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Newest Fashion 25 colors Nail Art Transfer Foil Nail Sticker Tip Decoration from Y2B

HOW TO APPLY: Step1-2,Cut off a part of the sticker Applying a layer of Globalnail Special Glue to your nail and waitting until it completely dry. Step3-4, Place the sticker to on your nail and press, make sure the nail sticker and nail adhesive . Than tear the nail sticker down. Step5, Brush a layer of top coat on your nail. And you have the beautiful foil nail art!

Key features

  • 1,Easy to apply and beauty your nail
  • 2,25 designs, about 4CM*110CM per roll
  • 3,New arrival charming
  • 4,colors may vary

Honest reviews


25 foil colors of nail art and designs

I am very pleased with the different designs that I have received ,Very many different designs Thank you again It worksgreat

Sherry Barto, PA

nice variety

I am so happy with my colorful foils assortment. I haven’t used them yet, waiting for my glue to arrive. I was impressed by the amount of foil in each tube. Fabulous!

Stefanie Craddockville, VA

good variety

I received these in the mail yesterday and immediately opened them, the variety was great, I’ve already tried one of the pink ones, looks great and was easy to use, I used it over the cnd shellac with no adhesive required.

Emilie Lake Village, IN

Pretty great foil!

My only complaint before I get into the great details is that with this foil when you put a top coat you have to use a fairly thin top coat. It will start dissolving the color of the foil pretty fast unless you drip it and spread it fast. Other than that this stuff is so pretty. I love using foil on my nails for staining. I don’t like to do an entire nail usually. I received all the colors listed and when I got it home that night I done both my grandma’s and my nails. This is a great deal! I don’t use glue for it I just use a thin layer of top coat let it get sticky and apply. I just dap it in a few places on the nail and it’s perfect for my taste.

Jerry Berclair, TX

pretty good buy

its alright. some ugggggllllyyy ones but mostly nice ones in the bunch though. alot of nice pinks. cant go wrong with pink. I would buy again. so yeah. I thought this was a pretty good buy

Blanca Pilot Hill, CA

Helllooo foils!

What a bargain! I received loads of various nail foils in this set with no repeats. They apply great and are stunning from holographic to shiny metallic to opalescent pearls. Double width of other brands at a reduced cost. I’m thrilled.

Ava Star, NC

Three Stars

Again nice variety, but no instructions. Not all foils transfer to gel polish.

Robyn Coopers Mills, ME

I like it

I like the idea of it. I haven’t been able to use it well because the adhesive I bought didn’t work well. The product shipped well.

Crystal Forest, LA

Nice but too little quantity.

Nice product but not enough product and too many of the same designs and colors. I will like to have more colors.

Natasha Woodsboro, MD

great value beautiful foils!

I loved this set it came quickly and I received the number of pieces listed. A few of mine were different than the listed but there were no duplicates and the ones I received were beautiful. I received one or two of the multicolor foils which i love because you can get great color combos on the nails. I received less of the solid color non hollographic foils which is fine by me. I purchased another set of 24 colors from bm and I like the assortment in these much better. the other brand hand many blah colors: white, cream … need I say more! If getting specific colors is imperative for you- there are websites where you pick each foil individually… they are 1.00 us a piece but the shipping starts at 6.95!

Rosanna Jakin, GA


Beautiful colors wow, thousands of different ways to makeupmy nails is very easy to use if you find the correct glue

Pansy Richlands, VA

Foils were ok.

This item was pretty good thank you. I’m waiting for my replacement order. Can’t wait to get some prettier colors so that I as a nail technician could make my customers more happy with my products

Kirsten Garner, IA

A nice product…for when I learn how to use it!

I bought this product because nail foils are so beautiful to me! BUT I tried to apply them with Scrap Perfect’s Best Glue Ever and it didn’t work. I don’t think this is because of the foil; I think it’s me! Once I figure out how to do it, I’m sure I will love it.

Minerva Pulaski, TN