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Nexxus Alluring Curls 3.2 fl oz

Define curls and defy frizz for up to 24 hours. Alluring CurlsTM Curl Creating Gel Elixir, with Humidity Barrier Technology, locks out moisture, locks in curls, and defies frizz for long-lasting curl definition. And with a special blend of Marsh Mallow Root, Sweet Almond Protein, and Lavender Oil, it leaves your curls looking and feeling touchably soft and naturally gorgeous.

Key features

  • Gives you Naturally Soft, Touchable Curls in Frizz-Defying high Definition!
  • Special Blend of Mallow Root, Sweet Almond Protien, and Lavender Oil
  • Leaves your Curls Looking and Feeling Touchably Soft and Naturally Gorgeous.

Honest reviews


I’ve tried em’ all! (almost)

Oh my gosh this by far is the best styling product I have tried yet, including both foams and gels for curl enhancing styling. I have fine, colored, sort-of wavy hair. Luckily I have a lot of hair which I guess makes up for the fine texture. It’s cut in a bob and layered. I also live in an extremely humid city where having frizzy hair in the summer for a lot of people is the norm.The Nexxus Alluring Curl gel has a very light pleasant scent, almost undetectable. I paid less at Walgreens, about 12.00 plus tax. IF Amazon lowered their price a bit I would buy several of these to get the free shipping and no tax but…. The great thing though is that you only need a teeny tiny amount. I used on dry hair and it worked well but it really works best on damp hair then use a dryer WITH DIFFUSER and scrunch to give it body, and wow my hair curled like crazy! I have soft, bouncy curls all day long! Everyone asks if I got a perm, yuk no been there done that too damaging for me anyway. Oh, and I also tried the Nexxus Gorgeous Curls foam and it is also good but results in a softer, looser curl. The gel in my opinion is better. Thank you Nexxus I will probably be stocking up on this one!!!!

Faith Wagner, SD

Fantastic on Curls

I have curls and used to be a big fan of Nexxus’ Versastyler. Since they changed their formulation to include more junk like avocado oil, which weighs my hair down like a net, I’ve been searching for years to find a replacement. The closest thing I’ve found is a mixture of about 3 different products, on different days, it’s just too too much. This wins over everything else hands down. Fantastic for 3A curls – curls that are a bit looser, but NOT wavy hair. This actually encourages the curl a slight bit, it doesn’t get crispy, and the smell won’t knock you over. Actually, there is no smell at all. It is a bit overpriced for such a small amount, but it’s the best thing I’ve found and I’ll keep using it. Hair does take a while to dry because this is some thick as heck gel though. But until Nexxus takes the oil and junk out of Versastyler, I am using this.

Dale Lovilia, IA

Not so alluring curls

This product didn’t seem to help my already wavy hair with curls. It felt very sticky and seemed to weigh my hair down.

Gay Warrensburg, IL

Didn’t work for me

I tried this gel several times; I have wavy, fine, medium-thick hair. It just made my hair have pointy, stiff spikes at the ends. It didn’t enhance the curl at all. Otherwise, the texture was good if you’re looking for a stiff, sticky gel, so I gave it two stars.

Alexis Weissert, NE

Nexxus Alluring Curls

This is good for my natural long curly hair. It helps with the humidity and controls soft curls. The downside is the small size, having long hair, I need a larger size.

Gay Roscoe, SD