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Nexcare Acne Absorbing Cover, Two Sizes, 36 Count

Nexcare Acne Absorbing Covers work like a sponge to absorb pus and oil from acne blemishes. Simply peel a cover off the liner and place it over the blemish, no messy creams to work with. Nexcare(TM) Acne Covers are a drug-free, non-drying way to absorb oil from clogged pores. They work on a variety of skin types, and act as a protective cover, reducing the urge to squeeze or pick at a blemish. Nexcare Acne Absorbing Covers are also breathable and comfortable to wear. Each package contains 36 covers, in two sizes, to best fit your needs.

Key features

  • Note: The Expiry date printed on the item is in YYMMDD format.
  • Works like a sponge to absorb pus and oil
  • Visibly indicates that it is working
  • Acts as a protective cover, reducing the urge to squeeze
  • Drug-free, non-drying
  • 36 count box contains two sizes of acne covers

Honest reviews


Suck out the bad stuff

This product has been so popular in Asia. It’s awesome and it finally hit the US market! I no longer have to had others transport them for me from Asia.To maximize its effect, you must wait until the pimple to “mature” with a white head. Otherwise, it’s useless. The reason for the white head is that the liquid inside the bump is mostly ready to come out. When you stick the Nexcare “sticker” onto the white head, it would start to do its magic, which is sucking out the white stuff from the pimple. Give it about a day or even a night, you’ll see the result. It’s pretty amazing. It is also pretty invisible. When my brother has one on his face, I could barely notice it.These are much thicker and bigger than the ones sold in Asia. I would cut it into half for my smaller acne. It sticks well. It covers well. When I remove it after a night of sleeping with it on, I would be able to clean out the stuff by squeezing it with two q-tips. Then, voila, the gigantic bump would be gone.Awesome stuff!!

Tamika Centrahoma, OK

Kind of mixed emotions about this…

I’m of two minds about this product. On one hand, I do see some immediate improvement, but on the other hand there are things about this that need some work as a whole.The first thing I noticed was that this was sealed in sterile packaging, something that really made me think well of it straightaway. Think about it: this is something that you’ll be wearing on your body for longer periods of time, so you want it to be sterile. The only downfall is that there wasn’t a way to reseal the packaging outside of just putting it back in its cardboard box. I can’t help but wonder how long this will stay “fresh” once the packaging is opened. I can always put it in a plastic baggie, but I wish that I had a bit more information about this product’s shelf life and how long I should keep it after the packaging has been opened. The instructions and other paperwork on this are pretty slim on stuff like that. I also didn’t really have any information on how long you should leave this on your skin. It says that you’ll see it turn white and that you can put the next one on as soon as the other one turns white, but nothing on saying how long is too long. I really wish that we had a bit more to go on, as I’d like to know more about what is the longest someone can wear these, how much is too much, etc. There are the obvious “you’ll know when your skin starts falling off” signs, but not everyone shows the more severe symptoms until it’s a bit too late. Maybe I’m a little too leery about this, though. Just because there is no medication in this doesn’t mean that your body can’t react in other ways.The second was that this stuff seemed to have some problems immediately sticking to my skin. I’d washed the area around my nose (my trouble area) but it had problems sticking at first. After a while it seemed to stay, but I can’t help but worry about how this will stay on for those who are stomach sleepers and/or like to roll around while sleeping. The other ones I put on stayed on, so I’m not overly worried about this.The third thing I noticed was that these aren’t really all that see-through. I wouldn’t recommend wearing these about your daily life. They’re pretty noticeable and that wouldn’t bother me except they say “discreet”. Yeah, no. They’re not exactly obtrusive feeling and you won’t overly mind if you’re sitting around your room or in a place where you’re not in the public eye, but you wouldn’t want to wear these to the office or to school. They do stand out.All that aside, these do seem to work. I did notice that some trouble spots were a little less red when I woke up to go to work. (I’d had these on for about 6-7 hours at this point.) I didn’t see the overwhelming white patches that you see in the pictures, but I did see a few.In the end the key question is whether or not I’d buy these with my own money. Maybe. I have a lot in this package left to use and given that this is the type of thing that I’ll have to give updates to, I will give a tentative recommendation. I will note that the less oily patches didn’t show as much as the more oily parts did. That’s sort of common sense in a way, but I’m mentioning this more because unless you have a huge zit, are prone to oil boils, or are extremely oily, this might be something you might not use as much of. It seems to work well enough for now and I’ll see how this does over a period of a few weeks as opposed to just a few days. I might end up coming back to add another star if the redness keeps going down while I use this.

Monique Fairview, PA

Useful to prevent picking

The Nexcare Acne Absorbing Cover, Two Sizes, 36 Count is a repackaging of 3M’s hydrocolloid dressing (Tegaderm), with the dressing made smaller. The larger circular patch measures 12mm and the smaller is roughly 8mm in diameter. The package says that the covers will absorb oily secretions (turning white in the process), and make pimples less pronounced.The covers are sandwiched between two sheets of plastic, with the discs adhering to the bottom sheet, and the whole thing in a sterile (until opened, of course)wrapper (almost like a band-aid wrapper). The covers are a little difficult to remove from the plastic sheet, and have a tendency to stick to the fingernail I use to lift them from the plastic.I used these both on myself, and on my teen daughter who has acne around her nasal area. I prepared the skin by washing with my usual facial cleanser, rinsed well, and used a cotton ball with common rubbing alcohol around the area I was going to affix the cover. After peeling the patch from the sheet of plastic, they adhered well to the skin, and the almost translucent quality of the dressing made them less noticeable than one would think. Supposedly these can be covered with makeup, but I think that the outline of the cover would still be noticeable on most parts of the face.The patches remained in place until the morning (roughly 8-10 hours later) on both my daughter and myself. I am a stomach sleeper, and the cover did not move during the night on my face; my daughter sleeps like a crash-test dummy-on her stomach, back, side, head hanging off the bed- and the cover also remained in place.The cover did go from translucent to opaque white as the dressing absorbed secretions. I noticed that the pimples on my daughter’s face were flatter and less inflamed looking the next morning. I also noticed that these work best on blemishes that have already progressed to the stage where they have a prominent white head on them, rather than those that are still lurking beneath the surface.I would recommend these for those who have a tendency to pick at blemishes, and have no problem wearing a dressing on their face. Would I wear these in public? I don’t know, as I have not tried to cover them with make-up. The best part is, they do absorb stuff and prevent my teen from picking-picking-picking and causing potential scarring.

Ophelia Glenwood, NM

Interesting concept. Patch changes from clear yellow to white when oil is absorbed.

These patches seem easy enough to use. You apply it like a sticker, but the color is a translucent yellow. Once the acne absorbing cover has absorbed oil, it will turn white. The instructions say to use one per day. You can apply make up on top of it. I don’t have a pimple yet, so I can’t say that it’s tested and approved yet. The concept is interesting, so I want to try it. I was expecting it to look tanner, not clear, but maybe it will be less visible when make up is applied. I think wearing it around the house at nighttime won’t be an issue or at least less embarrassing than during the daytime, depending on whose around. By the way, there are 2 different sizes where there are more small ones than big ones. I will update my review after I have had a pimple to try it on…

Maggie Lebanon, WI

Dries it up!

My reviews are getting very personal but here goes nothing…this is a fairly amazing product. I don’t really get the science behind it but it really seems to work. Just take these little sticky disks and attach them to your nonperfect areas for a clearing and drying experience. Don’t do it when you go out…don’t put them on and then apply your makeup as suggested on the box. Just wash your face and sit at home and watch videos and wake up with clearer skin. Pretty cool!

Carlene Hatfield, MA

Seems to only work on specific types of pimples.

I am not prone to much acne, but do tend to get this one problematic pimple once a month, somewhere in the vicinity of my chin. It is always large, painful, lasts several days, and (sorry if this is too gross) has two or three whiteheads. I have very fair skin and can’t squeeze or pick without scarring. I usually treat this regular breakout with careful cleansing and a topical acne medication. With the Nexcare pads, I was curious to see if the life of this pimple could be shortened. As soon as it began to rear its ugly head, I applied a Nexcare cover overnight. The first two nights, the cover seemed to have no effect. It did not diminish the pimple, turn white to indicate it had absorbed any oil or (shudder) pus, or otherwise seem to treat the pimple at all. I could not wear the cover 24 hours a day due to having to leave the house (I don’t see how the cover can be hidden by makeup unless you really cake it on), but last night gave the cover one more try. At this point, the pimple was definitely turning into a couple of whiteheads and, finally, the cover did what it was supposed to do. When I woke up this morning, the cover had turned white, absorbed a lot of nastiness, and the swelling was down without any damaging squeezing or picking.So, in the future I will save these covers to use on a breakout that has progressed to the whitehead stage but not waste them before that point.

Jerri New River, AZ

Excellent semi-private treatment for face pickers

I am a horrible face-toucher who unconsciously picks at bumps, and that’s really bad for a 40+ y.o. adult with break-outs on fair skin that doesn’t heal as quickly as it used to. I won’t go on about my attempts to PREVENT pimples and will instead focus this review on my attempts to HEAL them.I’ve tried EVERYTHING: steroid tape, band-aids, tegaderm…hydrocolloid dressing works best for my sensitive skin. My favorite is the Compeed cold sore patches (yes, I use them for zits, not cold sores – 5 stars anyway) but that became cost-prohibitive. I bought some large hydrocolloid wound patches which I could trim as needed to fit over my bumps, and that works for as a night time cover (even the “extra thin” dressing is still to bulkly for public wear – plus it’s beige and I have fair skin). But I still wanted something I could hopefully wear on my face during the day…I purchased these hoping they were a little lighter, less bulky, and therefore suitable for wearing in public. Alas, while they were lighter and thinner, they’re still too dark and noticeable against my skin and thus inappropriate (IMO) for work. However, being that I’d rather get second glances from strangers than get pock-marked, I wear them out and about and just deal. I personally can NOT wear them with make-up b/c that makes them come off (and they don’t stick all that well in the first place). But otherwise, they work as intended: suck out the bad stuff, reduce redness, provide coverage and protection against picking, and speed the healing process. I will continue to buy and use them as they’re more budget-friendly than Compeed, and save the Compeed for urgent needs.(BTW, I also treat zits – once past the eruption stage – with Carmex. I have found that it works wonders for “older” skin…it has salicylic acid and hydrating ingredients that are perfect for my skin type.)

Geraldine Holbrook, NY

Must get to popping stage

These are only good once the pimple has actually matured to the popping stage. It doesn’t work in the days preceding up to a full-blown pimple. My son tried them to sleep in and they didn’t seem to do a whole lot. He wanted to use it to absorb oil and stop the pimple before it starts. This product does not do that. Also stays that you can wear in public; no you can’t. It’s obvious that you have something on your face. There’s no way to cover this with makeup. Once the pimple matures to a white head you’re suppose to apply the pad and it will absorb the oil, pad turns to indicate oil absorption and the pimple does heal much quicker after that point. However, if it matures while you’re at work or school or sometime other than 9pm when you’re getting ready for bed then this product will do you no good. But having said all that, the product does do what it says…it’s just a limited window of opportunity.

Jerry La Crosse, WI


I tried this on 5 different acne spots the first night. Two came off overnight. Of the three that remained only one appeared to work. It had a big white blob in the center of it that looked like the pus of the zit had been squeezed right out into it. I was initially excited.Covered those three again during the day. (they were all below the jaw line) and dusted them with powdered foundation. I thought it looked ok. Went out to help hubby in the yard later and he asked me if I was ok??? Fine, why – “well, it looks like there is something wrong under your chin” – ok obviously they don’t look ok. Went and took them off – none of them had white centers (they had been on for 4 hours).Decided to take a break. The next morning I woke up and the zit that had initially looked well treated was now much worse, swollen painful to touch. The other two looked no different. At this point I gave up.

Bethany Safford, AL

Surprised me with how well they worked!

I was honestly not expecting much from this product beyond a barrier to keep my hands off acne. However, I have found this product to be far more effective than I had anticipated. I have seen these covers reduce a blemish to unnoticeable overnight. They also are an effective deterrent from picking. I have used them for acne on my back and face with equally good results. Even though they are nearly invisible, I’d probably not use these on visible skin in public.My only minor quibble is with the packaging. It is pretty difficult to remove one disc from the package without touching others. That is bothersome from a cleanliness point of view. I do not see that as a major drawback if your are careful. I am very pleased with this product and it fills a need that nothing else I’ve seen addresses.

Mandy Moodus, CT

A Very Good Product

I was quite interested in this problem. I have a granddaughter who is right at that age to battle the issue of breakouts, and I myself have an area from time to time that needs attention. I really wanted this to work. Upon receiving it I noticed it was packaged well. I felt confident that it was clean and safe. I decided to use it on the one spot I had. No, it wasn’t as bad as a young person may have, but it was still there.They were easy to open and once I got my face ready, washed and clean I applied the patch. Easy to do. I was surprised because you really could not notice it that much. I put some make up over it, just a tad and you really could not notice it at all after that. Impressive! As it began to work it did change color. There was no pain or any feeling of being uncomfortable with it. The next morning the blemish was actually gone. Wow! This is really a great product, and one that works. I highly recommend it.

Lauren Arcola, VA

after using these awhile I actually like them

The dots come in 2 different sizes. about a 1/4 inch and 1/8th rounds. it feels like spongy tape and leave a little residue when you pull it off after an hour. the dots are transparent. I love that they help keep you from squeezing the picking.

Gayla Brookline, NH

These things really work

Even at my age, I still get a blemish here or there and thought it couldn’t hurt to give this a try. Well, call me impressed, these things actually work, but let me qualify. I do not see these being ideal for new and deep acne just getting starting. This works for advanced acne and for the infamous poppers out there who cannot leave a zit alone. By placing these sticky discs onto the area for treatment, it pulls in any pus and oil into the pad and turns the pad white as it absorbs fluids so you’ll know when you need to change it. I can’t seem to help myself so I don’t see myself actually not popping a zit, but this pad goes a long way in keeping the redness down and absorbing all the excess fluid.For some people, the marketing reads like you can wear makeup with this. I guess technically one has nothing to do with the other, but suffice it to say, these little discs are not invisible so who would actually put makeup on a pimple and then cover it with treatment? The color of the discs do blend in with your skin depending on your skin tone and whether you wear these in public or not is up to you. Since they’re not invisible, the question is, would you rather go out with a small disc to cover up redness, swelling and pus and have people wonder why you’ve got a tiny bandaid on your face or would you rather go without? No easy choice there. Overall, it’s a great overnight treatment and hopefully you won’t be making that choice in the morning.

Darla Blue Ridge, TX

repurchase! good for white head pimple.

this is the second time I ordered this. I also give it to my friends who suffers from pimple for a long time. It works so good on white head pimple. Especially! use it over the tea tree oil!!! it sucks out the white head and the tea tree oil helps recover the marks.

Rae Crewe, VA

Effective, but not in the way described

These acne absorbing covers are very effective at protecting the blemish from eruption and inadvertent scratching. But as for “absorbing” any of the oil, grease or trapped dirt–they really do not do that. If you clean the area with an astringent or a facial cleanser, dab it dry, and then place one of these covers on it–it works to a degree. But again, do not expect this to make the problem go away. All it really does is prevents the problem from getting worse.

Deidre Birmingham, MI

It works!

I leave them on overnight and they stay put, but I’m not a person who tosses and turns a lot but I am definitely not frozen like a statue when I sleep. I usually use them for whiteheads and they do a great job of sucking out the contents of the pimple. It doesn’t seem to work as well for just bumps that are not white heads, but I leave them on overnight too and sometimes they will suck out the contents, but not always, like the whiteheads. I will buy this product again because I really am trying to avoid picking at my whiteheads at night.

Kathi Platte Center, NE

works as reported

does a great job of drying out pimples. works better than over the counter hydro colloid bandages (as someone suggested to do)i would not however, think you could or should wear it out in public on your face…its would be way to noticeable even with makeup 😀

Pam Clint, TX


whoa these suck. first of all it doesnt work. i tried it on all kinds of pimples. basically every kind you can think of, at every stage in the pimple life cycle. no, they do not do anything positive for my pimple. what they DO do is leave a film that cannot be removed no matter what (even days later) and eventually this film turns my skin very red. i literally get red circles on my face and neck after using this that dont go away for days or a week. this is one of the worst things ive tried for pimples, seriously. and i really wanted these to work.

Zelda Seaside Park, NJ


This little product is amazing. It really works. What’s more, it actually stays put. I didn’t know if it would fall off easily… it looks as though it would. I had my daughter try this out and she even tested it in the shower. They are comfortable enough to wear all the time and you really can’t even tell they’re there. They are clear, not shiny, and hardly noticeable. – I don’t imagine you’d want to wear one on your face in public. It’s not that faint. But you could wear one on your back and I don’t believe people would be likely to notice.

Sally Gwynedd Valley, PA

Punches out pimples perfectly

Rare (and lucky) is the person who doesn’t occasionally have to deal with a spot of acne. (Get it? Spot? Acne? Pretty good, huh?) While I would hardly call the acne I have to deal with troublesome, there are times where I just don’t want to have to tolerate a pimple. Nexcare is good product to have for those times.This pack comes with 36 absorbing covers in two sizes: big and small. When you get a pimple, all you do is put one of the covers on top of it. The clear pad blends with the skin so that depending on the pimple, you can hardly tell there is a pad on your face. (For ladies who use these with make-up, I’m darn sure they’re basically invisible.) Over a period of time, the pad soaks up the oily deposit inside the pimple, helping it to heal quickly and making it much less obvious. If there isn’t any deposit in the pimple, these pads don’t really do much of anything, and I imagine if you had a particularly large pimple, these pads would only be able to deal with it up to a point. Still, the wife and I found these largely effective and better than no treatment at all.For occasional acne sufferers and those needing a quick covering solution, this is a great (but not perfect) product to keep handy around the house, so I’m comfortable rating it at four stars.

Carey Radersburg, MT

Good product to have on hand for certain blemishes

Nexcare’s Acne Absorbing Covers have been a handy item to have stocked in my medicine cabinet for those bad face days. While I didn’t expect miracles, these little circular disks actually worked as they said they would on certain types of zits. The only ones they don’t appear to work on are those pesky under the skin-types, which I figured might be the case, but overall I’m impressed. I applied one cover to a new, rather smallish, and only slightly pink pimple on my cheek, and not twelve hours later I could already see where it had turned white. When I took it off I couldn’t believe the amount of oil/pus it had absorbed, it was really rather gross to be honest, and I hadn’t even kept it on for the max forty-eight hours. So yeah, I think I’ll keep using these for particular blemishes and will buy more if the price is right. I also like that I don’t feel them on my face and they don’t irritate my sometimes sensitive skin. These clear disks come in two sizes and are rather thick, so even though it says they can be covered in make-up, the edges will definitely show through. I’d recommend wearing them when you’re in the comfort of your own home, as they’re not the most inconspicuous, unless it’s in a spot that isn’t so visible.Pros:- two different sizes and a total of thirty-six in the box- mostly works as purported- comfortable- non-irritating for sensitive skin- keeps from touching/picking- can visibly see it’s working- drug-freeCons:- fairly thick so they’re not as invisible as I’d like- doesn’t work for all types of blemishes

Daisy El Granada, CA

Unique Product. Difficult to Find.

I love the concept of this product. From my experience, they seem to work.I have two main theories about is efficacy; however, I’m still uncertain which is responsible for my success with this one of a kind product.#1- When used correctly, the covers do actually draw out the sebum and icky stuff….healing the inflammation and speeding up healing time.#2- Creates a physical barrier between the blemish and ‘ME’….so I can’t pick and further complicate things; therefore, speeding up healing time, reducing contamination, and minimizing scarring.Whatever the reason(s), I just opened my 2nd box & will be re-purchasing soon.

Bonnie Lafayette, CA

junk patches for blemishes about to burst

These patches would not stay on very well and they can only be used on whiteheads that are about to burst open.

Trisha Cedar, MI

Neat Product, Does The Job

These are great. I got them for my daughter to try, an adult acne sufferer. We were both somewhat cynical, but figured she’d tried lots of other products and the price was right to give this a try. It does seem to work best as the pimple is closer to coming to a head. She has very sensitive and fair skin, and is allergic to latex, but these are non-irritating. Unfortunately, they are too deeply colored for her to use during the day. However, just using them overnight makes quite a difference. Also great to use the night after the pimple is drained, just for a bit of extra insurance against infection. Great price for a product that does as advertised. Sticks well through the night on cleaned skin.

Melinda Saint Francis, KS

Neat product

These bandaids are meant to be on your face and that is pretty awesome. They are breathable and actually have medicine on the gauze part of the bandaid which helps reduce the acne spot. You are also able to wear these out and about with makeup but I wasn’t that brave. I’d wear it for about 12 hours, overnight or while I was puttering around the house. I put it over a spot that hadn’t broken the surface yet and it cleared up before it really broke out. For one of the ones that was already out it cleared it up a lot faster by keeping it clean and making me unable to scratch or pick at it. A good product.

Silvia Liberty, TX

If only they would stay on

It’s difficult to determine whether these little pimple covers actually work because they don’t stay adhered to the skin very well. They’re constantly falling off thereby rendering them ineffective. This is especially true if you’re the type of person who tosses and turns in their sleep, like my pre-teen is. I would only attempt to try these if you’re a back sleeper and don’t move around much during the night because this is the time of day when you wear the pimple absorbers. You definitely can’t wear these during the day out in public without drawing attention to your face. I do give it 2 stars instead of 1 because the packaging is nice and targeted to the pre-adolescent/adolescent demographic and they come in different sizes for the really large pimples and those smaller ones.

Deanna Richwood, WV

Nexcare Acne Absorbing Covers….great idea!

These acne absorbing covers come in two sizes and look similar to one of those round bandages. They are perfect for teens and even adults who get a random pimple and want to cover it so that it can heal and so you can resist the urge to “pop” the pimple and the covers turn white so you know that they are working and have absorbed the oil in the blemish. They do not contain salicylic acid like most acne treatments do, so they are gentle on the skin. 4/5 stars I will be purchasing these again for my son and mysef.

Emilie Raynham, MA

Hooray! Finally Available Again in the US!!!

I’ve use 3M/Nexcare’s little round acne covers for years on top of my normal acne regimen (Proactiv) to spot treat at night. They used to be more cloth like and medicated with salicylic acid which I loved. That was when I was a teen and had more break outs. A couple of years ago they changed the covers to a thicker silicone pad that is no longer medicated. I wasn’t happy with the change but I was getting the same great results. This product was not sold in the US before. I would stock up whenever a friend or I would make a trip out to Asia. Buying boxes and boxes of them and hauling them back to share amongst my gal pals. I’m so excited that we can get them here now. Thanks Amazon!Now that it’s not medicated, I don’t really know how it works. But I will clean and dry my face. And stick one of these covers on a pimple before putting on moisturizer. If you moisturize first, the pads won’t stick. So apply on clean dry skin. I did this on a pimple on my cheek last night that was a bit swollen and when I took off the cover this morning, it was flat. When I feel my skin, I can still feel the pimple, but it’s calm, not inflamed and with a bit of make up, you can’t even see that the skin is slightly raised.Even though these covers are not medicated anymore, thicker, not as sticky…they still work as they always have. I really don’t know how they do it. But I love them and will continue to use them until I don’t get pimples anymore. Remember, apply on clean dry skin. And don’t stick them on broken skin — ones that have popped or turned into a scab. Great for light to moderate surface type pimples (the kind I have). Not sure about deep cystic types (too deep) or severe acne (which might require all over treatment and not just the spot treatment these offer).

Robyn Warren, PA

Definitely less obvious

About eight or so years ago, I recall there being several products like this on the market that seemed to disappear suddenly. I think one may have been from Clean & Clear, and I know Neutrogena made one. They were medicated acne patches, and I used them every night.So when I saw this Nexcare product, I got pretty excited. It isn’t the same exact thing, but it is very similar. Place on your blemish, it will suck the bad oils and pus out. The blemish I have is mostly past that point, but I have used these patches two of the last three nights. The mornings after using it I can feel that my blemish is very flat and inconspicuous. The morning after I didn’t use it, I could feel it was raised and…crusty (sorry, gross, I know).These patches are clear and start out kind of thick. I thought I was going to wake up with it stuck to my arm, pillow, or baby. It ended up adhering pretty well as I slept. It did turn more opaque, nearly white. The packaging is okay, but perhaps a resealable zip? I cannot imagine wearing makeup with this, it would just be too obvious.

Joni Big Falls, WI

works well

I got this for my two daughters (12 and 17) they both said it worked, but the little circle stickers didn’t stay on very well sometimes. But they have asked for more.

Carmen Ulysses, PA