Shampoo. Then I understood why this conditioner is so light. The shampoo is very rich. If you have normal to oily hair, this shampoo will feel too rich and oily. They both work together, but ironically the conditioner is more expensive. I wouldn’t repurchase its conditioner. There are better ones out there with much better prices. My favorite is Herbal Essence Color Me Happy. I have color treated hair and use flat iron everyday. So I would keep using Humectress Shampoo, but not with this conditioner. I’m giving it 3 stars because with the shampoo it works ok. Otherwise I would have given it 1 star.

Lillie Moscow, KS

Love it!

I had bought this product at wal-mart (because I just happened to see it there on accident) and remembered hearing a lot of good stuff about nexxus’ conditioners. It wasn’t until after I bought it that I saw a lot of people complaining about how the old formula is better than the new one, etc. When trying to figure out why, the only complaints were about how the new formula has a “strong” scent to it and how there are a moderate of silicones in it.I don’t think the scent is bad AT ALL. I think it smells just divine. A for silicones, they’re not bad for people like me who wash their hair once/twice a week because I’m very active.Anyway, I did a protein deep conditioner (Aphogee 2-Minute) on dry hair before washing it out with warm water and my apple vinegar spray. Then I proceeded to use Nexxus’ Humectress moisturizing conditioner on my hair for about 15 minutes. After washing it out–my goodness. My hair was SO soft! Even after spritzing my hair with some apple cider vinegar mix my hair remained soft Detangling was easy, and the scent doesn’t actually stick to your hair (maybe just a very very light hint of it).I give this product a 8/10, just because I think it could have done well without the silicones.Oh, and FYI, I have african american relaxed hair which is currently undergoing a post 6 week stretch!

Sasha Canton, TX

Great for thick color treated hair

A great product for thick, wavy, color treated hair! Been around for years and I keep going back to it, even after trying other more expensive and more popular products. I dont use it as an everyday conditioner because it can tend to make my hair too soft. But its fantastic for the times you need extra moisturizing! Try the Therappe shampoo too!

Lynn Waukegan, IL

Say it ain’t so……

I’ve used Humectress for the past 25-30 years. Loved it! Always had it on hand, couldn’t live without it. Recommended it to my friends and kept it a secret from my enemies.I have fine hair, but lots of it. It moisturized my hair without weighing it down, keep the fly-aways gone in the winter and I had found no other product that worked for me.Until now. At first I thought I was having a few bad hair days which turned into a month. After doing a little investigating I was shocked, horrified to learn they changed the formula…! What!? Who’s the nincompoop who was in charge of this decision???This happened right about the same time another dingbat at Johnson and Johnson decided to discontinue my go-to tampon….what? How horrified does a girl need to be?Where’s the picket line start? I’m in!I think I’ll visit the nexxus site next and put my 2 cents in there as well.This product is now no better than one you’d find at Walgreens for $3.99 – I’d try that one instead, this one stinks.Signed – the woman with the flyaway, dry hair

Josephine Blandford, MA


Product was delivered quickly. Great price and wonderful product.

Inez Iron River, WI

Not what it used to be. Formula changed now not so good. Read on.

I’m a long time user of Humectress. My experience was great from the 80’s till a couple years ago. I noticed, like some others, the formula changed. It smelled a bit different but mostly it didn’t seem to work as well.With the current formulation my hair feels heavy and kind of dead after use. When applying the product in the shower after shampooing it used to make my shower comb slide right through my hair. Now my hair is tangle-city and I have to work hard to get through after conditioning. I also need to use much more product to get anything close to good conditioning.I’m sad to say Humectress is leaving my list of preferred hair products and I’m trying new products to find a replacement.Update: Dec 24, 2013:I have begun usingBiolage Fortetherapie Strengthening Conditioner by Matrixand I’m doing very well with this. I still prefer the original salon formula Humectress if I can ever get it again.

Shelby Westfir, OR